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  1. Gardie

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into Zoup in clan battles this week. We won and he was a good sport.
  2. Gardie

    Reporting player that caused allied damage

    FF damage should be reflected damage to the perp. You do the damage, you suffer the consequences.
  3. Gardie

    Which ship to pick?

    I believe it was nerfed from 30 to 45 seconds.
  4. Gardie

    Alaska Or... Kron?

    I bought Kron and am already up to 890k fxp for Alaska without converting any xp. Out goes faster than you think.
  5. Gardie

    PSA: T6-T9 Perma Camo's On Sale

    Prinz Eugen Adler camo is half off and so worth it. 7-800k credits for an average battle.
  6. Any other camos on sale, similar to the Prinz Eugen, that boost credits a/o Captain xp?
  7. Just bought 20 Big (medium) crates and got 5 ships. Atago, Giulio Cesare, Blysjawica, Gallant & Huanghe, plus coal, doubloons and camos.
  8. Gardie

    Which steel ship?

    25 votes so far. Thanks! Keep them coming.
  9. Gardie

    DON"T buy the Black

    Very seriously considering Black. Stalingrad seems far off (8,000 more steel needed). I guess patience is a virtue, so I'll wait.
  10. Gardie

    Which steel ship?

    Stalingrad is pulling away from the pack followed by Black and bacon.
  11. Gardie

    Which steel ship?

    I have enough steel to get USS Black today. Would like your opinions wherever I should get it or save for Stalingrad or Bourgogne.
  12. Gardie

    Ship Horns: Stay or go?

    They're good for letting teammates know you're approaching or in their blind spot.
  13. Gardie

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    To take advantage of the coupon 'expiring' I picked up Jean Bart today and she is very fun and comfortable to play at tier IX loaded with tier Xs. I'm very happy I picked her up. I also added the Musashi with my extra coal and she, too, is a very nice ship. Good luck with your decision. PS I'll be adding Alaska as well when she drops.
  14. Have had it happen a couple times while I was sitting in smoke. Another low hp ship tried to borrow it, ran into me and sank. Poof! Pink!