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  1. Gardie

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Ranked out with Boise and Sims. Great ships.
  2. Gardie

    "Newish" Player looking buy tier 6 DD

    Another vote for T-61. Fun ship.
  3. Gardie

    Rental's in ranked are beyond frustrating

    Ranked is dog sh!t. 3 rentals on one team, zero on the other. Result as expected. Back to randoms. Ranked is a waste of time.
  4. Gardie

    PSA: Free commander respec!

    Just checked. Free respec is not available atm.
  5. First game of the day today. Off to a good start.
  6. Gardie

    Salem vs Jean Bart

    My preference is for T9 premiums due to the economic disadvantage of T9 tech tree ships even with premium camo. Because of that I don't keep any tech tree T9s, just premiums (Jean Bart, Kron, Alaska & Musashi). JB is a great T9 BB with her front only guns and reload booster. If you liked Richelieu, you'll love JB. I don't have Salem, but DM is a great ship especially with the unique upgrade. Salem also has "stubby" radar compared to DM. Very excited for Georgia to add to the T9 premium fleet. Hope they don't change her before she's available. Good luck. -Gardie.
  7. You can rent Midway! My company just did it a couple weeks ago. 😎
  8. Gardie

    pay to win

    PTW Premium ships are both red and green. One side had to lose.
  9. Gardie

    I want to buy a premium DD, but...

    Both are fun ships and good USN DD captain trainers. Kidd has heal which is very nice to have.
  10. Gardie

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into Zoup in clan battles this week. We won and he was a good sport.
  11. Gardie

    Reporting player that caused allied damage

    FF damage should be reflected damage to the perp. You do the damage, you suffer the consequences.
  12. Gardie

    Which ship to pick?

    I believe it was nerfed from 30 to 45 seconds.
  13. Gardie

    Alaska Or... Kron?

    I bought Kron and am already up to 890k fxp for Alaska without converting any xp. Out goes faster than you think.
  14. Gardie

    PSA: T6-T9 Perma Camo's On Sale

    Prinz Eugen Adler camo is half off and so worth it. 7-800k credits for an average battle.