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  1. Gardie

    High Ping - Unplayable

    Agreed and thanks. I rebooted router & modem. Nothing improved.
  2. Based in the Denver area on Comcast. Been getting high pings up to 200 - 5K ms. Not sure if anything can be done, but it's extremely frustrating.
  3. Pulled the trigger on Incomparable. She's a great ship but has a lousy captain.
  4. Gardie

    Bear Spray

    Buffalo kids with a side of carrots and celery.
  5. Des Moines is arguably best, but Montana is a close second.
  6. Gardie

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    @MBRicochet Thanks! Do you like Agir? I have Siegfried and curious how she compares.
  7. Gardie

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    @ErikTheVikingMoose Good advice. I have Cunningham and Lutjens at 21 points. Mecklenburg seems like A super Hindenburg in a BB slot.
  8. Gardie

    Seeking Opinions on Steel ships

    @JediMasterDraco I'm in the same boat re: Incomparable vs Mecklenburg. Looking forward to everyone's comments.
  9. Gardie

    Arms Race

    Play randoms and hope you get that mode.
  10. Gardie

    Novorossiysk Service Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Finally added Novorossiysk to my port.
  11. It was a good Christmas. Got the following ships from 47 Mega crates: Missouri Ark Royal Leone Hyuga Munchen Weimar Strasbourg Abruzzi Yukon Le Terrible Makarov California Agincourt Thanks, Wargaming!
  12. Gardie

    Santa's Mega container

    Opened 7 Mega crates from snowflake certificates: 20 camos 150 premium flags USS Missouri
  13. Can't complain about this. Got Mighty Mo from 7 Mega crates from snowflake certificates.