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  1. OldHoodoo

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    Echoing Pocket_York, I'm interested in the mode we are going to use - I assume its Random, but I'd like someone to come out and say.
  2. OldHoodoo

    Submarines: How to Play

    Two things to add to the conversation: 1) FIDO for the American carriers please (google it) 2) With subs in the game. IMO WG has introduced the only feasible balancing aspects possible - low HP for subs and the ability to hit them at shallow depth with HE.
  3. OldHoodoo

    Armada: Cheshire

    IMO the gun sound like a typical British move - recycle what you have - e.g. HMS Vanguard (the turrets came from HMS Repulse. I like British cruisers with their tall deck height and their history. My favorite camouflage - Mountbatten Pink (!) I am working on a Fiji-class model of HMS Kenya in 1/144 that was painted in that scheme in 1941.