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  1. Is this game full of haters?

    Don't take it to heart. If you do too well, people will show you their sour grapes. If you make any mistakes, they'll use you as a scapegoat to justify bad results and feel better about it. This kind of game tends to encourage this behavior, might as well just disable chat and use the F commands to communicate since there's less salt there!
  2. Alsace is a beast

    Alsace is great, but it's going to be hit by a nerf soon, sadly
  3. Indianapolis was a very solid ship when it was first released in 2016. But right now with so many better options in the very same tier range it'll frequently face, the Indianapolis went from a fun ship to a mere mediocre ship.
  4. Gremy is a Gnevny-class destroyer as well though...
  5. Concealment question

    Nope, removing the camo doesn't change the rating, tested it and although it has 0.2km larger detectability by sea the rating remains unchanged on camoalone.
  6. Concealment question

    A fully stealth built Shimakaze has a 96 Concealment Rating. That player was missing either the Concealment Module or did not have Concealment Expert on his ship.
  7. All of my T8s, they're some of the most fun ships in the game when you're facing 7s~9s
  8. Solo and MM

    My recommendation is that if you're not running a T10 ship, always division with a friend or preferably two. The experience gets more enjoyable, there's at least 3 guaranteed same tier targets to shoot at and hunt should you be bottom tier, the coordination will increase your chances of winning or having a better game overall. And if you're running a T10 ship, division anyway, because divisions in this game are 99% of the time better than going solo. Playing solo in this game is currently not really worth it.
  9. "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    You're all wrong, it's actually Woofstr
  10. Hangout by the Sea

    Remember when this place had a dozen pages of stuff a day? owo Happy Burger Day
  11. +2/-2 MM is OK.

    +2/-2 is not always so much of an issue for me, for sure I can manage. But then on rare occasions I have battles that only include 2 tiers and I do see how they seem way more fun for everyone involved in general, it makes me see there's some actual merit to why people want +1/-1
  12. Most overrated ship in WOW's?

    Any that I'm currently sailing
  13. It's the summer, it's always like this around this time of the year. Try to see it as a several weeks long weekend
  14. Is the game fun right now?

    The game is fun when you have good friends to division with, but it's not the best solo experience
  15. People have been discussing these problems two years ago and will continue discussing these problems 2 years from now. The truth is that I don't think this playerbase will ever change. As important as it is to keep the discussion alive, the impact it has and ever will have is very minimal. A too large number of players don't even read the forums, or reddit, or watch videos from community contributors, some don't even read the patch notes when the game gets updated, and the chance of you getting half or even more of a team with elements of that huge player count is always gonna be there. I too wish more players would improve, but at some point I had to make peace with the fact that if you want any type of quality, teamwork and organization on your team, you'll have to division with better and highly skilled players or embrace competitive clan play exclusively.