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  1. I love the current Pensacola but we can't resist changes like this when they're planned. Unless all regions implode over them to a point it hurts the game really bad, changes will happen to ships we like and we gotta move on. I remember similar threads about the T8 Fubuki being moved down to T6 and suffering all those adjustments before, and it'll happen to any ship that gets it's tier adjusted in the future, though I hope we don't see many more splits that bounce ships up and down tiers like this for comfort's sake.
  2. My recommendation is this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof The Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof is not only a very unique ship, but also the last armored cruiser still existing in the world. We're talking about a historical ship which admittedly is a challenge to fit in the game, but has a rich history, was the flagship of it's country for such a long time and looks absolutely stunning.
  3. Spend some time with your family, go out with friends, spend a week playing more casual games and when you come back you'll be good as new
  4. Haven't noticed any change myself. I always had high numbers of citadels and occasional citadels against Germans and British on optimal circumstances. Before this patch I have been victim of Des Moines citadel hits from extreme ranges, taking notice that only 10% of certain hits were healable back then. People are probably just paying more attention to it because big names like Flamu and Notser made big statements on it.
  5. Have fun in 2018

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  6. That about me cover picture of your smug face I love it! /^.\\ b

  7. For real? So they removed something that was easy and intuitive to notice (an actual radar marker to the detection sign) and turned it into a small barely noticeable triangle around the exclamation mark? What you say makes sense, I'm now trying to remember that triangle before and can't really picture it too clearly, but the triangle feels so normal there that I kind of just thought it was always there to begin with in the normal icon. I'm appalled by this change if so, the UI needed to be updated with more information that's easy to discern, not less of it. Also as far as I can tell, the patch notes do not indicate changes to the detection icons whatsoever.
  8. Did anyone notice a strange occurrence in which detection by Hydro/Radar does not display the actual icon of what's detecting you like it used to? Just had a battle in which I assumed I was detected by a Yugumo due to its higher concealment, smoked up behind an island and the detection never went away but never showed the actual radar/hydro icon. By the time I die, the enemy Z-52 is spotted 5,2km from me, showing that it was actually an hydro detection in smoke. Photographical evidence in the sequence of events: Normal Detection Marker: In Smoke, still detected by something but normal detection marker, no ships within 2 or 3km to have proximity detection that: Z-52 moving away, potentially the hydro user that was detecting in the smoke: I was so dumbfounded with not even knowing what was spotting me that I just couldn't figure out how to react. If the first detection was the Hydro from that enemy smoke cloud I'd not have pushed naturally, knowing the Z-52 that was the ship there, but the lack of the hydro icon made me think it was the Yugumo and try to scare it away. Shows how important that tiny icon can be to proper planning when playing around caps. Can anyone confirm if radar/hydro detection icon is really gone from the game? ------ EDIT: After running another battle, I can confirm that the icons are not gone but actually changed without any notice on the patch notes. The old circular marker for detection from Hydro/Radar is indeed gone and was replaced by that nearly imperceptible triangle. I can't say it's too gamebreaking, but honestly wish we received a proper explanation that the icons were being changed. I couldn't tell the difference between the normal icon and the special radar detection icon until someone pointed out that there was any with this change. So yeah, if your detection icon has a triangle in it, that's your new radar/hydro marking.
  9. Pan Asian DD Smoke Consumable: Emission: 30s Duration: 70s Cooldown: 120s (regular) / 80s (premium) Cooldown time with Jack of All Trades: 114s (regular) / 76s (premium) Cooldown time with Jack of All Trades + November Foxtrot signal flag: 108s (regular) / 72s (premium) If you have both Jack of All Trades and is using the November Foxtrot flag which is acquired by getting the Heroic Achievement High Calliber you can have 2s between the end of your last smoke puff and the refresh of the consumable.
  10. It used to be worse on weekends. Or was it that it used to be better on weekdays? Nowadays, every day is full of bad players, depending on the day you'll have more fun watching paint dry than try to coordinate with what you'll find around randoms
  11. They really can, it'd just take adjusting a few values. But if they do too well they'd severely compromise game balance. German line is fine, that dispersion kicks you in the face sometimes, but occasionally it can correct shots you'd miss because of enemy maneuvers as well, also when you get to Grosser Kurfurst you have 12 large guns that shotgun a whole area so most of the time you'll hit quite a few shots regardless of how many go astray.
  12. EA SW Battlefront DISASTER

    EA will just blame DICE for it, close yet another studio later on and continue it's scandalous greedy practices unharmed. Star Wars Battlefront II is a disaster, but the biggest disaster is how it won't actually hurt EA.
  13. You want to know how I feel when I play World of Warships? I feel like a fish in a tank.

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      *keeps mouth shut*

  14. Yamato has two rounds per minute in 9 guns. If you fire all 9 guns for 15 minutes as they reload you can fire 270 shells. If the player is bold and has a build on MBM3 for faster reload at the expense of turret traverse, Yamato's rate of fire goes up to 2.3 RPM, allowing over 300 shells to be fired in those same 15 minutes. Add in Adrenaline Rush and take some damage if you're a RoF enthusiast and a Yamato can potentially reach a rate of fire of 2.6 RPM (a bit more if HP is extremely low) for maybe half of that time, adding even more shells to the count. It's a very impressive number of shells for a Yamato to fire in a single battle if the build is not focused on RoF+Adrenaline Rush. I say Soshi had a great positioning this battle to always have something facing the guns within a viable range, runs the aforementioned captain skill and reload module or had a Kraken and activated the Yamamoto captain skill that halves the reload for the rest of the battle.