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  1. 180, not that it means anything
  2. 1188 damage on the Sims, my mouse broke after my first salvo and I couldn't shoot anymore -- had no replacements available at home, so I just sailed next to caps spotting enemies and avoiding all kinds of direct engagement. It was extremely frustrating and I couldn't apologize more to my team, but I survived and the team won so all's well that ends well. Unlike others, I really can't remember a game I did zero damage and both survived and won, most of the times I do zero damage was because I detonated early when RNG taketh.
  3. I really want the CV rework to be a complete overhaul of mechanics for the class, but not for all the reasons you and others here listed OP. The reason I want this CV rework is because I can't work with this RTS style gameplay, it's just not for me, and while I can do well in pretty much any ship of this game, the CVs are that card out of my deck. It's humiliating, frustrating and tiring to even try. I didn't want to taint my good numbers by training on CVs on my own account, I went as far as grinding CVs on a separate account but it was to no avail, the playstyle simply doesn't work for me, I can't function around RTS games -- I'm glad I never did so on my main so at least I avoided even extra frustration from seeing too large a sample of failing as I forced myself to do something I dislike. My only concerns with the current state of CVs are how the player skill imbalance between players is crippling and how fighters work in general. I don't really feel troubled by CVs on anything but DDs, the excessive spotting is one of the things they said will go away regardless of what route their rework takes, so my only real issue with CVs as the other three classes will soon no longer be an issue. But I still want CVs to play in a way I'll enjoy them, and the current state isn't it. So, my reason is pretty selfish really. I can't RTS, that makes me want a different format for the class that is more in line with what I'm good at and can do well. I feel sorry for those who enjoy their current state of course, I'm sure there are players out there who enjoy it and who feel troubled by the idea it's potentially going to become something else in the future, but ultimately, what I want is to be able to play all the classes in this game without exception -- and do well in them -- so the rumored rework makes me happy deep inside. I don't feel it's right for me to go and tell other players what I want to happen because of my own interests though, to make worse their concerns of something that already weights heavily on their minds. To me it's enough that WG seems to have the same perspective as me on the issue and wants to bring their playstyle in line with everything else. But I think we should actually sympathize with the fact that this change makes a lot of the time these CV players spent practicing and getting really good at it essentially worthless, that effort and dedication won't mean a thing if their entire playstyle change. Even if their current state frustrates you and the way you play your ships, don't go around gloating around their misfortune around the potential consequences of this rework for their class and enjoyment of the game too, because you wouldn't like it if suddenly they made you control your ship in their interface and made all that you learned about this game irrelevant. This is not fair on them, it's just a necessary evil that has to be done for the sake of the other far more numerous players. In this thread there's a bit too much CV hate going on. Let's just be happy it might become something that more players can get involved in, maybe CVs will be reworked in a way we can have more than 1 per battle without large game breaking consequences, maybe they'll be reworked in a way we can even have 2 or 3 in the same battle without that being a problem, and that the way they'll play is actually attractive enough for there to be that many even interested, right now we all know there isn't. As skeptical as I am -- like always when it comes to Wargaming and their changes -- I want to believe something good can come out of this for everyone, not just for CV haters who want the system changed to make them suck out of spite for having some super skilled players that tilted past battles, nor just for CV mains who believe their class actually needs to be stronger than everything else unilaterally because of historical accuracy claims on what's supposed to be a playable game for everyone.
  4. Torpedo Damage Question

    You got detonated, but since there is no awards in co-op, you didn't get the detonation badge or chat notification for it.
  5. Boise, Massachussetts, Monaghan, T-61, Cossack, Graf Zeppelin. Any of these could be the next. I doubt the T-61 will has they wouldn't release 2 prems of same nation and type back to back. My bets is Massachussetts or Boise.
  6. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    To be honest, with the way AAA games have sucked as of the last couple years and tossed around for massive discounts a few months after release because they're flopping in popularity, you don't even need to wait 10 years to get them on the cheap anymore. Sometimes it's a matter of weeks before you start seeing 20~30% discounts and up for those.
  7. Given the fact that there'd be a rule where they can't vote for themselves, voting for someone else means that there's less chance of them having the most votes as well, making abstaining from the vote more interesting for players and ensuring they'd prefer not to vote for anyone and just hope someone votes them instead.
  8. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Makes sense in a way? Premiums are nice and all but a lot of people already have their favorites decided by now, captain trainers are no longer required for people with 19 skill point captains as they can just use captain free exp playing their best ships with all the skills they want. With permanent camos making high tier tech tree ships cheap and profitable to play, Premiums were relegated to collection items mostly.
  9. I think I hear Laurel, but a few of my friends are claiming the OP said Yanny
  10. Match Making needs Further work

    If that was the case T8 MMing should be the best instead of being constantly bottom tier. T8 premiums being the most expensive in the game and almost always facing higher tier opposition says otherwise. Now this is not me defending the implementation of a +1/-1 Matchmaking like the OP wants, but from a purely financial point of view, making T8s not see T10s would boost their purchase attractiveness immensely and also increase the number of sales for T5s which currently face similar issues seeing T7s -- Money is not the motivation behind +2/-2 matchmaking, just them wanting to have more ship variety in battles and keep queue times acceptably fast.
  11. You know, I don't voice my opinion because it gets muted under the screeching noise of the masses, but more often than not I completely disagree with CCs and their close fans. These so-called community contributors don't speak for me, but claim to speak for the warships community as a whole anyway. They're contributors who dedicate time to make content on the game, fair that they be rewarded for that in some way - however, they only represent their own interests and playstyles in videos like those, their feedback to WG is based mostly on their own opinion and that's why I wish they had less input on what happens with this game, not more.
  12. Not only do I think Asashio torpedoes will never be buffed, I also think the ship itself will never hit the stores again akin to ships like Imperator Nikolai I, Belfast, Kutuzov and Gremy for being too overspecialized.
  13. Looking forward to cracking open a cold one with the Boise

  14. Nope, doing only 13k damage on 11 minutes of battle on a Bayern is abysmal and not normal at all, how did you even manage to do so little in 11 minutes? Even in a collapsing team you should have at the bare minimum 3 times that -- and that'd still be on the very low side for a T6 BB contribution on 11 minutes.