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  1. Woofship

    Did they nerf IFHE and US CL accuracy?

    Higher latency can make a big difference on the quality of your play, not gonna lie there, a difference of 100ms ping can be very hard to adjust to. But no nerfs have been made to those ships. Also 45 days is usually enough time for you to be out of practice in this game.
  2. Woofship

    I found a horse on the Helena

    That looks like a Trojan Horse. Maybe a reference to the story of Helena of Sparta, taken by Paris to Troy on Homer's "Iliad"
  3. I don't think I'll feel this change at all. I can't think of many moments on the numerous battles I have in my cruisers or BBs where I cursed the fact I didn't have 0,1~0,4km more concealment. But I think USN CVs will have it hard, they're already spotted from so far away and the CV rework will make it hard for them to react timely to a potential threat if they get spotted... Perhaps CVs should retain their bigger bonus from the skill or have their natural stealth improved a tad.
  4. If Yamato were to get that super heal back, it'd likely get the same 180s/120s reload the Conqueror has on its superheal rather than 120s/80s like other BBs. I don't think Yamato deserves any buffs, I play it a lot and it's so strong already. But if it was a quality of life thing, maybe they could give it the Massachussets and Gascogne lower CD heal in exchange for one of the heal charges. That'd still be somewhat fair.
  5. Woofship

    United states ONLY

    You knew it was gonna be America First! Jokes aside, as a SA player I can understand the frustration, but these special events are not available for non-US residents because they're actually sponsored by American companies (e.g. CLX Gaming) who decide the actual rules of the competition and who is eligible to win it, and you can be sure they don't want to ship stuff abroad due to all the complications that come with it.
  6. Woofship

    How do you feel about Massachusetts now?

    Her lower heal CD should be the standard for all BBs, it's wonderful and allows much better plays
  7. Woofship

    Tier X economics seem a little messed up

    Nah. I think Tier 10 economy is in fact too generous nowadays. I remember the times it still actually cost 150k credits on a good game to play it, more if you didn't have premium. When they said they'd tone the costs down back when they created the T10 camos and made the service cost changes, I thought they'd maybe cut the losses in half instead of making it possible to actually gain credits from playing the T10s. Unpopular Opínion: Always thought losing credits at T10 was fair since you're basically opting to be top tier, so might as well pay for that advantage in credits at least. But anyway, compared to how it used to be, this is actually an amazing reward, you're not losing 150~250k credits for just entering your battle in a T10, and even made a bit of it for yourself, so I think T10 economy is fine as it is.
  8. Woofship

    Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    I'd like the 10km torps back honestly. They were rarely used but it was fun to range them into people trying to push into you.
  9. Woofship

    CV Rework Feedback

    If you wanted to play an RTS game, why aren't you playing an RTS game? Same applies.
  10. Woofship

    CV Rework Feedback

    Unsurprising that the people who worked hard and practiced for ages to master the RTS CV system are feeling bad about this rework. I certainly empathize with their feelings and annoyance. However, at the end of the day WG wants something from CVs and these small minority of players want something else, and these are not and simply can not align. I hope they're given refunds if they don't want to stick to the game after this, but as far as gameplay goes, it is what it is. As for my personal thoughts: Very excited to get a chance to try this myself, I took too long to get into CVs in their current state and by the time I could try there were too many experts across all tiers making me feel like a liability to my teams if I were to practice while robbing my teams a chance of already having a much more experienced and valuable CV. Won't make the same mistake now that us mere mortals are given a chance to learn at the same time and develop our skills with it at the same rate.
  11. Woofship

    Why no Al Belfast and Aurora camo?

    They had announced somewhere before that Belfastand Aurora camouflages will be added later
  12. Woofship

    Why no Al Belfast and Aurora camo?

    Enterprise camo is already live, but not the others. 5000 doubloons in-game
  13. 13, back when you could get Dreadnought with DDs for having Survival Expert in your captain, imagine my surprise when I saw the award at the end
  14. Woofship

    Improving the Game

    I love T8 ships, and I really want to defend them from being up-tiered all the time, but to be honest, T8 ships have just as much of an advantage over T6 and T7 as T10s do over them, if not more. It's quite easy to like and feel T8s are awesome and fun ships when they have complete mindblowing advantages over the tiers lower than them. When I analyze how they outperform Tiers 7 and 6 I do think it's fair they're not preferrably top tier. For Battleships: - T8 Battleships have 32mm plating, they can angle to ignore most or all forms of AP damage from T7/6 ships. - T8 Battleships have more than 380mm guns, they can overmatch all 25mm armored bows or T7 battleships, doing to them the same Yamato does to T8s. - T8 Battleships get access to an additional Concealment bonus through the T8 slot, meaning most of them outstealth lower tier battleships and sometimes by hugely significant amounts. For Cruisers: - T8 Cruisers get 25mm armor, being higher than the overmatch value for some T6s and able to bowtank bottom tier BBs. Some of the T8 cruisers have 27mm platings that can bounce 15inch guns which are very common on T6 and T7. - T8 Cruisers get access to the Concealment module, often outspotting most cruisers that are T6 and T7 again by a significant amount. - T8 US, UK and Soviet Cruisers have access to Radar, which is already strong against T8/9/10 DDs, is even more effective against T6/7 DDs. For Destroyers: - T8 DDs have access to the concealment module, making them completely outstealth lower tiers (save for a couple rare exceptions). That's vital for cap contesting and also allowing you to permanently spot most T6 and T7 enemy DDs with zero risk of punishment from enemy DDs. A T8 is in fact a much bigger threat to a T6 than a T10 to a T8 . It pains me to say this, but it's absolutely fair that they're not as frequently top tier. At least your 32mm plating won't be overmatched by Montana, Republique, Kurfurst -- Yamato is the outlier. The stealth across DDs is very consistent between T8 and T10 usually having very small or nonexistent gap between most with all of them having access to Stealth Module. T8 Cruisers are in a bad spot since the Cruiser heal is exclusive to T9/10, so they're probably the only ones being unfairly punished right now by that Matchmaking. Meanwhile you can't really angle at all on a T6 BB vs a T8 BB. You can't try to spot the enemy T8 DD on your T6 DD as he can have more than a full km detection less than you. These are far bigger problems than the T10s having a bit more RoF through the RoF module, some more range or some more HP than you. As long as T8 have such a whooping advantage over T6, I can't defend them getting any kind of favourable matchmaking, you'll just transfer the pains to someone else and in fact transfer them to someone who will be hurting even worse!
  15. Woofship

    Is this game full of haters?

    Don't take it to heart. If you do too well, people will show you their sour grapes. If you make any mistakes, they'll use you as a scapegoat to justify bad results and feel better about it. This kind of game tends to encourage this behavior, might as well just disable chat and use the F commands to communicate since there's less salt there!