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  1. ICodyVenomChl

    The Lack of chat

    So disable the chat? Got it, gonna keep it off from now on
  2. ICodyVenomChl

    Losing returning planes not yet fixed

    Define recall. The F key press takes 3x longer to return to safe altitude than planes with dropped ordinance do. If you're recalling with F key inside of AA that's how it always worked ever since the F key spam abuse was patched out shortly after CV rework.
  3. ICodyVenomChl

    Turret damage changes, have I got the details right?

    Self-explanatory. If for example a turret had 20000 hit points, they've been decreased to 10000. The maximum damage a turret could take before these changes was equal to 33% of the maximum shell damage. Montana's AP shells deal a maximum of 13500 damage, so in the previous damage method they could deal 4455 damage to a turret. In this new system, the damage that turrets take from penetrating hits is equal to 10% of the maximum shell damage, so the same Montana AP shell now can only deal 1350 damage to a turret on a penetrating hit. Given that turrets now take 3.3x less damage and have 2x less HP, they're actually more durable than before by a small margin. That's to prevent zero damage penetrations, and reduce overall ship survivability. I suppose they want people to die faster on top of reducing confusion? Light damage is 100% repairable by the Repair Party consumables, just like Fire and Flooding damage. Usually this just means they corrected the armor and models of the barbettes for some ships that were incorrect, and should have little noteworthy gameplay impact.
  4. ICodyVenomChl

    No fan fare for Florida?

    Just as I posted this, it showed up on Asia premium shop as well so, NVM. I guess it wasn't added on the prem shop by mistake after all
  5. ICodyVenomChl

    Is Neptune Better than Edinburgh?

    Neptune is stronger but it's a shadow of what it once was. Back in the day there was no detection penalty from firing in smoke and Neptune AA made most T10 cruisers blush in shame. Edinburgh is considerably easier to survive in though
  6. ICodyVenomChl

    Are Khab players extinct?

    I saw a couple today. They didn't do very well. Khabarovsk is a very average DD nowadays. People learned how to shoot it. DDs and Cruisers fire AP at the 50mm section instead of shattering HE there. The rudder nerf made it require Steering mod on Slot 5 and that means no 5% dispersion penalty from Concealment Mod to enemy shots. The loss of 10km torps to 6km made it incapable of deterring pushes into it in certain maps. AP full pens from high caliber guns are quite hazardous and it's DPM is not that impressive compared to many new things. Kiev is more fun for a healing long range gunboat too. It's comfortable and is a much better ship at T8 than Khab at T10. There's little motivation to go all the way in that tech tree nowadays.
  7. ICodyVenomChl

    WoWs Myths and Legends

    Not a myth, but certainly a legend: WARBEASTY
  8. ICodyVenomChl

    PT 0.9.9, changes to test ships.

    Wow, it's already April 1st!
  9. ICodyVenomChl

    The WORST kind of Kraken....

    Came here expecting a scoreboard with 5 team kills, meh
  10. WG can tweak the matchmaking as much as they want, make it skill based, but the people who are constantly raving about it will still feel like getting anything less than 70% wins is the game cheating their matched teams, keeping them from being as good they think they are Randoms are fine the way they are, if random battles matchmaking were made to be fair, divisions wouldn't be allowed in it for example They don't care about the fairness of randoms, nor should they, it's even in the game mode name that you shouldn't expect any sort of consistency
  11. Been asking for this for the last 5 years. Took you long enough!
  12. ICodyVenomChl

    WG Revenue from selling the Pommern for $100

    I doubt they made that much, ship can be obtained by lucky container rolls or for free with Coal. I believe a good third of them are free Pommerns from people regularly playing and amassing resources
  13. ICodyVenomChl

    How's the Al Sovetskaya Rossiya?

    Any money spent on AL side of the collab getting the PR ships on the mobile game is better spent than in this travesty here. It's true that the collab was good inside of Azur Lane, however what Wargaming is doing here is a sham and not worthy of support. Wargaming does not deserve the money of Azur Lane players if this is the level of effort they are willing to put into the collab inside their own game.
  14. ICodyVenomChl

    How's the Al Sovetskaya Rossiya?

    Do Azur Lane fans a favor and stay away from it. This collab has been nothing but an insult to Azur Lane fans and everyone should be discouraged from dropping even a single dollar bill into this farce.
  15. And my response was in a supposed "All AA be made manual", suggested above by Dr Citadel. Without Automatic AA, CVs would also vulnerable to enemy CV attacks. I know how the game works buddy, and I wasn't referring to what currently exists, rather I was strenghtening an extra reason Fully Manual AA will never be a thing.