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  1. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Deadeye needs to go

    Which is curious as the dev post entry back in the day claimed otherwise. Check the right of the skill list and it claims that only conditional factors such as weather, smoke, special captain activations, etc are ignored, but camos modules and captain skills still impact it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bgx8ilNzUAp3qMI7Ke_Qtw0359mv1hecZRTjlV5pAKE/edit?usp=sharing
  2. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Tier 10 Containers

    I got like 10000 coal and 1200 doubloons out of mine, the rest was normal eco flags and some expendable camos. Not impressed but freebies are freebies I guess.
  3. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    PSA: CV fighters

    Yes, it needs to be sustained attempts to deal damage to someone on your team. For torpedoes the game does give them some more leeway before reflection as it can be a genuine accident. If the pink player repeatedly tries to deal damage to someone they will start get all of it back though.
  4. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    PSA: CV fighters

    Damage Reflection? Once you go Pink all damage you do is reflected back to yourself.
  5. Really close to the Steel required for Plymouth... It's the only ship WG announced in all of 2020 that actually interested me so I'm glad that I'll be able to get it soon. Still upset they made it a Steel ship though, I bet more people would have liked to give it a spin without having to bear with the hellhole that's Ranked and CBs.
  6. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    I know ya'll think California is OP...

    It's the best, isn't it? Being bottom tier on your UP boat, and 3 out of 4 of your top tiers using ships that are very decent decide to feed the enemy with some of their worse performances. The good news is you have zero obligation to carry a T9 game in Cali and can look back to this effort with pride. Keep it up California Dreamer
  7. I agree with the OP. My WR has dropped 0.02% since September courtesy of completely manipulated matchmaking, WG is selectively targetting players to bring them down and I'm one of them too! 's the truth! I'm telling ya! Please believe me!
  8. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Random Play

    Pro tip, if you lost 3 in a row just log off, call it a night, watch a movie with your SO or play with your kids. It's just not your day and tomorrow will be better.
  9. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Photo of MM at work, no other comment.

    Players can make arguments all day long about how they want matchmaking to be "fixed", without realizing that it's WG they're asking from. They'd probably break it further instead. I'll just take what we have knowing it's still manageable half of the time than watch WG fail at it and make it worse.
  10. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    What do your stats say about you?

    That I lack confidence self-esteem and am probably hiding a 43% WR with pathetic red colours all over it
  11. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Could someone explain this? (devblog notes)

    Lipstick on a pig
  12. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    The Lack of chat

    So disable the chat? Got it, gonna keep it off from now on
  13. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    Losing returning planes not yet fixed

    Define recall. The F key press takes 3x longer to return to safe altitude than planes with dropped ordinance do. If you're recalling with F key inside of AA that's how it always worked ever since the F key spam abuse was patched out shortly after CV rework.
  14. Self-explanatory. If for example a turret had 20000 hit points, they've been decreased to 10000. The maximum damage a turret could take before these changes was equal to 33% of the maximum shell damage. Montana's AP shells deal a maximum of 13500 damage, so in the previous damage method they could deal 4455 damage to a turret. In this new system, the damage that turrets take from penetrating hits is equal to 10% of the maximum shell damage, so the same Montana AP shell now can only deal 1350 damage to a turret on a penetrating hit. Given that turrets now take 3.3x less damage and have 2x less HP, they're actually more durable than before by a small margin. That's to prevent zero damage penetrations, and reduce overall ship survivability. I suppose they want people to die faster on top of reducing confusion? Light damage is 100% repairable by the Repair Party consumables, just like Fire and Flooding damage. Usually this just means they corrected the armor and models of the barbettes for some ships that were incorrect, and should have little noteworthy gameplay impact.
  15. 4bRbyHSSzZ6pk

    No fan fare for Florida?

    Just as I posted this, it showed up on Asia premium shop as well so, NVM. I guess it wasn't added on the prem shop by mistake after all