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  1. This fair lady needs some wine, and the finest cuisine France has to offer, on board her flagship, in 2 hours before she wants to conqueror/ raid British colonies.
  3. It sounds better with hearty men singing it, no question. However they only chant verse 1, and the chorus only. Yes, this isn't done as well, it has more Japanese stuff you hate, but at least they sing the whole song! Verse 1, Chorus Verse 2, Chorus, Verse 3, you are missing the rest of the song. I will not say your post or mine is superior, I just have the complete song now with more Japanese filler to make one of my fellow patriots in Murica choke on a swig of beer CHEERS! *MotorheadEddie opens a beer after a 10 hour shift and toasts Edselman*
  4. Retrowave new age music with 1980's flare! BTW since COBRA(1986) is in the video down there "Crime is a disease, meet the cure!"
  5. NEW Ship-fu 1980's workout videos for arms, legs and hips! with 1980's classics and retrowave music tracks to help you lose weight like they did in the 80's order now and you get a pair of free hot pink legwarmers for FREE! all formats in stock/ English, Japanese languages only Beta tapes, VHS cassette tapes, DVD's, Blue-ray, and streaming for 2 easy payment of $19.95
  6. Today, we drink wine, tomorrow we raid the Italians for more wine! *crew cheers* YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
  7. Do we get to go to the Mint Hotel with this song playing? [Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) reference ]
  8. The facial expression you make when a high tier IJN DD whacks a BB for 53,400 damage with 5 Type 93 Mod.3 torpedoes at 9.7 km out and he thinks the game is broken.
  9. Let me toss in a few more for you too
  10. When one of Napolean's soldiers seen another comrade die during the retreat from Moscow, and eyes up that blanket, scarf, and warm pair of shoes as he keeled over into the snowbank.
  11. kind of like the MIB Cricket gun
  12. <--------the boys have returned after a long hiatus!!!