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  1. I was going to hail Emperor Augustus Octavius Ceaser but then the Evil Pringles can started gnawing at my heels again...
  2. When you realized you dealt 148k damage with an Ernst Gaede
  3. Warrant officer Schödinger, is that you? it is zhe Major! *throws off disguise*
  4. In anime we ALWAYS get it right!
  5. with a stealth build to club baby seals at T5 when they steam in a straight line
  6. Just skip it and move on to a BB that actually half-decent and isn't named after a state that taxes you to death.
  7. Owner of the Harem's food pantry...
  8. This Mr.Pringles, It has come to my attention that you bought a $3 bag of Lay's over your favorite $5.95 can of Pringles....that is a real shame now you leave me with no choice....
  9. When your avatar has spare time and sings to herself, 0:00-0:15
  10. This is the part when issm starts running Juliet Charlie flags on every ship in the fleet including BB's and CV's
  11. *Japanese death stare intensifies* MotorheadEddie.....he has returned...I can smell the smoke, whiskey, and blood in the air.....*draws Katana*
  12. The last glimpse of the Admiral, before he, his ship, and her crew charged into the chaos of battle to intercept and crushed the enemy flank!
  13. Oh-no.....I am tripping again..... that portal and that music is back.....
  14. Which way to ARCA Vintage Trans-Am Race meet? wait nevermind its the race track with old dudes spinning out in Mustang Boss 302 T/A cup cars. *getting passed by AMC Javelins, Dodge Challenger 340's, Chevrolet Camaros, Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, and a rogue lone-wolf 1971 Plymouth 426 HEMI 'cuda with a ravenous mad-man at the wheel .*
  15. When you work out to Eric Prydz "Call on me" *the real music video is too hot for this forum, go look for the hot girls in leotards and legwarmers*