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  1. Kongou wearing the school girl outfit is still in my head, time to keep drinking......*pours 100 proof vodka*
  2. C'mon baby light my fire!"
  3. I am more concerned of USS Montana, I would like to see another buff on the deck armor so Yamato has a hard time overmatching the bow armor, just shake up T10 BB meta again.
  4. When the Pacific War was turning toward the favor of the US Navy...


  6. "To defeat an enemy you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics but their history, philosophy, and art"
  7. this one was my reaction just now after reading more posts....
  8. Time to skip my French class, and sign up for German class
  9. Moderated by Mezurashi.
  10. Really?, you mean to tell me that I have to go after THIS guy? only if you forward an additional 15,000 up front....
  11. A-10 Warthog flyby any day my friend!
  12. I done a lot of that with my friends in high school, I just don't nerd-rage over game mechanics. However I would like USN CV's come back as a strong branch of Carriers, I just want to see how many IJN fanboys rub their anime DVD box-sets like magic lamps and hope something magical happens, while most of NA chants "USA!" and Wargaming pulls the same "balanced" argument they made for buffed artillery in World of Tanks. P.S cheap beer tastes better with whiskey bourbon chasers. In all honesty I would prefer to have both CV branches have strong(but unique) attributes, so its a matter of preference rather than this yo-yo effect caused by consistant nerf-batting.
  13. When you have to mutter "Crush the rebel scum" after every sentence.