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    Armada: Chkalov

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  2. Having a ball sinking you all!



    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Well the only reality actually there is, its a sink or swim world. Here in the game just hit play again button do it all over. We can always pick the bad little things and criticize all day but one thing is true. This game has come along way from BETA pre public release baby. It freaking rocks, you can keep it simple or go as complex as you wish its your choice. Most of all you wont be disappointed at the depth you can go. Its why Me, myself have kept on playing it for so long and at 55 there is alot of fellow elders out there that would agree. So hats off, start a live feed of your play, build a dream team, start a naval academy. But most of all keep on getting on the water and sinking ships. Thats where the fun is, going around the world all day meeting ppl and having fun. As for the ones with the heavy salty rants calm down your going to blow a vein if you keep it up, play some ABBA back ground music and turn off the secondaries and go straight in with eyes closed and relaxed it wont hurt. Matter of a fact you wont feel a thing. But after a few times you'll realize, hey I was doing better playing the other way even though i was still sinking at-least it covered the gas bill, and repairs. Also you wont have to tie that steak around your neck to just get the dogs to play with you. And just maybe realize its not everybody else's fault maybe its some yours as well. Good day thanks for time till we meet on the water keep coffee hot strong, and in between the torps.

    ST 0.10.7, Changes to Commander Skills

    Seems to be alot of squabble on a topic on how to micro manage a ship. Its almost like trying to make all the same abilities but just a different name. Why not make all cruisers have same armor guns abilities and just paint different name on them do the same with each ship. Well to me if a ship is released after testing leave it be. Yes test get mechanics of game worked out but as far as taking away from it leave it be. You want to change it fine buy it back change it and then re-release it. When one works for 18 months to get steel to get a ship any steel ship then to only have its balls cut off is one of the greatest let downs of the game. Seriously, team play to overcome the cv's is necessary. You can not expect your single bb to take out a cruiser and a cv and 2 battleships at same time. so leave the cv's alone they sink quick if highlighted and a good bb at long range focuses them and his cv will keep lights on no need to attack but keep his lights on/ just one method of pressuring cv's to run and not be left alone to dominate. DD's in more of support to others in fleet will go along way in overcoming cv's, cruisers, bb's. So fixing why secondaries are not firing when they should be, and why 512mm rounds are bouncing off cruisers at 7k broadsides, or spotting ships are shot at then they are lost sight of just before impact you don't get any hits these are the items needing to be addressed. Not the my foot hurts cause he sunk my battleship with a cv. Lets turn it around and have the cv cry the battleships have too big of guns. You cant fall into game a pro and you cant take a new ship and neuter it so your older ship will work like it did 4 years ago, change your play practice more and stop complaining on how your play gets you sunk. No I'm not a pro, won't profess to be. However would like to see others accept that they too will have to loose quiet a few as the play continues. P.S. Just another example, Lets say you just bought a brand new Camaro with latest corvette twin turbo in it from factory. You open your first due bill on it to only find they picked it up while you was sleeping and will return it in a week with a brand new 6 cylinder in it cause, the police don't like that your car is faster than theirs. Yes maybe a little off kilter and extreme but same thing here. Just do all quirks in testing once released play and enjoy and for those few your just having to deal with it. Thats my opinion and all have one, now said my peace I'll see ya on the water captains!! GLHF!!

    Armada: Constellation

    Lexington Heavy battle cruisers and 6 where to be built or Laid down.

    Big Hunt: Results

    Was going to say . nope no use. I ll just say for now thanks. And hope to be seeing what i did after last update more rank and tier integrity. Not two up two down on the tiers of ships there is enough players to keep it more tighter like one up one down on tiers.

    Why does the Midway use torpedoes from WW1?

    You asked why the midway uses old WW1 torps. Well due to budget cuts the old dies is all they have to make the torps. The new dies was sent to china so they could make them for the Midway now they wont build them and have since then destroyed the dies. Oh also due to history there was a large stock of the WW1 torps they continued to use, Plus that's what you get with having a Midway, some say this is alot of bull but now you have an answer. Just shoot the bullets given and happy you got those! All meant in humor, maybe one day they will update the ammo of each ship. But first they need to really work on MM for the ranked just one finer point is that if you make it to the stop of rank 6 that you cant loose then one side cant have mostly rank 8's and the other side only have one rank 6 with 3's and 4's mixed in. that is all I'm saying if your at retention rank like now is 6 then no 8's only pool is 6's and to rank2. Or if there is only a few to that pool then dont stack teams with rank 2's 3' s and one side have only 10's 8's and one 6. So I think that would out weigh the torpedo issue. It seems MM is only using ship type and a standard team choice but if its going to be ranked then make it Just that Ranked. Thanks have good day and really just have fun this is one place you can still have it dont make it like work. JUST PLAY!!!

    Are you on target to complete Hizen on time?

    I do not know about the rest. HOWEVER!! speaking from one that has had really went through a real rough year and a half of sever withdraw from no internet. Just purchased new place yes you have internet, right no you can get dial up. So 5000.00 they would run the cable to house from road. Well now Have fiber and city put it in one gig up one gig down. I have missed the game and the play and the guys on the game as well as my clan the most. Just wanted to say. ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!
  9. I would like really to thank the Devs. for trying hard to please all. Now one thing I would also like to stress, is that just because a ship that in development or has been released is now causing problems for classes of ships does not warrant changing it to a point to where it no longer has that effect. a. A DD main arms is the Torps. second is the guns. Some the guns is main and torps secondary. And one DD should be classed as a DD/Cruiser. due to the heal and armor provided. b. Now radar has been a major problem for the DD in its ability to engage in a lot of battles more effectively due to torp detection ranges, coupled with this radar duration. So if you change the various DD's to longer torp reloads along with longer reload times on the guns which allows us to turn away the radar ships at a distance before we get radared, or our fellow DD's that have less range on the guns to do so. Then I propose radar to be reduced to 7k to accommodate the 6k torps of those least ranged torps, and its duration be limited to 15 seconds without buffs of Capt. skills. of course with addition of captain skills longer time achieved. But this will level out the changes made to dds and the 2.5k of the torp detection of shim torps has made them entirely useless in most matches. Its used just because of shear volume of torps but effectiveness is not really there. And purposed changes to Yueyang, hug, is not going to benefit nothing but radar ships and bind DD once again to radar hunting.