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  1. As someone who is also currently in Gold, it's pretty obvious that "hard core" does not necessarily mean that the players are good. Rather, it is that these players have spent the time and effort passing bronze / silver. It's actually not that hard to fail through bronze / silver into gold, given that one has enough time on their hands. I'd say that this current ranked mode is definitely not as competitive as the former ranked mode, since the previous one was rather punishing when it came to losing stars... not so much this one. Another gripe I have with this system is that we have to play more games every week for seemingly less rewards compared to the former ranked mode. Hopefully this gets changed, as it is allegedly still in testing...
  2. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    I will agree that WR will not always dictate the course of the game, but I still think SBMM does not belong in WOWS. It would be interesting to test it out though, but that would take alot of resources. Well, I'm glad that people are enjoying the 3v3 game mode. I for one haven't touched ranked sprint, but maybe 3v3 is something that should stay then. It seems more casual and arcade-y; running at the reds without a care in the world does have its appeal. 24 v 24 would be an experience though...
  3. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    I think that research bureau, steel / other alternative currencies, as well as clan / ranked battles have been attempted alternatives for more committed and serious players, but whether or not people are satisfied is beyond me. Whether or not fortnite has become "more fun" now is questionable, but I've never been a big fan of that game anyways lol Now, I would hesitate to compare battle mechanics from a battle royale game with SBBM to a cooperative, tactical, teamplay-driven game like WOWS. For one, SBBM works completely differently in battle royales anyways, as it gives everyone a better experience. Not so when you transition SBBM from a free-for-all to a team-based game. Yes, cheating is a problem in COD, but so is SBMM. For one, it punishes good players by giving them bad teammates, making them distrust their teammates and fostering a more toxic environment. Additionally, the bad players don't have fun either. For example, if one team has 2 players, one with 40% WR and the other with 60% against to 50% players, the 40% player will not have fun playing against players that are better than him / her, and the 60% player will not have fun constantly having to carry everyone to win. Translate this to WOWS, and you will see similar problems.
  4. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    I agree. I don't know of a fix either besides for bad players to 'gid gud,' but that's not constructive or helpful at all. The blowout problem is then exacerbated by the slow speed of ships / relatively lengthy time of games. In other similar games, such as WOT, blowouts are less of a problem, since once one team has momentum, they usually go and stomp the other team immediately. Games cycle through very quickly, so blowouts are not as painful. And honestly, some players just don't care about learning; I'm good friends with some players in WOWS (in-game and IRL), but they simply don't care about getting better; they're just here to have fun. Mentalities like these aren't necessarily bad, but I can see how they could contribute to this problem.
  5. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    It's definitely painful when it happens. I went on a 13% WR over the course of 15 battles or something in Enterprise. Enterprise, for goodness sake! I definitely threw a few, but the amount of blowouts in a row can definitely be shocking and enraging. It's an issue, but I don't think SBMM will make things better. It might get rid of the blowout problem, but other equally vexing predicaments will emerge.
  6. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    Loss streaks and unfun blowouts are an inevitable part of Randoms. Heck, I went for a massive loss streak myself the other day with no respite. On days like those, it's better to take a deep breath and try another game :)
  7. turtle6375

    T8 to T10 Random Battles are Broken

    Skill-based matchmaking has its own share of problems. COD Modern Warfare is a great example of this. They implemented skill based matchmaking, but there are many players (including myself) who are unhappy with what they did, as it forced better players to try harder and solidified a stagnant meta. In actuality, I feel random matchmaking is better for this game, as skill / WR based matchmaking can become too contrived and cause grief for players on both ends of the skill spectrum. If skill based matchmaking was a thing, then the "fun" aspect of randoms would be taken away.
  8. turtle6375

    This is why I almost always play CV

    It's ironic that you like CVs because they discourage other ship classes from "farming without being hit back," but that's all CVs ever do. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  9. turtle6375

    I came back from a 4 year hiatus

    huh ok that makes sense. I don't play t4 cvs much, so I didn't know Langley has only 1... good to know! And I will agree with you... it is human nature to want to skip up to the "higher" tiers, because somehow we automatically think it's better. I still don't think that WG announcing that they are including bots at lower tiers is a good sign for the health or mechanics of the game though. Heck, even in WOT, low tiers are pretty populated (and more fun to play too!)
  10. turtle6375

    I came back from a 4 year hiatus

    For T4 CV's, only the Hermes has one torpedo. Although they are pretty slow, you can get multiple drops off because of how bad AA is at that tier though, which makes it more engaging. It might not be too exciting for some people, but just look at the leaderboards for those ships... you'll find that seal clubbers abuse them to oblivion.
  11. turtle6375

    I came back from a 4 year hiatus

    Low tier CVs are awful to play? Maybe T6 cvs are more of a struggle, but T4 cvs are the epitome of seal clubbing right now, which may be part of the reason that people don't play low tiers.
  12. Could you explain how CVs got "nerfed into the ground" along with BBs? And how are DDs significantly more powerful than any other class?
  13. turtle6375


    Every nationality / culture has it's own share of problems. After all, the grass is always so much greener on the other side... Not saying that we should ignore issues with the game, but I think we should also just be thankful for what we have.
  14. turtle6375

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    Ok, thank you for clarifying that you were only speaking for yourself. I misunderstood and thought you were talking for the game as a whole