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  1. The battle selection button says GB is active but when you select it, the actual "Battle" button is grayed down..inactive.... others see this?
  2. hmm logged into game, saw a super container superimposed on ship but could not find it in containers, no notifications either? As well the countdown page was not open? Seems strange, I will have to look tomorrow for the "extra" stuff ( ie the bonus xp up to 7 days) to see if I have lost a SC.... weird
  3. where did the video go? think it is: how to be IMMUNE to fighters Hakuryu edition on Youtube
  4. Musical notifications would be cool, there you are in your cruiser when "Outnumbered" finally activates and Two Steps from Hell Hearts of Courage or Strength of a Thousand Men starts playing... then you get blapped anyways...
  5. WG didnt mind devaluing the hell out of my Moskva perma-camo
  6. Supercruiser solution, an Idea for these ships would be to let captains choose either cruiser or battleship skills. A cruiser skill/supercruiser would be in the MM as a cruiser and a battleship skill/supercruiser would be in the MM as a battleship. These ships do need addressing, perhaps as a fifth class in MM otherwise with a more free skill selection...otherwise my team Seattle, Ibuki, Roon versus Alsaka, Kron and Azuma, which is definitely a tough row to hoe.
  7. The CV captain skills matrix is bonkers. CV just have to optimize versus surface ships and have some very good skills to do so, eg Ruthless, or skill to reduce flak by 33%!! ( not that flak is supposed to connect!) Surface ships again will be torn in their optimizations between fighting other surface ships or dealing with carriers, it does look worrisome. I presume that giving AR some AA effect is a response to this???
  8. The whole premise of the post is wrong, according to WG the mid way of a CV line is tier 7......
  9. verkhne

    CV unlimited planes need to stop

    what are the odds that in the posted game 2 bottom tier ships of the CV class finish in the top 3 of their teams and 2 bottom tier ships of the DD class sit in the bottom 3? The bottom tier cruisers just avoided this fate as well and they are both fine ships..(Atago and Anchorage)
  10. Working on my Ostergotland Captain, currently at 15 skill points with 12 spent: PM LS AR SE CE. my question is what next? I think the best options are TAE or SI. The faster reload option brings torp reload down to 77s ( or 76.5 or 76 s depending on how game rounds??) More fish in the water is more damage if ship survives.... SI allows 4 each of speed, AA and repair which potentially is longer survival and better positioning and thus also more damage. It does seem that you can take enough damage at once that repair wont be fully beneficial. Which skill do people generally chose first for efficient levelling? Thanks in advance!
  11. verkhne

    Exploring a new build idea on a forgotten ship- Yue Yang

    The Captains build I think reflects the current Meta. I could see this build also working very well on Halland. BFT besides buffing fire rate will assist in AA fires. TAE is the interesting choice as an alternative you could get AR and PT(PM) . If manage engagements (and in Halland repairs) potentially AR impact is minimized. Intersting points as alway DDK! thanks and it may even tempt me to finally work on PA DD, I have the captain,but it would mean RB......
  12. verkhne

    Gearing 2020

    I would chime in with the other supporters of 16 km torps. I feel my games improved with this option. Still had BFT to help with duels and AA{maybe !), but long range torps definitely felt more comfortable
  13. verkhne

    CV Reword Autopsy: One year+ Later

    I did like the video from the CC conference full of charts showing that CV were indeed Op (eg limit 1/game at high tier is a clue). The charts were WG and quite explicit on how CV were affecting the game
  14. verkhne

    Changes to Submarines, EU Community Stream

    hmmm Mind blown: I had always thought Subs needed to be surfaced or at least equipped with a snorkel to recharge batteries!! TY WG for letting me know sub batteries could be recharged underwater! Are these boats nukes?
  15. verkhne

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    Well the Pan_euro DD were released after the CV rebork. It is almost like WG has designed a ship line that can be almost played like the old Murican DD line (when they had good AA) . you give up smoke and speed (not really compared to poor sad Gearing) . It is an obvious pick for DD mains and is part of a power creep game cycle.