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  1. verkhne


    but Bayard would still give Repub tokens til the 26th??
  2. verkhne

    The danger of getting to close to a Neustrashimy

    can the Udaloi proxy for the neutrashimmy? 4 barrels forward may help with rof ?
  3. OK So I have the tier 8 French DD. Not super impressed with it so far, as single gun turretes forward limit its chase abilities. Does anybody with this ship feel it is worth the perma camo? Is the tier 7 Vaquelin a better bet for the perma camo instead? ( I have perma camos for tier 8 Amagi and Cleveland, tier 7 Fij} these ships seem worth it, just not sure about Fantasque!!
  4. probably burn alot of flags with regrinds as well!
  5. verkhne

    13th Season Ranked Observations

    hmmm mythical 21 point captain! AR isn't possible with that build 2L1, 1L2, 1L3, 3L4, so LS likely as L2 skill (but some DD mavens can play well enough without it....)
  6. verkhne

    Please explain why Fletcher has better AA than Gearing

    not sure if game accounts for how deadly the US 5/38 gun was to aircraft by wars end. Have to check "Picket Duty" , a board game but designers notes there may? have some breakdown of that weapons effectiveness.
  7. verkhne

    Discussion on French DDs- CE or AFT? Why?

    I am also finding this line tough for captain builds, specifically the level 2 skills, Love AR but even on fantasque find lack of Em a problem, this could be worse at high tier unless range extension module is taken? Nice topic OP, your DD stuff is always informative to me!, thanks!
  8. verkhne

    Super Container: Coal question

    OK, reviewed all notifications, it is there a nice 1050 coal bonus! Super nice of WG to add gravy to the sauce! (the bonus notification is listed before the reward notification which was my point of confusion)
  9. verkhne

    Super Container: Coal question

    AHA, my bad to be clear, I DIDNT get the bonus on the SC coal!!
  10. So I was just lucky enough to get a SC with 15000 coal. This is awesome, but I did wonder.....my clan(thanks guys!) gets a 7% bonus to received coal. I checked structures and it didn't really specify anymore than this. Is this intentional? (7% coal would be 1050 coal!!) Other lots of 400 coal I obtained today did give the usual bonus 28 coal. Too much of a windfall?
  11. verkhne

    Lyon in Ranked = great fun

    Lyon is a French BB version of Roon/Nurnberg/Konigsberg....eight rear firing guns can be quite useful!
  12. verkhne

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    HMS Delhi! A beautiful ship , would play as a mini Atlanta (which @ Smolensk/Colbert is the game direction!!) Had 5 5/38 inch American guns, handpicked previously for another ship, very good rof, think they could get 20rpm!!
  13. verkhne

    New summer sales

    this would be nice if we could opt out of CV's, like others that is a result that will likely put me off this offer
  14. verkhne

    An exercise in frustration

    Go with your MM flow. Just finished 25 games total . 11/18 in the Sims with a 19 point Fletcher captain. This ship is still fun but has been powercrept hard. Think it probably actually needs a buff to detection and hitpoints. Went 5/7 in a Lyon with an 11 point captain! This ship is awesome on the off flank. Get engaged then survive turnout and you play like a GIANT Nurnberg/Roon. No other ship at tier 7 has 8 superfiring rear guns. You should get crossfire and also reduce a lot of the vulnerability of the ship to citadels. Find your ship(Not Abruzzi!!) and ride the wins
  15. purchased crates dont necessarily give doubloons anymore (Okhtonik, Molotov and Leningrad) didnt with Soviet Victory! Credits only for them, Texas is credits as well