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  1. Just wondering about captain build here. Would CE still be better value than HA and JoaT ? Kuznetsov gives a 10 percent buff to jack of all trades. Does Kremlin take enough non crit damage to make repair worthwhile? Do the limits on soviet damage control and repair make Concealment expert a better value>? Do people perhaps take JoaT instead of turret rotation buff on kremlin? One thought is with current meta CE is less valuable due to CV spotting Have 4 points burning a hole in pocket atm....thanks for any help!!
  2. It is always fun, getting to see WG's balance skills in the hands of a unicum player
  3. verkhne

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    This will be CV's number one target priority....it's AA is laughable.....it will be hunted down like a rabid dog......best engaging games will ensue
  4. LOLS....Kitikami will replace....Khaba/any other DD as the CV target of the game.....15km torps will ensure some separation from your fleet and then tier 10 CV lovin all game!! Woot!!
  5. verkhne

    I know it's stupid to ask but...

    you will get it back along with your tier 10 Russian tech tree camo (Moskva)……...
  6. Anybody else experiencing this since last patch?? When in port (don't think I have seen it in game..) the cursor position isn't registering properly? The cursor has to be placed 'high" or "low" to activate in game fucntions?
  7. Yeah! Cossack Kidd and Aashio means I have Yeah!! Cossack/Lightning, Kidd and Aashishio(sp?) means I have two half glasses! stop WG before my cup runneth over!! :)
  8. Flambass a noted CC has this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12LMD5roqDX36yAzesWrojDlj5PruzHaMnOcM2xxNmes/edit#gid=362040794 Flammu posts his builds on YouTube I think?
  9. True, that way tier 10 DD would no longer have to get wrecked by tier 8 CV! endorse 100% !!
  10. WG always misses the target... Best change that preserves value of "AA DD" would be for destroyers (and destroyers only) AA kills planes in the attack element. elegant and would help that interaction nicely. Non AA DD would still be screwed so happy CV players and AA DD would be better able to defend themselves but still suffer from bloom. Rationale: smaller ship quicker spotting of attacking aircraft... "Hey Kira is pointing his sword over there" , not that sense is required for this games mechanisms
  11. AA wise, you are the biggest easiest to spot DD the red CV will see, expect repeated visits! Even with AFT and BFT you wont fend off much so stick near fleet I guess?? Your heals will be consumed by repairing chip damage from rocket planes
  12. Buff to USN DD AA...…….premium USN DD, look around like wth??? ru Kidding me??
  13. verkhne

    Time to say goodbye

    Sad really , over 60% WR player and excellent poster leaving, not a "don't let door hit you in the [edited]" player leaving at all. Pay attention WG
  14. So , I guess WG did the pure capitalist action, I am now missing a tech tree perma camo for the Russian CA line. Somewhat shabby treatment by WG, but makes decision on ODIN very easy , FTP is my future. In inventory such camo is marked as "cannot be sold" but WG fiat lets them still remove the product from you
  15. verkhne

    Midway Anniversary

    especially in a game system that doesn't come close to modelling the actual battle