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  1. verkhne

    PSA code

    no idea, does anybody know their exact premium time?
  2. verkhne

    Friendly Bot fire

    be careful of name and shame, bots have feelings too
  3. verkhne

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    Hmmm this from a Forumite who is considered calm and knowledgeable...…. Bad implications for Georgia, Ohio and Massachusetts?? (Giving and receiving I expect??)
  4. CV"s in a division are also really annoying....
  5. hmm may try this...as I have 38 of the level 6 AA modules I am limited to the level six secondary modules? ( the torp module will be flipped out? and I am too lazy to change so many modules on regular ships!)
  6. Unless I need to be corrected Feb12/2020 is the last day to acquire and run a mission in a tier 10 ship to start the Legendary module grind. Many of us are sitting on numbers of AA Mod 2 upgrades at 1.5 million a pop on sell value. I wonder if it might be wise to cash these in sooner than later? The risk being that if we keep them to sell later to fund tier 10 boat purchases we risk a WG event for half price upgrades that will affect sell price drastically. tldr: consider selling extra upgrades for tier 10 purchases sooner than later!!
  7. verkhne

    I can take a hint.

    3 losses in a row in random>>>>>game is saying call it, stop playing ( even a 50% player only a 12.5 % chance of occuring but it occurs very often......)
  8. verkhne

    How too ROON?

    aim stern at enemy>>>>>>>"SHAKE YOUR MONEYMAKER"
  9. You see clearly! I had to cap at end of game and with smoke on cooldown there was no problem for the CV to find me and reset timer
  10. This is really [edited]. DD are such easy targets for CV , this is a tier 8 ship that even "vaunted" American Gearing AA doesn't protect you from, sure you shoot down planes but the strikes keep coming in. Not a lot of reward in such a match up. WG should boost DD damage against planes. The battle of Midway did not end when the US sank the last Japanese DD, nor did any battle in WW2 with Carriers involved. This CV pass is so bad
  11. and conceal mod gives a penalty to dispersion versus shots fired against you, making choosing TASM even more of a difficult choice!
  12. verkhne

    Gorizia and Dir 3

    and having bought the Gorizia (again just for doubloons mind!) I will dread playing "it" in the future, it may become a port queen
  13. verkhne

    Gorizia and Dir 3

    Bought the Gorizia to (hopefully) get the doubloon rebate. The grind for the tier 3 directives in this ship is mind-numbing..... I cant even imagine what the poor sods who are attempting Dir 4 and higher grinds are feeling. I am running minimal flags (only ship camo and MM flag) so halfish mark on credits and commander xp… ( ships destroyed and damage done) then I can start tier 6 ship grinds but after that play interest will be very low!
  14. any word on perma camo sales? (I think those listed aren't?) Havent seen permacamo on sale for a bit??
  15. verkhne

    1 Year Premium Sale In RU Shop

    out of idle curiosity, and yes Russian economy is different, what do the Russian server people pay?