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  1. So just had a battle in Surrey, got festive reward with a win, as ship count needing rewards was 150 this win dropped my rewards down to 149, I believe then that rewards are capped to ship (makes sense!) SO why post? If you are planning on ship purchases and time to comp[lete the event is running down, buy target ships asap so you can build correct size reward pool!
  2. careful, they might be thinking the AA was too efficient....."We are now reviewing all ships AA to avoid plane losses in future"
  3. So in port fire chance as it applies to game is reduced...I thought for tier 10 ships firing at tier 10 ships the fire chance was about half ( having seen a streamer with like 27 fires /738 hits in a Smol, Mknight on fire!) However in GK recently my fire chance for secondaries seems to be about 1/4. I know sample size is a thing but this is over a few games with 200+ hits each game. dispersion could be a factor if the drunken gunners are actually hitting centre mass? What do players see as their in game fire chance from port values?
  4. verkhne

    Economic Bonuses tab in the armory

    But which of ship, captain, credit or free xp will be most valuable? Balance existing boni perhaps?
  5. verkhne

    Bad Snow

    Telling comment on current AA
  6. verkhne

    Subs Cavitating

    Tom Clancy approves of this idea
  7. verkhne

    Hmm this was a loss?

    they were definitely ahead on points../sigh
  8. verkhne

    Hmm this was a loss?

    but end game shows a dead Alaska!, wouldnt he be alive if he secured kill first?
  9. verkhne

    Hmm this was a loss?

    ahh ok that may be it, on my end i had first kill
  10. Just had this game....was exciting and a nail biter with good sportsmanship! However at the end of the game it looked like we squeaked out a win but... could we get a win applied maybe? Askhance?? 20220304_153554_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_51_Greece.wowsreplay
  11. verkhne

    Server maintenance but...

    but.......Super Container ???
  12. verkhne

    Throwing ranked matches

    Hey if it was me in a Myokou, pressing buttons could fire guns and likely give throttle and turn inputs but no chat option......so look carefully at those submitted videos!! Going reverse would be a smart option for a player aware of a not connecting problem!
  13. Just got this message about server maintenace and transfer...OK no problem BUT......this was my super contianer day and I dont see it? I just lost a day of progress for the monthly crates? WG please give me my crate!!
  14. santa crates are still available for dubs as well..just saying! (hard to find but in armoury)