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  1. verkhne

    Are the Unicums Playing Midway Incorrectly?

    There is another factor at play with Gaishu's style. Imagine "If you find yourself sailing blue seas alone under Gaishu's planes, you are in Elysium and already dead". What I mean by this is that the BB under constant air attack from early in the game is already functionally deleted. It will be forced to manouver in ways that may eliminate any attempts at contributing firepower to the match. According to the original poster if this happens twice to BB's that team has lost a considerable amount of early valuable firepower even before the ships are sank.
  2. verkhne

    To respec without CE, or not?

    WG needs to add some reset buttons...ie reset "all captains" or "pull all tier 5 modules" very hard to play when spending hours doing this crap
  3. So I have this guy and am planning on using him in the Yam and Mushashi. If going survival build what is the optimal track (he starts at 15 skills) PM is a specialist skill for him would people place him in a DD? How about Zao? I am thinking PT EM AR BoS SI CE to start with FP last but is th e4 point climb to 19 going to be too long?
  4. a bit off topic.. American Cruisers collection I currently sit at 47/134.....one more drop ruins/finishes it!
  5. the Hipper captain is not trained for the Hipper.....
  6. read original post! There is a news article with a participate button. The tasks are not too hard! good luck
  7. you are in a clan? no tech sales atm
  8. verkhne

    Belle Epoque

    Just got a container with this collection, but it does not give me the option to collect/not collect. How is this being run? Do we have to buy containers to fulfill the collection? ( I got one item and a duplicate! lol)
  9. OK I am probably missing the point....what $129 dollar bundle?
  10. and this can save your life when you are happily sailing and blasting away and then "crap" you hear your secondaries firing....great wake up call!
  11. verkhne

    Thoughts on French BB Normandie?

    LOL just checked my Normandie after reading this. Love the Liner Camo, secondary range 6km with module and who knew....I had to mount B hull, range and engine upgrades! Levelled the dam thing as a stock ship!\ (just checked 64% WR in base ship over 22 games, must be great when fully upgraded!)<<<edit
  12. I am wondering about this sort of build for perhaps French/US BB and English Cl. BB: Would FP AFT CE SI AR PM PT work to utilize American AA and French secondary range? Does FP give enough protection as BoS is lacking? Pure survival builds still best even with other qualities? CL(Mino/Nep): CE AFT MFCAA SI AR PM PT work? does AFT apply to the large British DP main guns for AA? It seems builds with RPF and Vig are also popular for MINO's
  13. verkhne

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    Khaba eats incapacitations, even with PM and module that reduces engine damage chance by 20% you are gonna get multiple engines knocked out hits, Khaba play is not that enjoyable
  14. verkhne

    Server Overload

    Random and ranked aren't working think the try another mode message is just a placeholder but likely no games for a while.
  15. verkhne

    Server Overload

    still down, you can get into port though< weird!