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  1. Introduction: Ever notice how the only real cover we have in game is mountains? Anyone else feel like that's starting to get old? I do. I was thinking that it might be fun to have a map like Venice, where there's this big city with canals by the sea. Smaller ships can go into the canals, sneak around, and ambush each other, and there's open water for the big ships too. The core idea here is: A map that pays homage to Venice with canals and a dense city instead of the usual islands with huge mountains without mountain ranges. Map Example: Now I'm not saying "use this exact map", no. I'm saying, here's a map that describes what I meant. Essentially, I think it'd be cool to have a map that doesn't rely solely on mountains to provide cover. I think some diversity could be fun.
  2. Cheers dude! Maybe for April Fools we can get a screen door attachment.
  3. I will concede that in realistic situations, you're right. However, because the primary wielder of depth charges is likely to be DDs (with probably a few other ships here and there) how is the rest of a team supposed to counteract a submarine if all the DD's are dead at the end of the match? What if none of the remaining ships have depth charges? I mean let's be real here, this isn't a very historically accurate game, it's more of an historically-themed naval arcade game. So there has to be some means of allowing other ships to attack and counteract submarines, otherwise a single submarine hiding in the corner of the map could force the game into a stalemate or even a victory because none of the other ships can even reach them. Which would end up being exploited like crazy. The reason for the capping/defending with subs (although an unrealistic use of subs, I will admit) is to: To ensure that submarines are incentivized to surface at least once in a while so they're still in the battle some of the time and so the rest of the ships can remain tactically relevant. Make sure submarine players can contribute to the objective portion of a game and be team players. Otherwise if all they can do is hunt down ships, then they'll all YOLO and run off on their own since they can't help defend or capture anyway.
  4. I thought about the capping issue myself actually. That's why I made it so that when surfaced, they cap/defend at 100% strength like a normal surface ship, but at periscope depth this is reduced to 50% since they have SOME resilience to artillery (though not total immunity). Then if they are at "deep" depth they cannot cap or defend at all. That way if they are contributing to the objective, they have to be vulnerable. As for these percentages, they could also be tweaked by WG for balance purposes as much as needed.
  5. Good points really. The speeds of the subs at different depths would need to be fine-tuned after lots of play testing to get it somewhere decent. I feel like if we just pick numbers out of thin air without testing them it might be a bit of putting the cart before the horse, especially since it's a call that WG will ultimately make regardless of what we the players think would work.
  6. That's a good question. Honestly that's something that would have to be tweaked bit by bit over time so as to find the algorithmic sweet spot.
  7. I...was not expecting this sort of reaction. Thank you. O_O
  8. Okay so love it or hate it, it seems that WG is bent on bringing submarines into the game. If that is the case then here are my thoughts on how they could handle the implementation possibly. Please don't burn me at the stake for this, I just want to help. Here's a summary of ideas that include (but are not limited to) the following: For Submarines: Artillery: Functional Deck Guns Mobility: Speeds: Slower underwater speeds (no more nuclear sub levels of submerged speeds) Faster surface speeds (to compensate for the slower underwater speeds) Depths: Surface: Most visible Fastest speed Can use deck guns Base/Zone capture speed = 100% Periscope Depth: Semi visible Moderate speed Incoming artillery accuracy and efficacy mitigated slightly Base/Zone capture speed = 50% Deep: Least visible Slowest speed Immune to artillery Base/Zone capture speed = 0% If you start to flood or catch on fire, you take extra damage when you're deeper and it takes even longer to fix. Minimap data only updates when your own sonar detects something Match score and kill statuses of ships remains the same as it was when you went deep. Updates when you go back to at least periscope depth Torpedoes Historically accurate torpedo tube count and placement Since the torpedo tubes are fixed to the hull, their aiming arc is limited substantially No more homing torpedoes or their pinging mechanic Firing a torpedo can reveal your sub's location (would need to be tweaked) Choice of torpedo ammunition Normal: Only work properly when surfaced or at periscope depth but load faster and go further than deep-water torpedoes. Deep-Water: Meant to work when deeper than periscope depth and deal more damage than normal torpedoes, but they move slower and have shorter range. Blitz: Smaller, faster torpedoes that are quicker to load, except they do less damage and only work properly when launched from the surface or at periscope depth while only going a short distance. Cruise: Torpedoes that go much farther than normal torpedoes but take a longer time to load. Only work properly at periscope depth or at the surface. Detection Sonar Passive sonar is always active around a submarine, similar to hydro-acoustic search. Good for supporting roles. Detects friendly and enemy ships within a certain radius Detects all torpedoes within a certain radius for all ships in that radius. Active sonar is a repeatable ability (with cooldown) that when used sends out a ping that reveals both your own location and the location of any and all ships in a certain radius. Ship Positions The ship positions on the minimap for submarines is only updated when They are surfaced or at periscope depth (as normal) They detect ships using passive or active sonar For Other Ships: Depth Charges (Duh) Standard for all destroyers. Equippable for all ships that carried them or were at least designed to carry them. AOE damage to all submarines. Affected areas show up on the minimap after they explode. Interferes with sonar by flooding the nearby water with noise. Can destroy incoming torpedoes if the torpedoes enter the threatened area. Can tweak variables like damage, quantity of charges, threat range, cooldown, etc. between countries Different fuse settings: Shallow Detonation: Affects subs and torpedoes closer to the surface Deep Detonation: Affects deeper subs and torpedoes Passive and/or active sonar for ships that historically had it or were designed to have it in order to compensate for the new abundance of underwater combat.
  9. Altrunchen

    What Happened to the Cleveland?

    Here's what I've learned to do when playing a Cleveland: Never go off alone. Never go into open water. Never lead a charge. Never attempt to brawl unless you're the top tier of the match (and even then, don't actively go after it if you can help it). If you must head into open water: Stay close to an island. Stay behind a battleship. Stay in the back of the group. Point your nose at the enemy because it makes you a smaller target and harder to citadel. Pay close attention to the mini-map to avoid ending up on your own. Do everything you can to avoid being focus-fired. If you're close to an enemy ship and it's clear you're seconds from death, ram them if you can. Might as well take someone with you. It's basically a large destroyer without torpedoes imho.
  10. Altrunchen

    Baltimore (T8) & Captain - Optimal Build Advice

    No complaints so far. It feels like a heavier Cleveland to be perfectly honest.
  11. So I'm curious to know which alignments people typically play over others and to try and get a good idea of this I'm going to go to various forums around the internet and post this straw poll in the hope that I'll get a decent amount of results. Mostly because I'm just curious and I'd like to get some sort of answer about which ones are the most popular. Poll Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/14736660 Please use the link to vote and feel free to post what you voted here! :)