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  1. Last time an event similar to the current event was held, I did not quite able to grind out the Graf Spee during the Hamburg Dockyard event building the Odin ship thing, its a bummer but reasonably understandable, I mean on the grand scale in this community, I'm an infant, and that my highest tier ship at that time was I believe the Bayern, so completing the phases would require to haul [edited]. Anyways, I was able to get a premium ship just as good subjectively out of another event; Kure Dockyard event building the Hizen ship thing, which is the Tachibana and my God I'm so happy to be able to grind out a premium ship from an event. So far I've only sailed with her once in Co-Op and would most likely linger only in Co-Op, but just so I don't lag in performance, how would you play the Tachibana? What skills should I invest in her captain?
  2. I have made an account in WoWs in that date, but my PC was so horrid, well... It couldnt even load the loading screen. Only recently; in 2018 was I able to play WoWs in any level of comfort.
  3. Most of my experience with wargaming was allotted from WoTB where events end as quickly as when they started; 14 days on average, and since there is a 45 day event, my critical thinking says 43 days at least, though I am unsure since well, I am still a newbie in WoWs PC. I have watched numerous wows videos since alpha but I havent had much exercise executing what I have learned from said videos, and from experience living with my BF for the past three months due to the cases of the covids, I know I am not always right. What do you guys think? help out a noob so I can judge whether or not to bother the time.
  4. Gelo_rules

    Neu Player hier, what is the best coal ship?

    This is very insightful, thank you. A much different world from Forum/WoTB
  5. Gelo_rules

    Neu Player hier, what is the best coal ship?

    I guess so yeah
  6. Gelo_rules

    Neu Player hier, what is the best coal ship?

    they're aight, the Lyon is a bit crapthough mainly because I'm still young and crap
  7. Good morning, I have accrued enough coal to purchase at least one of the ships; Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Aigle, and Blyskawica. My priority would be that its a great credit earner and very forgivable (low skill base) because even when I tagged along the game since conception (alpha test), I am still crapand crap executing theories and playing. Of course the fun factor and rarity would be nice.
  8. O my gwoad. that carrier with the biggest superstructure has the island mounted supercentered in the hull. I wonder how that would work out.
  9. I do apologize for such lengthy-a$$ titles but I do ask, why is Myogi so vague? I’m only asking because I’m doing scale models of the entire Japanese battleship tree and stumbled upon this enigma of a ship. I only need the O/A and W/L dimensions and nothing more but even something as basic of an information as that its practically impossible to find it on the internet. If you have any copies of the drafting of the Myogi and the dimensions, please let me know. -Ship cook- 젤어 룰스
  10. I remember the "iron" Duke costed 22.000 EXP before WG decided to sell Dasha on the Arsenal. However, last week I was playing my Orion when the usual Greyed out 22.000 cost of "Iron" Duke is now a white outlined 13.000. Didn't pay much attention to it as I thought it was those Discount tree thing, until i checked on other classes of ships when I questioned if WG permanently changed the Research cost of all Tier V vessels or is it just temporary?
  11. I’m new to the game but I’ve watched world of warships videos since closed beta and know the existence of the Kitakami. But somehow, I missed the update where WG removed the 140mm guns on furutaka and was confued when the upgraded hull looks like an Aoba. What actually happened to Furutaka’s 140mm dual gun layout?