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  1. _Bohica_

    Update 0.8.8 - 4th Anniversary!

    Although a lot of this years events look good, and it is unfortunate to see the old "for every 1,000 games you've played, get X draconic flags seems to be gone', but a bad habit seemingly has come back. In the vast majority of the past Directive events, Operations were either a complete part of it, or at least a majority of the possible avenues to accomplishing them. And for us PvE players, this was a godsend. Crow all you want about 'giving away' a tier 6 premium ship, but its hidden behind a PvP (aka: frustration) paywall, or a grind-as-hell Co Op paywall. Um, no. Again, for the many Directive events WoWs has had in 2019, Operations were allowed. It is sad to see that for this event, it is not the case.
  2. _Bohica_

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Oh, joy. Give the boxes AFTER you cannot use the Sovereigns anymore?
  3. _Bohica_

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    Yes, but by which? Her hair? Her eyes? Her...um....huuuuuge tracks of land?