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  1. _Bohica_

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    For my clan Gamma And being with them for almost 2 years. Our port is nearly complete. A Tirpitz in my stocking please
  2. When dealing with specialty events and their ships, please read carefully what their consumables do. It's a main focus, usually, of these events. And IMHO what makes them fun. So many times I still find Angler players hoarding their consumables, because they do not realize that not only can they boost their allies permanently but the extra boost they get when they do. Or when others demand that you, in a Battleship, start to heal them. Unless you are a in a Scorp, a Croc or Maverick simply cannot do this. Thea, as Captain, please.
  3. To re-write history needs: MOI ANIME GIRLS!!!! ARP Haguro will do her best! And she would love to meet Atlanta.
  4. One of those: I had to work too hard for this win. Yeah, it was a Co Op, but almost 70,000 damage in a tier 3 game? Sheesh. At least it was good for this contest.
  5. To add in, remember that all true premium ships also get a credit booster. No matter what camo you have on it. I do not believe the ARP ships and Dragon Myoko's have this built in credit booster either.
  6. I can only hope you will also INCREASE the amount of time it takes to gather up actual human players. 1 minute would be fine. Nothing is as bad as trying to get in a fun game (aka: less stressful than PvP) but instead of finding a 9vs9, it's 2vs7 as your allied bots completely suck. Sometimes an allied bot will surprise you, but it's the exception. If I was addicted to games where, no matter what I did due to the MM lineup, I would lose - then I would play PvP.
  7. It was a good excuse to bring out this dusty premium.
  8. _Bohica_

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Don't worry, the capture area has been secured.
  9. My favorite memory was the feeling after achieving the Takeo (ARP) ship. Being mostly PvE it took a long time, but I was very, very glad that the ARP event was re-released in that 1 month crackdown event. Because earlier missions were just not.....fun, to put it nicely. But my entire ARP fleet is one of my pride and joys. Always eyed the Tirpitz, and I do not believe it was put into the Armory.
  10. _Bohica_

    Update 0.8.8 - 4th Anniversary!

    Although a lot of this years events look good, and it is unfortunate to see the old "for every 1,000 games you've played, get X draconic flags seems to be gone', but a bad habit seemingly has come back. In the vast majority of the past Directive events, Operations were either a complete part of it, or at least a majority of the possible avenues to accomplishing them. And for us PvE players, this was a godsend. Crow all you want about 'giving away' a tier 6 premium ship, but its hidden behind a PvP (aka: frustration) paywall, or a grind-as-hell Co Op paywall. Um, no. Again, for the many Directive events WoWs has had in 2019, Operations were allowed. It is sad to see that for this event, it is not the case.
  11. I had either this game, or a game where I got disconnected on early on. I think I'll take this game. And I think guy deserves the nice comfy seat of a Sims.
  12. One of my favorite memories was when I read that there was a chance (in PvE) to gain all of the ARP ships in one huge extravaganza. I worked my tail off, but that feeling when I earned my Takeo was immense. As for my wish, being a PvE player, would be any of the Steel ships. I would say Stalingrad, but most likely I'd be forced to wait 6 months (between August 21st to Feb 2nd) under grueling conditions fighting Nazis armed with an old bolt action sniper rifle. fun times.
  13. _Bohica_

    No boxes from Hall of Fame again?

    Oh, joy. Give the boxes AFTER you cannot use the Sovereigns anymore?
  14. _Bohica_

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    Yes, but by which? Her hair? Her eyes? Her...um....huuuuuge tracks of land?