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  1. Sullen_Maximus

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Just remove CV's from the game. You continue to make changes to make the CV gameplay completely unfun. All so that yolo players who refuse to play as a team, or play with tactics, can continue doing yolo crap. T8 carriers are already cancer to play. Are you going to allow use to refund premium carriers again? Why do you continue to cater towards the worst goddamn players in the game? You already made thousands of players stop playing CV's with the mid-level AA buff, might as well just kill them off entirely now.
  2. Sullen_Maximus

    Botched hotfix for 8.0.1.

    Yup, any thoughts you had of NOT selling all your CV's are now gone. The AA buff is ridiculous. Single DD's now nuke entire squads before even a second volley can be launched. BB's if even one tier higher are back to being near un touchable. Congrats WG' you almost made CV's worthwhile to play again. All because the same yolo solo warriors bitched they couldn't go on their own anymore. The AA was fine in bubbles. The hakuryu was the only broken one.
  3. I'm well aware every tier has premiums. I'm also aware they give definitively some advantage to those without the premium. The Belfast at T7 is undeniably the worse case though because it's combination of abilities make it particularly painful when force matched against same tier opponents on small population matches. T7 ends up just becoming a game of who has more Belfast. That's what it boiled down to last time they did it, and that's exactly what would happen again.
  4. No, they stated CV's will now have a two tier access. So T6 will get paired in games you would expected a t7 to get into. Also "T7.... good candidate" LOL no.... WG is probably not going to make a ranked t7 (outside of rank 1) for any foreseeable future. For two reasons. 1) it is the most premium saturated tier in the game (it's hard to convince people to buy a premium for the tier when they already have 5 of them...) 2) The "pay"fast. There are very few ships in the game this broken. In small population match (ranked) it becomes a single game changeable ship in nearly all of them. A single Belfast can shut down an entire corridor of play quite easily. With no real effective counter at T7 since radar doesn't really start kicking in till T8. About it's only real counter is the Indianapolis or the Atlanta since they get radar, but they are both quite fragile and not nearly as effective at anything else as the Belfast is. Also, Ranked doesn't work well when the only counter to such a powerful premium, is other premiums.
  5. Sullen_Maximus

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Oh hey look at this it's a statistics guru. Please go back to the corporate basement you crawled out of. Nobody cares. Seriously your conclusion that how many times I have died to torpedoes as a relevance to my knowledge of the game is asinine. My point is that DD's should have their torp damage drastically reduced, but their rate of fire increased. The problem with torpedoes in this game is their all or nothing mechanics. You generally have one of 2 options happen. 1. You decimate a ship with a perfect volley. 2. You miss entirely or get maybe 1 hit on a bb and now have to sit for an eternity reloading. Neither option is particularly good mechanics. Also while cruiser have the abilities such as radar and sonar, experienced DD captains know how to avoid these and know what ships have those abilities. So lets say you have a 1 on 1 between a dd and a cruiser. From long range. The dd will spot the cruiser long before he can be spotted. If the cruiser has no radar, the dd can spot and fire torpedoes at the CA with relative impunity. Sure the CA may have sonar, but those are limited in uses, the DD's torps are not. Situation 2 the CA has radar, alright he turns it on when spotted by the DD. The dd is still substantially faster and at maximum range from a CA can usually dodge the incoming shots with relative ease. At which point the DD dodges until the radar is up and continues as if nothing happened. All the while the DD can launch large spreds of torps which if even a single one hit the CA will be a brutal hit. Meanwhile the CA must pummel the DD multiple times to even do a moderate amount of damage. I'm not saying that torps should just be flat nerfed, i'm saying the mechanic needs an overhaul. People keep claiming "DD are fine" but they clearly don't pay attention to any of the competitive scenes. There is a reason during ranked battles rank 10 and higher are almost always 1/2 DD on both teams.
  6. Sullen_Maximus

    Possible Solution to Radar

    How about this, they can fix that, once they remove the nuclear bomb effect which torps currently have in the game. Torp gameplay is stupid in general because they're an all or nothing mechanic. You either fist some poor soul, or you get nothing. This is literally the definition of a crapmechanic as no mater what, someone feels cheated. You want to complain about DD's being hit with radar, many could say the same about how a single torp hit to a cruiser will damn near insta kill it, but the cruiser would need to pump round after round into the DD to kill it.
  7. I think Rawdy might but what you're looking for. We have pretty lax policies. and just want people actively playing. Check us out. generally will accept within 24 hours.