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  1. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    What? I'm not saying he should be a CV bonused captain. I'm just saying his bonuses combined with the "Tallents" don't really match well. He has some bonuses good for just about nothing but bb's, but then has a talent that is almost never seen outside of DD's.
  2. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    Am I the only one who thinks the "Talents" for him are kinda screwed up? His permanent bonuses make him really a dedicated battleship captain, but his double strike talent would make him almost exclusively a DD captain since double strikes on anything but a DD are VERY rare.
  3. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    Has there been any announcements of what the exact conversions will be? Based on the russian DD split, a Cleveland in port will most likely give you a Penacola, plus the equivalent t6 CL, and the cleveland at t8. And we know that owning a Pensacola will grant you the updated t6 Pens, plus the t7 New Orleans. What happens after t8 though. Seeing a lot of people out there thinking that owning a Des Moines will automatically grant a Worcester on patch day. Edit: already found this post which has all the information.
  4. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    I've actually been debating picking one up specifically for t7 matches because it's now pretty good there. The problem is people playing it like it's a sniper, which it's not. it's a mid range brawler, if you're trying to snipe people from half map away you're doing it wrong.
  5. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    Dude.. you have no idea.. the colorado isn't bad now compared to what it was.
  6. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    Which is really sad. I'm not saying I need a ship simulator, but there is something seriously messed up in your game design when any ship based on things that actually existed is naturally a heaping pile of crap compared to your fantasy ones.
  7. Dev Blog - New Commander Halsey/Campaign

    I find it amazing how much of a fantasy game this has become now that for the most part, all the in game models based on real life ships are pathetically weak compared to the assortment of napkin drawing boats out there now... Looking at you british bb's..... smallest caliber bb's in the world in real life, 2nd largest guns in the game.... wth?
  8. O7 Discord Community

    Best.... BAIT ..... EVER!
  9. O7 Discord Community

    I literally hate your discord name because you're trying to steal an eve online emoticon.
  10. Fix the desync issue!

    Just had a match in the DM that 3 dd's were basically untouchable. even with them stopped on my screen volleys passing completely through them. I was aiming my shots to land a full 2 boat lengths in front of them, watching rounds hit mid air.
  11. Fix the desync issue!

    When the ship on your screen is not actually where they are. You will fire volley after volley but the rounds just pass through the ship. You will also then notice hits occurring from teammates in mid air about 1/2 a boat length in front of the ship.
  12. Fix the desync issue!

    Never had this problem before. but it's pretty ridiculous now. Connection never dips above 37ms. Even plotted my connection speed and had no spikes.
  13. I have no idea what WGing has been doing but the desyncing issue has been rampant. It's pretty much every day at this point at least half the games have desync issues. Fix your $ht WGing, this is getting unplayable, espeicially with all these new DD running around, thinking they are hot $ht when in reality nobody can hit them due to desync issues.
  14. Deep-Water Torpedo Discussion

    This crapis broken AF. not as much at the battleship level, but the cruiser level, especially when you get to high tiers is just f-ing stupid. 2 hits on basically any cruiser in the game will kill them. 1 hit takes out well over 50% of your health. This is only amplified in frustration with the fact you can't seem the damn things till they are completely un-avoidable range. The battleships can take a couple hits, but the cruisers are just getting wreckt now. it's lamost like they wanted to continue making high tier cruisers awful to play.
  15. I think Rawdy might but what you're looking for. We have pretty lax policies. and just want people actively playing. Check us out. generally will accept within 24 hours.