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  1. websurfer30066

    List of key commands and functions

    Thank You! Excellent tutorial!
  2. websurfer30066

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    I know this is a Arcade game and no resemblance to a true simulation but in the real world a 14-16 inch battle ship gun a most ranges would pen. a DD or CL or CA. Thus causing damage and if near the waterline thus cause flooding. HE shell would most likely Pen and cause massive damage to close by compartments and watertight integrity. Just look what A4's in the Falkland's wars did by dropping dump 500 pounders at low velocity on English ships. And they are 1/4-1/3 the size of a 14-16 inch HE or AP shell. Also remember, many AP shell's have a bursting charge (somewhere up to 250 pnds.) also. So the damage received in the game is usually unrealistic. But remember that's so the game probably last longer and the smaller boat drivers don't complain about being one shoted by a single salvo, or shell! Is it realistic HELL NO, but remember as my clan mates always remind me when I am complaining in game, "Its an Arcade game and no where like real life!" Drop in another 25 cents and play again! If you don't like it well find a new outlet! I guess unfortunately I have just stated both sides or the argument! Ooraah!
  3. websurfer30066

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Well done sir! I feel same as you! Not my cup of tea, not yet at least!