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  1. I would agree with much of the above advice. Torping after a fire goes out. Use torps sparingly to avoid annihilation of the target. Use the signals to improve flooding chance. The tier of the DD in use matters as well. The torps in use can affect the number of floods and amount-per-tick. Triple flood with Shimakaze torps is another world from a single Akatsuki flood. 50k can be managed, but it may take a higher tier than currently in use by the OP. EDIT - The OP did not state what type or nationality of DD. Use IJN. The "gunboat" DDs can have weak torps.
  2. Bayern and Tirpitz are awesome brawlers if you have a high-point captain, as well as signals and ship upgrades for secondaries. Gneisenau has torps and nice main guns. Bayern can push around 7.6km secondaries, and Tirpitz is well over 10km. Bayern gets some sweet MMs. Omahas melt under secondary fire from Bayern. 175 secondary hits In a game is personal best to far. A fully maxxed Tirpitz with secondary build, captain and signals can cover many A and C caps from B with a storm of secondary shells. Well over 200 secondary hits can be achieved and I have heard tell of people pushing 300. It sees harder MMs though, and one cannot brawl every game. Just got my FDG so cannot say just how good it is at brawling. It crushes at mid range with her mains though. It usually pays to hold back long enough to get a feel for the battle flow and where the enemy will be. Approaching secondary range in the LOS shadow of a land mass can help considerably. Doing one's best to safely achieve the initial engagement range is the most difficult part of KM BBs. Angling in until you are "inside their reach" is difficult but hilarious once achieved. Get close and go around the target faster than mains can track you, while secondary hits keep scrolling in.
  3. As a primarily IJN DD captain, I have very few issues with the current state of balance between DDs and other classes in general. However, I am of the opinion that the OP does make valid points in specific areas. Primarily in the area of CV v CV parity of skill, and the impact that particular circumstance has upon DDs. Sold my Shokaku for the second time, because I am just that bad at them, so I have no informed opinion on a solution. I have been THAT tater CV captain(not from lack of effort or desire) and it absolutely hinders friendly DD play in an unbalanced way. So I would ask WG to address this in any incremental fashion that may balance this out a bit. The OP's desire for both impenetrable land masses AND a sacrifice for hydro seem a bit much. Fix the radar/hydro land mass issue, and the other becomes much less relevant. Catapult planes can see over islands to a large degree, depending on range. That should be enough. As much as I would personally like this change, I understand that it will most likely never happen. The expense and code to calculate the "cones of shadow" for every active emitter/land mass interaction, and then track them second-by-second does not seem to be something WG would invest in. I hate getting nabbed by the rock-hiding magical mystery CA as much as any DD captain, but that's the way it goes. The increasing number of high tier players, as the community grows, will continually warrant a change in tactics. The days of clubbing under-skilled premium seals are over. I have witnessed high-tier DDs that shun caps like the plague all game if there is more than one radar CA on the other team. If/when the radar ships die, the DDs magically come to life and remember their purpose. Tanking brawler BBs are becoming cappers out of frustration(me). It actually works sometimes. My personal addition to this letter is in regards to gun detection flare. A slight reduction in the amount of time that detection remains at full value would not be amiss. My suggestion is an increasing amount of time exposed as the number of consecutive firings occur. One volley, and the ship goes covert quite quickly. More, and the full detection value remains for a longer period of time. Thanks for your attention.
  4. kongo

    My Kongo and her four ARP sisters are just fine. Once captain skills get into double digits, it begins to shine. Agile, fast, and kicks like a mule. As long as one keeps in mind that this is a Battlecruiser, not a "true" Battleship, it works well. Have had red team members root for me in chat late-game as I dodge multiple torp spreads, rush behind islands and kill ships port and starboard. It can be played like an infantryman. Rush from cover to cover and fire on the move. Use its agility to get close, then run rings around them. My standing advice for any ship is ... Do not judge it until its Captain has 12 points or more.
  5. The epic quest to climb Mt. Izumo continues for me. After a false start on a secondary build(19 pt capt), I went full stealth/health. The 14.5km detect brings it back into a realistic area. All the health capt perks help keep me alive longer. The guns are glitchy as far as dispersion, for me at least. My AP gets an inordinate number of over-pens and ricochets. My HE does well but feels like wasted potential. I have begun using a kiting tactic. Angle in towards the enemy while heading for an island. Use the island cover to turn away. Then kite while firing. This presents all my secondaries towards the threat axis as well. While being very pleased with the armor when angled in, it is hard for me to make real XP/silver with it so far. I feel more like a target barge for high-arc HE than a BB.
  6. My pre-nerf Minekaze covered my house in seal pelts. If it makes you feel better, think of yourself as an instrument of the brutal Darwinian process of combat. If you live, you learned something. You are a teacher... a conveyor of wisdom and experience.
  7. Poo-poo occurs. People get target-fixated and zoomed in, and then mistakes are made. My father had to abandon his US ship in WW2 when it took a "friendly" torp from a USN SS. so it is not like this kind of thing is impossible.
  8. Thanks for the explanations folks. Like I stated, it is not a big deal. More curious than anything else. None of our stats of any kind have any reward, so I just play to enjoy and help others enjoy. Once my Karma hit 50, it just started being the thing I do. My early Kill-to-death ratio was 2.0 for the first 1000 battles or so after the wipe(baby seal clubbing in early Minekaze after 1500+ beta battles). Then I got disgusted with the circle of buoys still being around, so started having fun, rather than watching my stats. I am up to 9 uses per day now with the 78 Karma I currently have, and I like to compliment people a lot. Reports are few and far between. Kraken is an auto-compliment. High Caliber as well. DDs that play the way I do and smoke our BBs get upvotes always. Karma is the only social stat. You can add a tiny amount of good humor to someone's day and let them know they have been noticed in a positive manner. Gaming communities can be salty, negative places at times. It costs me nothing to push back against the darkness. :)
  9. The Tier level and ship type that you feel most comfortable playing is where and what you should play. As more people acquire greater experience, the pool of skilled players will increase. A "casual" player(like myself) will have increasing difficulty breaking even at the higher tiers. Sold my Zao and Roon long ago due to them being money losers for me. They are fine ships, but I jump ships types too much to focus down how to play them profitably without using premium time. That's on me, not the ship. If I go against someone in a T10 that lives on board that particular ship, then I will be outmatched every time. Jumping from a Kuma into a Bismark, into an Atago, into a Shimmy is a completely different thing, but that's how I roll some days. If there is a ship that you like, but can't seem to make work, then search the Net for information. Possibly adjust how you play that ship to see if there is a way to make it work for you. The only two metrics that I use are... Am I having fun? and Am I making silver? My shimmy is a break-even ship at best, but it is my only remaining T10, so my silver levels don't drop. 44 other ships to choose from at the moment, and only have an hour our so to play most days, so specific ship skill is not my strong point. If the OP is grinding to a specific T10, then I would advise just buckling down and doing your best, or spending the free XP to jump. But you better have a plan on how to use the thing once you have it. T10 is not an auto-win button, even if some players make it look like that. :)
  10. Greetings all, Has it started to become a thing to report someone for killing you? Double strike on two reds that happened to be clan mates, with a third clan mate on their team. Two reports for what they called "misbehavior in chat". I typed nothing offensive or derogatory to them or about them, but they seemed to take any public communication as an excuse. Got a report on a 4 kill game just now, where I also smoked friendly BB and capped in standard, while saying nothing. Just asking if there are any repercussions for getting whatever reports they are using on me. Not worried about it, so much as curious as to what takes place, if anything, as reports are logged. The first example took me from 79 to 77, then I earned back to 80 in about 48 hours. Then lost another for no reason that I could fathom. It would be nice to know who reported me for what, when it happens, so that I may adjust . It is how I personally play the game. Help the team as much as possible, and get compliments. It's why my other stats suck so bad. My DDs tend to get exposed doing their duty. Thanks for your attention.
  11. Oh, I am aware that speed beyond a certain velocity matters not. :) It is the ability to position oneself and quickly accelerate after rudder changes that makes the difference. Also why I put the rudder upgrade on my ram-possible ships. My five Kongos can twist away from torp spreads then spear the Omaha that launched them.
  12. Speed flag, a ramming flag, and a ready repair and heal are my requirements. The ship rudder upgrade is also high on the list for a proper ramming-capable ship. IJN CAs and BBs have decent speed, agility and HP for this. The OP made the right choice for the tactical circumstance presented. Better to earn as much as possible before certain death.
  13. I would be fine with +1/-1 during high-traffic times. +2/-2 could still kick in when number of players per server drops. I know how to get WG on-board with same-tier MM.... Premium Only. You want to run same-tier guaranteed? You pay for each tick you are sitting in que. Make it 7v7 only, and turn 'em loose with Daddy's Visa card.
  14. Auxiliary Armaments Modification I -- +100% to secondary and AAA survivability. Any BB player that has good secondaries or AAA should have this, or just live with having everything peeled off your hull. As for the rest, I don't have a Conq so cannot reply from experience.
  15. IJN DDs are my favorite for stealthy torping and scouting. IJN CAs are Swiss Army Knives with good guns and torps, with low-to-moderate AA, and the higher tiers are very stealthy for a CA. IJN BBs will spoil you with their speed compared to other BBs, but are vulnerable to air attack. The new RN BBs have insane fire chance for their HE main rounds. That is all I have on those so far. Having a blast setting a dozen fires in the Iron Duke. The RN CLs have their own dot-o-smoke to hide in and snipe from. I have not gotten into the USN line much yet. Have a Farragut and it is fun. Over 8k battles and still no USN. Maybe I should get on that. The KM line has brawling BBs and some nice Cruisers. If you like getting up close and duking it out, then a KM BB is for you. Bismarck has 11.3 km secondaries. Bayern has 7.6 but will shred lower tier CLs. The Russians have speedy gunboat DDs and strange CL/CAs. All the pieces work, but I cannot seem to make them work well. That's just me though. Your mileage may vary. The French CLs are razor-thin and hard to hit. Fast and nimble, they can wiggle their way out of most scrapes. I have not gotten to the higher tier CAs yet. If you like getting into the battle and being part of the team, then IJN DDs. They are fast enough, stealthy(Yugumo 5.5km detect), and torpy. Their smoke has good deployment and duration to hide your team mates. The "gunboat" line is nice as well, but not quite up to USN or Russian standards. If you want a nice radar/gun CA someday, grind USN. As a DD captain, I LOATHE them. hehehe AA rating for both CAs and BBs gets insane the higher you go, so if you don't like planes, they are nice for that. KM BBs own the brawling titles. They are the opposite of a sniping BB. If you want to snipe, an RN Cruiser with smoke is nice. Find a spot, stop, smoke, let loose. Hope that helps.