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  1. The statistics or perceived value of this particular ship is not as relevant as the monetization path that WG has chosen. It is their company and their choice, and it has been working for them. By declining to monetize game environment upgrades, they must continue to provide a revenue stream through new ships. These new ships alter how earned tier ships are perceived, causing adjustments. So we get the progressive journey into ridiculous, by way of hilarious. P. T. Barnum - There is a sucker born every minute. Their development teams seem to be set up to do so, and they have a rhythm to the process. That kind of institutional foundation is not easy to alter. They can't imagine asking for 10-15 bucks from everyone for a major upgrade of maps and game types. They would rather get 80 from the small population that has an "add to cart" issue. :) Then they hear the screams from the tiered players. I am fine with that. I play for free, but would gladly pay for something other than "melee" style random battle. Won't ever buy a premium ship, but still get the occasional weekend pass. Don't play as much as I would like to for the in-game environment, but was tired of circles of buoys in Beta. :) I have spent more here than any game other than EVE, but they could have more from me with a different model. If I am not on premium time, I usually stay at T8 or under. As for the Stalingrad... every ship has its counter and can be caught in a bad place for that ship. It is still a work in progress. Think of it as an uber-Atago in its current iteration. Deadly but will have a glass jaw. If my Kurfurst can cit a Montana, then Stalingrad won't be that much of an issue. It will get its licks in early, then go down swinging when it gets gang-r@ped by the haters. We have seen this "meta" before. This has all happened before and it will happen again.
  2. Main guns listed as AA

    Thanks. Thought it was something like that.
  3. Main guns listed as AA

    Greetings all, Was wondering if someone could clear this up for me. I was window-shopping the Minotaur(still in Edi), and noticed her main guns listed under the AA tab as well as artillery. How does that work? Is it just a statistical boost? No effect, just words on a tab? Is there a button I have never heard of that will turn over mains to the AA logic/targeting? Is there a way to manually target aircraft with mains in some sort of AA mode? Inquiring minds want to know... Thanks for your attention, and may your rounds never fall short.
  4. Edinburgh, good or bad?

    Just got my Edi. After just a few games, I am leaning towards radar, instead of smoke. Same radar range as detect, so if you light up... they do too. Hydro comes on after, to see the inevitable inbound torp spread. The 10km torps and 9.0 detect are great. The number of launchers/torps per side is not. Damage-per-torp could use a boost for balance, since T8s see a lot of T10s. It is a stepping stone to Mino, but looks to be enjoyable, rather than a sprint through Free XP.
  5. I am unsure of this, but isn't there a score boost for damaging/killing up-tiers? If not, there should be a small one. Some ships can fight above their weight class easily(Bayern), but others can get squished fairly easily.
  6. Without a constantly updated digital game manual, these things will happen. I have trouble understanding why more new games do not provide any type of manual at all. A one-page "help" screen does not a manual make. Having to go into a wiki, or conduct a forum search is not a manual. That is using customers as unpaid labor. There are many gamers who do not search the internet or forums for game info, or look at the constant stream of "news". Deepwater torps and AP bombs are the tip of the iceberg of misunderstood game items. Don't expect it to get better as WG piles on more random nonsense in the pursuit of maximum number of ships.
  7. I like those too. :) Thigs can get dicey quickly using them though, so they are premium time-only kind of thing.
  8. If I were to chance upon this upgrade, it is doubtful that I would use it. I use 16km/67kt and 9.6km/72kt. The torp accel skill give the photon and quantum torpedoes I like, and my style includes the turn-away and -around to reload while the reds "lose" me. The darn thing costs enough to play as it is. I would not add torp-spam costs. The traverse hit is irrelevant for a DD player. One doesn't need a snap decision to launch torps, and the tubes should already be on the primary threat axis. This upgrade looks like a recipe for panic-induced teamkills. They won't bring my Kitakami back, but they make an ersatz one out of a DD.
  9. Worst Ranked Ever?

    I stopped at 10. I have T10 ships, but the rewards scale backwards as one progresses, and the salt increases. The reports flow like wine/whine. It is always fun at he lower ranks when the rewards are decent. I would suggest scaling rewards better, putting an irrevocable at Rank 5, and keeping the T10s out entirely.
  10. How long will it take?

    This. Jumped in my Shimakaze for first battle of the day... got in que... and GTFO as quickly as I could press the d@mn button. I could just see these games... 1-2 BB, 1-2 DD, 8-10 CL/CA. Maybe a CV to rub salt in the wound. Got in que at lower tiers... crickets. A wasteland. Getting into a cruiser myself seemed more than redundant. Especially now that I have ground my way to Des Moines, and realized I loathe USN CAs. hehehe Just not my cup of tea. No issue with seeing them or fighting them whatsoever. Keeping the Des of course, but the rest were gone before the split and have no intention of re-buying them. With over 50 ships in port already, only ships I play stay. While being aware that this tactic of constantly adding ships is a money faucet for WG, it gets old. I would rather play with the same toys in new ways, than use new toys in the same ways. Thanks for the responses folks, I appreciate it. Will check in a couple times a day to see how ridiculous it is. :)
  11. How long will it take?

    What is the average time for things to settle down after a change? 200 CAs in the que at mid/high tier. Wasteland in other areas. No thanks. I can wait. It's just a game. Will this take a week to work out? Longer?
  12. Kurfurst can cap while the DDs run flanks and scouting, until radar ships are detected/neutralized. I took a Yamato into the middle of epicenter and earned two karma, 10 dreadnaught flags and 10 fireproof flags for it. I try to time my DD runs between known radar activations.
  13. What is your Karma score right now

    86 earned fairly. Would be more, but crash-fest last year cost me big-time. Ranked after 10 is report city so I left. Last two karma points were earned in Yamato by taking the center of epicenter, and whomping targets on either side of my tiny island while secondaries shooed DDs away. Dreadnaught and fireproof earned the hard way. The rock caught just enough incoming to ensure my survival, without masking my guns. It is the only stat I care about really, as one can see by checking my others. LOL It shows a positive impact on the COMMUNITY, Too few game environments have that sense of common good. Akatsuki is a karma faucet. It has the right mix to help the team in noticeable ways. Run up, scout, torp, turn back and smoke, turn back and scout. Lather rinse repeat. Guns that can be tweaked up to deadly. Long enough to "take the bullet" effectively and save a BB from a torp spread. That US Secret Service move is a karma-getter. DDs tend to be easier to earn karma in. In a word... smoke. A DD that smokes himself, or doesn't bring any, is doing it wrong imho. How many points is a BB worth? How many is a DD worth? Which ship has the 15km detect, and which one has the 6km detect? No-brainer decision on who gets smoked. Making karma tends to lower other stats. One tends to give one's life to earn that little white number. :)
  14. IJN Captain Dilemma

    Greetings all, Was perusing my captains and noticed something that I thought the community could assist me with. Came into some doubloons and have enough silver to kick around that there are now options. I have a 19 point captain that is specc'ed for Amagi… but no Amagi atm. Not sure why I sold it beyond needing the cash at the time, and it was a bit of a fire hazard. He has been jumping back and forth from Atago to Takao and went un-noticed as the Elite Commander XP climbed. Both Yamato and Shimakaze already have 19 point captains. Could re-buy Zao and re-spec. Clan Wars be a-comin'. Could re-buy Shokaku(for the 3rd time) in hopes the re-vamp of CVs is something I can work with. I can easily max Shokaku; just not quite on the ball enough to micro it well. Could re-buy Amagi on sale right now. Already have and use everything from my five Kongos to Yamato. Except for the waddling tub of goo Izumo. :) Could zoom up the gunboat DD tree. Any suggestions on ship choice would be appreciated. Already a crowded sailing schedule, but wasting a 19-pointer is just not done. Thanks for your attention.
  15. The higher tier meta can be frustrating to some. One must remember the costs involved, as well as the dangers at that level. 250k silver for my Shimakaze to run. I rarely break even unless I am running premium time. Don't care, I still cap. I die a lot, but it is what it is. 85 karma so must be doing something right. My lower tier ships pay for my T10 habit. My Kurfurst must get within 11.6 km or is throwing half its reason for existence away. KMS RÖmperStÖmper cares not for "metas". I cap more in that BB than in DDs. Atago lives in a constant under-tier state so it is played like a fat DD. Faster than some USN DDs, and 9.1 detect makes it slim. You have to be prepared to pay for YOUR play style. Don't begrudge others' their choices. They have their reasons. I still have to force myself to use reverse, I despise that mechanic so much. hehehe Others have stated the dangers to different ship types at high tiers. Insta-deletion for a wrong choice. This is a valid issue. It comes down to experience and mini-map use. The "older" players "know" when to make their moves. Once all reds are seen and identified. Once most-relevant threats are engaged/neutralized. Once the charging taters have whittled the reds down a bit. A high-tier battle has a better chance of going the distance. Having caps IS important. Having them FIRST, not so much. Patience Padewan. Become cognizant of your surroundings. Pilots call it situational awareness. I call it pressing the + key until you cannot ignore the mini-map, and then paying attention. :) Find your moment and place. If you have to travel to another part of the map for a better match-up... do so. No one is tied to their spawning column. Timing really matters if there is a cyclone inbound. A high-tier game takes tea until it hits. Then radar and KM uber-hydro really rule. Take your places before it hits then make your run. Division up. Count on aggression being a silver-loser unless you have a full, balanced division. You luck out occasionally and get a random player who thinks alike, but that is rare. Shima/Des Moines/Kurfurst is a winning combo. It sees all, knows all, kills all. From smoke. Triple Des Moines for perma-radar is annoying as well. If you can't beat 'em, smash 'em. Adapt. We all have to in some form or another as the game evolves. I feel for you, but it is what it is. Hope for the future springs eternal in the gamer's breast... EDIT - Oh, and many losses can be attributed to early loss of critical ship type in that battle's MM.... yours. :) I am guilty, guilty, guilty so I know what I am speaking of. Karma would be well over 100 if not for early charges made foolishly.