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  1. BlueWaterWolf

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    It may be that the community is used to having the game play you, but there is a solution. Choices. You know, like other games give you? Choose a bot level of difficulty. Choose map. Choose battle type. Perhaps like the training room, but with small rewards.
  2. BlueWaterWolf

    Atago or Kidd???

    Atago all the way. I have had mine since long before heal. When maxxed, it has ridiculous stats. 9.1 detect. 10 km torps x 16. 37.4 knots with speed flag makes it 1/2 a knot slower than a boosted Mahan without a speed flag. durrr. 8 inch guns that whap with HE. With rudder upgrade is turns harder than some DDs. It's throttle response is very good. It has a citadel the size of two barn doors. If you get broadside, you will vaporize. Not sink... vaporize. It has cr@p AAA for its tier. Its AP is not really worth it except for certain situations, and is still a crapshoot. If a CV takes an interest, you are done. You have turn broadside to someone when under air attack, and that's the ball game. It rules island groups if it can get in unspotted. In open water, if you can her in front of a battle line you can lay 16 torps into them without ever being seen.
  3. BlueWaterWolf

    Thoughts on ranked

    Greetings all, Just got back and popped into ranked to start the new season. Got my two wins at rank 16 to go to 15. Seemed a little steep at T8 but whatever. 24 hours of premium and a pile of flags and goodies. Very nice. Won't touch another ranked battle though. T10 ranked makes people cranky. It just is what it is. I am sure the current set-up is due to customer feedback and community preference in the majority. Not my cup of tea. I have never lost more karma in my three years here than from ranked once it hits high tiers. Win or lose, good play or bad, someone gets pissed. I play to have fun. :) If the tiers climbed slowly with the ranks, and the rewards scaled up as well, then I would jump all over it. Save T10 for the last 5-7 ranks. Plenty of other things to do here, and I wish those who stick with it all the best of luck. May your rounds never fall short.
  4. BlueWaterWolf

    Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    I am confused, and would appreciate clarification. Why is there not some code inserted that prohibits the purchase of ships already owned? I think that it would be possible to sell the other aspects of any package separately for people who already own a particular ship. Would that not provide all aspects of all packages to everyone while negating the selling of ships for doubloons?
  5. BlueWaterWolf

    Should I Quit the Line

    I am somewhat biased towards IJN, as they are my primary line since beta. I have found that IJN DDs work very well when one "fills the hole". Boost the area in which they are weak. Like closing the shield hole in EVE. I am assuming a high-point captain... Turret traverse, BFT and AFT. Adrenaline Rush is a good one as well. Fix the guns and you will be happier. I have gunned down a wounded Des Moines in my Shima, while avoiding his return fire. He was rather upset. Lower-tier gunboats are no longer scary. They "know" you will try and run, and you no longer feel the need to do so. Torp acceleration does wonders for Shimakaze. That gives 16km/67kt, 9.6km/72kt and the quantum torps at 6.4km/81kts. A patient captain that waits for radars to burn can use those to great effect. Never charge in an IJN DD. I mean, I do it... but I die a lot. Shallow, angled approaches at first. Ride that sliver of detect advantage. Use the mini-map to guess where the enemy DD detect circle will pop up by using yours as a guide. You should not cap early in a contested cap while piloting an IJN DD. Unless you get a lucky blind torp into smoke, it gets too hairy too quickly. IJN DDs make excellent flankers. Once into the red team's backfield, it is a cornucopia of spotting, and after a spread comes into them from behind them, you can tie them in knots chasing you. Akatsuki is best of the line all-around IMHO. Great ship for the MM. Karma faucet. A 19 point captain makes it into a swiss army knife. Shimakaze is a silver-loser unless you are on premium and/or are better than I. (easy to do) LOL All the T10s are expensive to run though. Still fun though, especially for that first-win battle. My Akatsuki pays for my Shima habit. The smoke that high-tier IJN DDs carry is best used for the battle line, not yourself. High-tier requires closer proximity to friendlies anyway. Smoke gets your team out from behind the rocks as well. IJN requires a deft touch. You float at the edge of annihilation, but can lay waste to, and cause incredible confusion in, an entire flank with a good spread.
  6. KM BBs. Once you get to Bayern, they become a hoot. Set them up as brawlers and find a way to get into secondary range without becoming the star of the enemy show. IJN BBs. Kongo is speedy and agile, the rest get beefier as they go up the line. ALL cruisers are squishy against BBs. Keeping alive and making silver is the challenge. That is why you see a lot of rock-hiders. I like my IJN CAs. Mogami has detect less than torp range and carries 16 torps. IJN DDs run and torp from stealth. USN DDs sit in wads of perma-smoke and fire guns. RN CLs sit in smoke and plink with teeny AP rounds. They are our version of gnats or mosquitoes. They just won't go away and keep swarming you until you get away. Your enjoyment in any particular ship will be determined by how much you put into the ship and captain. Any ship with a 5 point captain will feel less than adequate. Put a 17-19 pointer in, and things change. Any ship that has less than a 10-pointer is not going to feel "right". Ship upgrades, upgraded consumables, camos and signals can ALL have a serious effect on ship effectiveness. Never sail stock. That is for the unwashed peasantry. :) Coming into a mature gaming environment and community with so few battles will be an uphill grind. Plenty of low-tier captains have thousands of battles under their belts, and high-end captains in their favorite low-tier ships. When you feel that you are having difficulties you should ask yourself... "Is it the car, or is it the driver?" :)
  7. The statistics or perceived value of this particular ship is not as relevant as the monetization path that WG has chosen. It is their company and their choice, and it has been working for them. By declining to monetize game environment upgrades, they must continue to provide a revenue stream through new ships. These new ships alter how earned tier ships are perceived, causing adjustments. So we get the progressive journey into ridiculous, by way of hilarious. P. T. Barnum - There is a sucker born every minute. Their development teams seem to be set up to do so, and they have a rhythm to the process. That kind of institutional foundation is not easy to alter. They can't imagine asking for 10-15 bucks from everyone for a major upgrade of maps and game types. They would rather get 80 from the small population that has an "add to cart" issue. :) Then they hear the screams from the tiered players. I am fine with that. I play for free, but would gladly pay for something other than "melee" style random battle. Won't ever buy a premium ship, but still get the occasional weekend pass. Don't play as much as I would like to for the in-game environment, but was tired of circles of buoys in Beta. :) I have spent more here than any game other than EVE, but they could have more from me with a different model. If I am not on premium time, I usually stay at T8 or under. As for the Stalingrad... every ship has its counter and can be caught in a bad place for that ship. It is still a work in progress. Think of it as an uber-Atago in its current iteration. Deadly but will have a glass jaw. If my Kurfurst can cit a Montana, then Stalingrad won't be that much of an issue. It will get its licks in early, then go down swinging when it gets gang-r@ped by the haters. We have seen this "meta" before. This has all happened before and it will happen again.