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  1. Why do we have 7 myokos in game?

    I have five (4x ARP)Myokos, five Kongos(same), and the ARP Takao. Add in the Atago, and that makes 10 ships that I can freely move any IJN captain into and back out of. Massive training academy. More than enough for me.
  2. I am in the minority here. Modding games is fine in my opinion... for non-PVP play. No mods, beyond appearance-only changes, should be used in any PvP environment. They can, and frequently do, put both new and casual players at a distinct disadvantage. A player that does not have the time or inclination to search for mods should not be put in a position like that. Paying customers can be and most likely are driven away early from games for just this reason. Dedicated, experienced free players use every tweak they can dig up or make. Those who wish to casually enjoy a game they pay for should be on the same playing field as everyone else. No more or less. A developer would be best served by adding the best community-made mods into their base product. WoWs gets updated regularly. There is no earthly reason that I can see why every "legal" mod should not be automatically available to everyone all the time. Nothing else allowed in competitive play games. A screen with a list of options with checkboxes. ----- The adjustment that started this thread should be illegal for online play in my opinion. It shades over the grey area from tool to exploit. Whether or not it is useful is irrelevant. It clearly attempts to negate/enhance game mechanics that are built into the game. Any adjustment that attempts to in any way defeat or neutralize spotting code should be illegal, or available to all in the base product. I run vanilla everything. The only mods I have ever used in any game are cosmetic only. The frustration felt knowing that certain deaths were caused by my choice is more than offset by the thrill when I get "clean" kills. That is just me, and I expect no one else to share that opinion. I am all for all games to be totally encrypted. No one gets in. Make your own game if you are that dedicated to changing someone else's. :) Also a known minority opinion, so save the torches and pitchforks. :) As long as mods exist, there will be these grey areas. They should be discussed rationally.
  3. I noticed a few patches ago that BBs started going up, and CAs seemed to be popping more often. Detonating a BB with a single torpedo is nice and all, but seems a little hurty to the BB captain. Four is harsh though. A rash of flag super-containers put anti-det flags on all my DDs long ago. Still have over 80 left from Christmas before last. I mean like well over 250 to start with infusions along the way. Has been my fate to get those flags in my super-containers.
  4. Manual Secondaries for each side of the ship

    In the interests of compromise, here is an idea. Not that it will be implemented, but still... The non-selected side experiences a 20-30% decrease in stock rate of fire and possibly a 5-10% decrease in range. Keep standard dispersion. There. Now the off-side will still fire, but not be OP. Feel free to plug in any numbers that may work better.
  5. Manual Secondaries for each side of the ship

    That skill is for people who wish to play a certain way. If you like double-sided brawling(and I do), then that particular skill is not for you. Those who may get the most out of it have the map experience and know just where they wish to be. Usually with an island hard up against one side.
  6. How do you counter radar in a DD?

    While radar is a challenge to DD captains., it is not always a game killer. I feel the OP's pain and have had similar feelings. The above suggestions are all valid. Know the enemy radar ranges and durations. Pop smoke at the edge of their range, then run. They will see the smoke and burn a radar. Put your stern to the enemy when capping and be ready to bolt. Then wiggle for all you're worth if spotted. Do not rush caps early. Play the long game and see where the radar ships are. You have 20 minutes and caps can be taken back. Let them have it early and take it from them. Your radar ships may kill them for rushing. Throw blind torps into caps while they are being capped, and hope it drives the red away. Play in a division with your own radar ship team mate. Get a Shimakaze. :) With Torpedo Acceleration skill, the long range torps run 16 km at 67 kt. That is farther than any radar range. That was my personal answer to radar. If you think radar-equipped cruisers are bad, then you have not yet met a Z-52 DD-hunting DD, and its eternal hydro. Those things are death on the hoof, and just as fast as you are. Almost impossible to shake once one is on you. One cannot use a low-tier approach in high-tier games. It is a different world and the stakes are higher. Play slower and use the mini-map. Communicate with the bundle of strangers that is your "team". Let them know you will cap once they spot/destroy the radar ships. First to the cap is first to be hit with radar. If you look at the behavior of the other DDs on your teams, you will see the high-tier meta in action. DDs no longer rush headlong into caps. They will patrol back near the cruisers, staying out until intel is available. Trying to find the sweet spot between useless and dead by radar is your newest challenge.
  7. Midway Change Changes Nothing.

    If WG were to implement a temporary test of an opt-out switch for CV battles, we would see just how popular they are in their current configuration. Let the community show their thoughts in a nice sampling of data. Sold my Shokaku... twice. Had to try again a year later, and probably will try again in the future.
  8. High Tier Camping Snooze Fest

    In my T10 experience it is the presence of radar that "slows" the game down to other's perspective. DDs cannot just go in and cap, until the radar ships are located. This does lead to the more aggressive team getting an early cap advantage, but can lead to early DD death toll. My Shimmy costs a quarter mil a battle to run, and I am not throwing it away to be "first" to cap. High-tier games have their own ebb and flow and can run down to the wire when played well.
  9. first solo warrior

    Congrats! Hard to pull off. My pre-nerf Minekaze got mine.
  10. Been around on and off since the day my Yubari got me in the door. Did my 1500+ in Beta to get the goodies. Take long breaks myself. It is getting better all the time, but the circles of buoys are still here. :) The baby seals have grown up, and clubbing isn't as easy as it used to be.
  11. Another crate bragging thread

    Congrats! That is quite the haul. Worth it if you have it. I was going to give up after a couple meh 5x box sets of the $3 boxes. Broke down and bought another 5 just now. 1k gold, Camos, Signals, Kamikaze, Okhotnik. SCORE. :) I missed my pre-nerf Minekaze so much, and now my seal-clubber has returned in another iteration. Took it out and slayed on the first run. Like coming home. The RUS DD looks like its own sort of beast.
  12. A New Experience

    Greetings all, Just got out of a game that presented me with a unique experience. The entire team experienced a major lag spike... then both me and my ship got tossed out of the game. Middle of a battle and all is going well in every other respect. That has never happened before. I have been crashed out before, and last year I had a spate of crash-to-desktops. However, I have never gotten my ship back before the end of a battle. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  13. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    24/48 hour lock-out between clans, with increasing time for repetition. Not foolproof by any means, but makes for more effort for those who would exploit.
  14. I am leaning towards this position in regards to CVs in general. Size of squadrons, differences in load-outs, and per-tier capabilities could use a re-format. The current AP bombs/deep water torps controversies are symptoms of a larger issue. It is not so much the trees, but the forest that needs attention.
  15. Farming salt one radar at a time

    Salty tears make a winner's martini taste much smoother.