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  1. dreadway2

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    It is the most exciting of the announcements I have seen this year. Make more severe punishments for scammers.
  2. okay, what's the problem? oh it work :D
  3. that sound make sense.but it doesn't work. maybe we seem to have to wait until Halloween.
  4. I thought we had some answers, but THEURLGUY felt like kicking it. The puzzle this year seems to be more difficult than last year. sigh
  5. oh you're right.I could not see correctly because I was worried about the characters that seemed irrelevant all day long. I need a break time..
  6. We need to reconsider what TheURLguy said. he said the NA and EU's answer will be 6 texts. So, F34RTHM4CH1h3d33p is not correct. F34RTH/M4CH1/h3d33p It is 5 texts in EU's. that can make sense and correct meaning, but I don't think that will not real working code.
  7. I did not even think about it oh haha
  8. i found it other word EU homepage halloween banner in NA homepage cartoon