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  1. Canuck EH

    If you have tier 8 and up, maybe you should consider the main group Canuk , Canuk EH is our training group. We are actively looking for players wanting to learn the game and progress to our main group, or just stay in Canuk EH and enjoy the more relaxed play style and stay in Canuk EH.

    We are still actively looking for players tier 8 and up, must also be 20+ years of age and MATURE.
  3. Shame on this french event

    I agree totally with the OP, well stated +1 to you.

    we already have a " training group " called Canuk EH , maybe U can merge with them.

    Want to join a great clan? Have tier8 and up ships? apply Canuk, under tier 8 apply Canuk EH
  6. Canuck EH

    We are a new group , sort of , we are affiliated with Canuck Fleet , we will be for the newer players of WoWS, under tier 8 . Same rules apply , must be over 20 years of age . We hope that most players use Discord for learning from our experienced players in this group. Once U have reached tier 8 U can join the Canuck group that is clan battle ready. Apply in game , search Canuk-A

    We only have a few spots left, apply in the game please.

    apply in game we still have some spots left.........7 to be exact
  9. Dunkurque Special Misson's ?

    yes I found that out,U are correct yes it was I got suckered yup I did, now I am sorry I did.
  10. Dunkurque Special Misson's ?

    yes it is not much, got sucked into that one, will not do that again.
  11. I received an in game notification to an upgrade to this ship, but nothing new showed up in the game ? rip off of some type?
  12. tier 8 MM unplayable!!!11!

    T8's are just food for the tier 10's......plain and simple, WG probably made it this way so the whiney T9's and 10's would stop crying. I agree OP, tier 8 MM is screwed.
  13. What would YOU change in WoW's?

    I agree totally , this should be implemented
  14. I have done the repair function, this game crash's after 2 to 3 battle's almost ALL the time with a critical error message......................I would say it is a stability issue, I have 12GB of ram a Nvidea geforce GTX 650 with 2 GB and have run the compatability scan, my commputer is well above what this game calls for and in my clan there are several of us with the same issue.