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  1. captgeo001


    We are still looking for laid back players that also like to do Clan Battles.
  2. captgeo001


    Hello all, we are a fleet of experienced and new players that are looking for mature 20 + year old's ( we have a group in AW , WT and here at WoWS ). No we are NOT all Canadian. We are a North American clan, most are on Central time zone but we are getting player's from coast to coast. We are looking for all players of all tiers. Our Goal is to have FUN first, Clan Battles is also FUN first then competitive play next . We have Discord and we ask that it be MANDATORY. Why join a group if you do not want to socialize???? Note, my friend set the acct up, so being a "Brit" he spelled CANUCK wrong, please use the original spelling that he used ( without the C before the K ), LOL P M me if there are any questions