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    Dailies and Low Tier COOP ONLY

    One possible solution to any seal-clubbing (didn't the OP suggest Co-op only, though?), would to "cap the captains" per tier: to run any low-tier mission matches outside of those early Five Epochs of the Navy and Science of Victory campaigns: tier 1 matches: captains capped at 3 points, or no more than one level 2 skill (seriously, you don't need more than 1 or 2 skills at tier 1) tier 2, 6 points, or no more than one level 3 skill ( OR as many level 1 and 2 skills as 6 points will buy is OK) tier 3, 9 points, or no more than one level 3 skill (OR as many level 1 and 2 skills as 9 points will buy is OK) tier 4, 10 points, or no more than one level 4 skill (OR as many level 1, 2, and 3 skills as 10 points will buy is OK). This would be for (daily?) missions only, again to prevent new players from already being put into matches with "slummers" running high-point captains at low tiers: there's currently no cap at all, correct? On that note: the Pacific War missions allowed tier 4s, which proved perfectly capable even without needing high-point captains in the hands of the most experienced players (why they were slumming Pacific War in tier 4 is anyone's guess, but there ARE those early Five Epochs of the Navy and Science of Victory campaigns to run, and some of those even require tier 4s, so...). Since the tier 4s were mostly fine for it, I'd suggest to just allow tier 4 to do the regular combat missions anyway, but that's my opinion.... Without an adequate justification, really there's no reason otherwise to even waste $$$ on below-tier-5 premium ships at all.
  2. JUST a fraction over 30K (but not 31K) several minutes before the EU streamers "surrendered" the official channel to Maredraco and Madamosail (and eventually Karmatika showed up). No offense personally to the NA CCs, but the numbers plummeted to between 8K and 9K within about 10 minutes after the EU CCs were finished.
  3. SomethingDownThere

    upcoming 6 Years of World of Warships anniversary collection crates

    CAPS BACK? SNAP, I got some people to tell... thanks for finding that out. Sure, his voice is the epitome of a drunken sailor, but that's the comedy of it. I actually liked the informative skits that went with each piece of the collection.
  4. So I'm looking at the September launch dates calendar,.... and I was thinking back to the World of Tanks flash sales, specific vehicle available for a brief limited time. Couldn't World of Warships introduce something similar? On each of the ships in game's official launch date (or commissioning or whichever), why not consider that date, that ship is put on a 24-hour flash sale event (the date being based on the player's server, not a centralized global time window centered on euro central time, so better to accommodate more players' "awake hours") ? The conversion rate from doubloons to credits is already known, so setting a fair price for progression ships in doubloons would not be difficult. Again though, this would be a reasonably-discounted 24-hour flash sale for each specific ship on its anniversary launch date. What needs to be avoided though, is WoT's tendency to "over-bundle" a bunch of extra stuff with the vehicle, making it cost more than it does normally cost any other day: the idea is to attract more players into buying, WITHOUT using inflated gimmicks. At most, tack on a few days' premium time. But the idea is, for that ONE day, put the ship on special sale price. Every so many months, we get a ship discount coupon for around 25% off, so there's a good starting point, perhaps adjusted based on the ship's tier and desirability (how badly do how many players mention throughout the year they want that ship?). We don't want to insult players away from it altogether and only make it like a 5% discount. Make it worthwhile, again, as only a 24-hour flash sale. No gimmicks needed. No loot crates needed. At most, there would be three offers, if we even needed that at all: 1) the base ship (obviously the progression ship would be stock) plus port slot. This should be the absolute sale price (premium ships discounted as such cannot stack with the ship coupon). Perhaps offer it at that coupon-discounted price of 25% discount (progression ship prices potentially could be discount-stacked if your clan has the shipyard built for bonus discounts on researchable ships). 2) the ship, and 3 or 7 days premium time, plus port slot. This should NOT exceed beyond a 10% discount price, so as to make it worthwhile to a player (example: a 5000 doubloon ship should NOT cost most more than 4500 doubloons in this sale with the premium time included. And again, premium ships cannot stack with the ship coupon, but progression ships could stack with the shipyard bonus discount). 3) the ship, 3 or 7 days time, and a 6- or 10-point commander, plus port slot. At a maximum, since it's the ship's anniversary launch date, for a 24-hour period this should be, or not exceed, the regular ship-only price. If the ship normally sells with a 3- or 6-point captain, it would sell with a 10 point captain. If it normally sells with a 10-point captain, for the 24 hour period it would sell with 7 days premium time at no extra cost. Again, premium ships cannot stack with the ship coupon, but progression ships could stack with the shipyard bonus discount). Obviously, these would be packages for doubloons from the in game Armory, or cash prices direct from the WoWs store page, even though many of these ARE progression ships: the extra levels captain, premium time, and port slot, and opportunity to "jump ahead" in the progression tree, would be the justifying factor paying doubloons or cash for a progression ship. What are the community's thoughts? There would be no loot crates involved, you just have to catch the ship in its 24-hour flash sale window.
  5. SomethingDownThere

    upcoming 6 Years of World of Warships anniversary collection crates

    Hmm..... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Collections Needs updated/corrected, whoever is responsible for it: This Always Courageous collection IS still available: in the in game Armory, they can be acquired for doubloons or coal . So maybe when this page was last updated, the Always Courageous was gone, for the time being. But they ARE available now. The only pity is, the "Bad Advice: Behind the Scenes" ( aka THERISEOFCAP code) isn't valid anymore if you didn't activate the code before it expired (it can still be collected if you activated it), so new players can't get that one. Pity because, the anecdotes and video clips are both informative and humorous. It's too bad it's not made a permanent collection, especially available to new players. And once you get Cap (and Fish, in his little bowl) he's a 10-point captain.
  6. OK, so surely by now a lot us who've been here for some time, have completed the 2Years of World of Warships, and 3 Years of World of Warships, collections. Now we're seeing advertisement for the 6 Years collection. Were there ever a 4 Years and 5 Years collection, that just isn't available anywhere, or were these skipped over, whether out of forgetfulness, lack of importance... (or lack of anything worth mentioning in celebration for those years? ) ?
  7. SomethingDownThere

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    Speaking of... ORP Piorun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Piorun_(G65) Yeah, historically it was laid down as a British N-class destroyer (ex-HMS Nerissa), but nevertheless was commissioned over to the Poles, and took part in the Hunt for Bismarck (its crest can be seen in that game collection if you've completed it). As such, with its historical significance, shouldn't it be part of the game? It's easily tier 5 material: 3 triple 120mm guns, miscellaneous AA (light, so pushing it past tier 5 would be tricky), and a quint torpedo tube (5 round salvo). Looking at other tier 5 DDs, the 3 twin 120mm turrets give it heavier gunpower than ships with 4 or 5 singles common of that tier, but that's compensated by its single quintuple torpedo tube (the 2nd set was removed and the space converted for additional AA). It's borderline between a heavy destroyer and light cruiser with that armament. But on its historic significance alone, and the fact it's listed in WoWs' own Hunt for Bismarck collection, it would be nice if those were the ships we were seeing being added (there's a handful of others in that collection not in game, either: they want "filler material" for loot crate ships, all those various collections mentioning ships that the game doesn't have, might not be a bad addition. Granted, most are midtier stuff... but it might get more casual players like myself to invest more in the game. I prefer the genuine historic stuff, not gimmicks like franchise-based skins.
  8. SomethingDownThere

    Problems with mutiple accounts

    Some players in my battalion who share computers with family had similar problem, and someone got the different Support answers and sent them out across clan in email in case the rest of us had same problem... Solution 1) Thank you for contacting Player Support. Try logging in to the game in safe mode (without using the game client modifications). If the issue persists, please send us a report of the WGCheck program - WoWS_report.wgc (as a verified client, indicate World of Warships): https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/22989/ [ Safe mode log in is accessed through the drop down tab on the PLAY button from the launcher] Solution 2) Hello, Commander.Thank you for contacting customer service. I appreciate time and effort that you spent for creating ticket regarding this matter.In this case, please, try clearing the cache of your in-game browser: go to the World_of_Warships\profile\cef_cache folder and clear all its contents;After that, re-launch the game client and check if the issue persists. If it does, we'll need a couple of screenshots of your Port/Armory and a WGCheck report. Instruction how to create this file you can find in the following article: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/22989/Should you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us.Best regards, [ there is a LOT of stuff in cef-cache folder, but Support directed to do that as trouble shooting, apparently it works; anything important in there repopulates when you log back in. General rule of thumb: explain as concise as possible so Support knows what to work with in getting back with a possible solution... ]
  9. Get rid of base XP missions. Worst grinds ever.
  10. SomethingDownThere

    U.S. Coast Guard Premium Ship Proposal

    I'd be up for that: cutters, sloops, corvettes, destroyer escorts, and specific missions tailored to those classes.... WG needs to recognize: no matter how much pressure to climb the ranks, or advertising on the backs of someone else's franchise, or fantasy class ships they add, we're not all buying it. We're not all interested in that stuff, especially when a game starts to feel too much like a second or third job. Casuals don't want pressure, we want fun. Forced, time-limited grindfests are not a definition of "fun" for all of us. Yeah, we get it: WG wants everybody to buy the big expensive ships and bundles. But casuals just aren't going to commit that level of time and $$$ when the same amount of money can buy someone else's entire game complete with season passes. Maybe just to see how much interest it attracts from the community, create some kind of PTS with these lighter ships doing specific missions suited to their capability range (some people hate escort missions, some don't mind them depending on the complexity, requirements, and difficulty), but without being exposed to and getting slaughtered by bigger vessels. Sub hunts. Escort/protect the convoy... I'm sure getting creative with this class of ships wouldn't be difficult. (almost gets into torpedo boat category... that could be a mission for cutters and DEs: protect a convoy from PTs and E boats and hunt them down. That's almost a "World of Warships Lite"....) Speaking of, I'll see your USCG Cutters, and raise you the USS Slater, last surviving USN destroyer escort. https://ussslater.org/
  11. SomethingDownThere

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Dutch Cruiser De Ruyter

    Some of the other guys in the clan grabbed this ship, but I haven't yet because just haven't had adequate game time lately. Two things they said were most questionable about it: 1) it's a premium ship, but apparently has upgrade modules for free, but you can't sell back the stock modules....? Not a lot of sense there. 2) It's a tier IV, so once you've completed some of those Science of Victory Campaign missions (some are tier-limited II-IV, others CAN use tier IV) and a handful of the Five Epochs Campaign missions that can use any tier IV..... there's not a lot of reason for this ship: as was mentioned above, you need at a minimum a tier V for all the regular combat missions to get rewards. So unless WG plans on dropping regular combat mission rewards down to include tier 4s (or if they wanted to get inventive, they could include these exclusive tier IV Prime ships only in the pool for combat missions, but not tech tree ones... if they'd include tier 4 premiums in that list also, more of those might get purchased.....), ....well, there just doesn't seem a ton of sense in getting a free tier 4 ship, exclusive or not, other than potentially for a future vacant port slot and handful of credits after it's served its usefulness.... Might grab it, might not. Already have Prime for important stuff. Free WG perks can't hurt. I understand there's also a lady ninja (shinobi?) commander for World of Tanks in that Prime gaming also? I haven't played that in ages.
  12. putting 4 x 8" gun turrets that high, they would have to be extremely thinly protected, or the ship is going to need a LOT of extra ballast in the bottom (common practice today with double hulled ships). It would require a lot of balancing down inside the hull, because of all the weight on the starboard side (island and turrets). Adoption of angled flight deck and its supporting port side "sponson bulge" ... not exactly sure what they call it... ) could partially offset that,... but that wasn't under consideration yet for your timeframe. Plus the blast of 8" cannon fire over the deck will interfere with aircraft handling at the same time (obviously no landings/recovery if you are needing to engage the main guns across the deck... At most, 6" guns. Have to factor in, where is the shell magazine and powder room in relation to the rest of the ship's operation areas required for a carrier, and then you have to "snake" all that ammunition handling equipment thru the available internal area.... You would have a ship with cruiser armament, unable to go toe-to-toe with other cruisers or destroyer flotillas because the flight ops would interfere during "gunfighting" too much, and when the ship was primarily engaged in proper air operations, the 4x 8" turrets would be occupying much needed deck space. Carrier gunnery is best left to defensive armament. If you want an "assault carrier" concept, perhaps instead a US Ise with the (Brooklyn?) three triple 155 turrets on the front (or even Alaska-sized with 2x triple 12") and use the ship as support for amphibious landings.... A lot of similiar musings here: http://www.combinedfleet.com/furashita/gfintr_f.htm While the idea of mixing missions sounds appealing, sometimes we are best served by keeping specialization (large cruiser kept as separate from carrier).
  13. SomethingDownThere

    Godzilla and Kong

    ...Some of this might explain why I can't offload this lame new-player-accouints-only Godzilla/Kong commander pack, one more useless code from a weekend streamer that turned out to be another Lootboy joke instead of a code for established accounts. These streamers are getting cheap. Almost anyone can roll a new-accounts-only code on Lootboy, but they don't us any good if we already HAVE an account.
  14. That's dedication to a game right there. Maybe I spend $600 on all games in total for the whole year. But just one month? Maybe one day the developers will privately voice their "gratitude" to each of the whales that helps float their game.
  15. SomethingDownThere

    No 2021 Working Invite/New player codes NA?!

    If this thread is still visited and anyone's looking for new account codes... So a few of those streamers for that King of the Seas event the past few weekends, gave out codes. I was expected cool stuff, some I got, but some clowns (I'll refrain from bad-pressing them) gave me codes that were Lootboy links for new accounts. I don't want the hassle of another account. But if somebody's looking for a new account code, I've got code/link for: -one for a tier 2 Emden cruiser and 2,000,000 credits -one for a tier 3 St Louis cruiser and 1,000,000 credits -one for a tier 3 Nassau battleship, 500 doubloons, and 2,000,000 credits -one for a tier 3 Konig Albert battleship, 1000 doubloons and 7 days premium I had words with the one streamer about it, "Well that's what they gave me..." told him it was a d*ck move really. I have no use for any of them, not even sure they'll even work, but if anybody wants one or two or all of them, I'll send you the links if you message me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Codes all taken, good luck folks.