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  1. IKU19

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Yubari

    You can fire without getting spotted with the camo and AFT, even more so with the L5 concelmeant skill. Her artillery adds exactly 4.2 km to her surface detection, meaning her artillery detection becomes roughly 14.1~12.9km, however in the tiers she is in most ships will be within 14km, and destroyers are always around. I wonder how she'll behave once the commander skill rebalance lands in 0.5.2. Source: data mining. Fun trivia: her citadel is large for the same reason Atago's citadel is large, the midship torpedoes. Personal opinion: She should have slightly stronger AA, seeing her main purpose. Her artillery arc might be great for firing from behind islands though. Stats indicate she's a good ambushing ship with <9km concealment, midship torpedoes, and the arc. P.S. BTW How did you get to see the hitboxes anyway?
  2. Did I ever tell you that I would really enjoy it if I had Kitakami in my port?