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  1. Shyber1969

    Update 0.9.9 - Bug Reports

    I’m getting the same stuttering or seems like packet loss off and on. I’ve tried all different graphics settings and even on low setting it’s doing a packet loss off and on during game play. It effects the performance of gameplay. Before this patch I didn’t have any issues and my setting are normally on high with 70+FPS. something is definitely not right since the release of 9.9
  2. Shyber1969

    Can't log in to WOWs

    Still non-responsive. Reminds of some female I used to know
  3. Shyber1969

    Is the Puerto Rico worth getting?

    Question: I'm traveling from Dec 26th thru Jan 5th, am I out of luck in building this ship in time or will the next couple weeks be enough time to complete this ship building?
  4. Shyber1969

    Premium Ship Review: Graf Spee & HSF Graf Spee

    I love this Ship!