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  1. Pyrrhuloxia

    Worst Defeat Ever

    From BFK point of view. Enjoy me eating torps like a dog. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1058219561?t=02h20m29s My damage from that game.
  2. ALLL HAIL RHULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Pyrrhuloxia

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

  4. Pyrrhuloxia

    "Pelt collecting" needs to stop

    No thank you. I will continue to throw games to kill CVs. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk POGGERS
  5. Pyrrhuloxia

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    And why do the girls always look 12
  6. Pyrrhuloxia

    Competitive without CV featuring the Gaishu cup

    There was a tie. What more needs to be said.
  7. Pyrrhuloxia

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    Rip old launcher