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  1. Cruiser_Augusta

    Sawfish is Recruiting!

    And for any eagles out there, I'm pulling for you.
  2. Cruiser_Augusta

    Calling all Aggies!

    Howdy, Ags. I'm afraid I'm committed already but it's nice to see Aggieland on the seas. Beat the hell out of recruiting.
  3. Cruiser_Augusta


    Now hear this. TSK has been rechristened SWFSH. We are still welcoming gallant captains. Please check the new recruiting thread.
  4. Good hunting, captains.  

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan
    2. Cruiser_Augusta


      That you, Texas?

    3. Cruiser_SanJuan


      I live in Texas, but I've been Cruiser_SanJuan since early 2016

  5. Cruiser_Augusta


    There's no such thing as dry heat on the high seas. I hope y'all are finding ways to beat the heat and have fun this summer. I've been cruising Pensacola and New Orleans as well as selling fish with Fletcher. Feel free to give a wave and blast of the horn if we cross paths on the waves. Good hunting.
  6. Did anyone else have difficulty getting a victory during the 3x Christmas special? I'm aware that for every time I lost someone else won, but I was stuck in an unusually long losing streak despite playing well most of my games.

  7. *Opens feed* Do people even use these here?