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    Yahagi question

    I have purchased Yahagi - and do find it disappointing. Yes, the shells float - but their velocity is good at 850 m/s. For some strange reason it seems that beyond 12.5km landing a hit becomes questionable. So the Aiming Systems Module 0 Upgrade has a valid point. However, considering the torpedo load out giving the Torpedo Reload Booster instead of Speed Boost consumable may be the better option - especially considering the 2, yes TWO minute reload time for the torpedo launchers - which is even greater time found on even the Myoko or Mogami. The torpedo booster would still be risk/reward - but keep it in the "theme" as a torpedo cruiser... OR The Yahagi can keep its stats, but change the torpedo reload time to 60 seconds. It keeps all of its vulnerabilities, but now at least can somewhat act as a torpedo cruiser.