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  1. I have given up asking for radars to be focused in the game, mainly due to the large amount of poor performing BB players we now have at high tiers, they're flat out hitting a BB at 15 km let alone a CA at 12 or a DD at 8. (there is the exception that we have some awesome BB players at high tiers, and they do their best to shoot anything that will help their team) If they cannot be bothered to shoot them I leave them and move elsewhere on the map, it is the same when you do get spotted and you get 7 people shooting at you, but when you spot their DD to many times you see the shells flying over head to a BB 20 km away, fine I say, that DD now has the right to push into your lines as I drive off. I can farm damage in my Harugamo just fine, I will cap when I feel Like it, and I will spot when its convenient, and when I see a BB screaming for support because a shima is near him, I just reply I would like to head over there but there's a radar ship, hell half the time I end up shooting the radar ships myself. If your playing a teir 10 BB with over 100 games and you have less than 80k average damage, you should seriously go and learn how to aim, and I find it quite sad that a DD has a higher average damage amount than all the BB on your team. But as I said, I do not care if you focus the radars anymore, I simply will not do what you expect me to do.
  2. Then I guess it is working as intended, people get sick and tired of having afkers on their team, and this was introduced, so your now in co op, on one hand I guess you will be stuck there if you continually drop out, on the other hand, teams in randoms wont have to put up with you being afk, so from where I am looking, job well done WG
  3. CriMiNaL__

    "You're playing to win" - Overload. Rant.

    I do not grind anymore, I do not attempt to complete any of the missions, if they do happen to complete then yay me, now I like to use whatever my favourite ship is at the time and play it over and over, some might get board with doing this but there's certain ships I just like to play, so forget the grind and find a ship you really enjoy playing and play it
  4. CriMiNaL__

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    You can also be given the poison. ^^ look I said poi
  5. CriMiNaL__

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Lord_Zathin a match on islands of ice, interesting match, and it was a win I also saw @Fodder4Ubut was a bad game for me as I died instantly
  6. CriMiNaL__

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    While @Nordlaender, is quite amusing with his retorts, and maybe people took his rantings to personal, a quick look at this persons stats will reflect on why they are in a permanent bad mood whilst playing this game, here is the link http://www.wowstats.org/stats/na/nordlaender/ With so little battles, and no experience what so ever, seeing a DD yolo rush them while they're in a BB and die to it can be frustrating, and from the looks of it, it must happen a lot, and looking at his DD stats I would say he has not been able to reproduce what has happened to him. I would suggest this video for them to watch. Try not to be one @Nordlaender.
  7. CriMiNaL__

    How to support DD

    With an over shoulder boulder holder
  8. CriMiNaL__

    Leaves Bad Taste In My Mouth

    From the title I was expecting something along the lines of some zucchini and a prostitute, maybe some dust off your monitor.
  9. CriMiNaL__

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Thinking about this some more, I would be more than happy removing the torps from the harugamo, so long as they put 1 or 2 more turrets in its place, preferably 2 with some tweaking.
  10. CriMiNaL__

    Solo Warrior Time

    Well I managed to do it again, it was a hard match but lucky for me someone died just before I capped them out, now some will say blah blah, solo this, solo that, their chat was rather, how would you say it, highly annoyed, but regardless of the solo warrior it was a good match in the yugumo, the solo warrior was a bonus when I saw it pop up.
  11. Thats fine, and then that dumb BB player eats torps because they were to busy revenging than supporting, I get it, this is why I dont bother with caps till I want to
  12. CriMiNaL__

    Potato it is!

    The biggest issue I see with the forums is that people will rant and somewhere in there is a question, so most don't finish the post you wrote, when someone writes, "I am having an issue and need help explaining why", or can I get some help from someone, or any other form of asking without the rant, then you would get the response from those better players because they see its genuine, with no complaining attached to it. I would like some suggestions as I do not know if its me or the game, I was in my baltimore with my radar active and there was a yammy on the other side of an island 5-6 km away, but it never got detected, has anyone else found this happening? I don't seem to be getting the damage per number of shells using my (insert ship here) as you can see on the screen shot, any help would be appreciated. TIA = thanks in advance basically no rant, no complaint, and you will find you will get asked for more information and those that want to be snarky will show themselves to be [edited]
  13. I often ask for people to focus the radar ships if seen or if they have shots on it, but alas they would rather shoot their counterpart BB to farm damage, I see what your asking and those that understand will often shoot at a dd or the CA's, but the best thing is to look at your mini map and see if your team is moving up to support, and if they are not, change how you are going to approach a cap, if not avoid capping completely for the very start of the game, as your no use to anyone especially yourself if your dead in the first 3 minutes.
  14. CriMiNaL__

    Potato it is!

    According to the initial start of your post you are inviting these responses, now with your last post you seem upset by people doing what you asked. There's an old saying "Be careful what you wish for"
  15. CriMiNaL__

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    Well mate its to the point, you put in a post saying a ship is garbage, but by whose standards, you play like garbage so it should be a good fit, anything else you would like to add. Is this better ^^