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    the interweebs convention looking for snowflakes, or the beach
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    annoying people who complain to much, taking long walks on the beach, kicking sand in snowflakes faces as they complain about radar, he, smoke, dd, bb, ca, and any other topic people complain about because they're scrubs, and do not like to ask for help like a normal person would do and in the real world if they had to survive a world disaster they would be made slaves, or eaten.

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  1. CriMiNaL__

    Subs are coming

    Well at least if i want a coffee mid battle i can submerge and be fairly safe while i go get one, but I for one am looking forward to subs, it will be interesting on how the teams will be made up as far as numbers go, but so long as the t10 sub can do 35 knots underwater all will be right in the world, also it should be able to put out 6 torps on the front and rear with a 30 second reload, have a heal, and can lay smoke down, for no other reason other than because it can
  2. CriMiNaL__

    Audacious feels horrible

    So you only wanted an OP cv to crush the DD players, and play in god mode, I guess it makes sense wg might change it, did you pay cash for it?
  3. CriMiNaL__

    Really MM ??

    At least you won!
  4. CriMiNaL__

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    If torps were stealth, then they would have no detection window, the fact you wont move up is a good thing for the red team, quite often when BB hang right at the back you become useless one all your spotting is dead.
  5. so if aa is off you dont get spotted by fighters if aa is on you do, that seems fair
  6. CriMiNaL__

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    never needed it before, never needed it now, but maybe you should keep dead eye and all dd's can have their torp detection lowered by 1km
  7. CriMiNaL__

    If MM doesnt like you.

    its not the mm that is the problem, its the garbage players now in the game
  8. CriMiNaL__

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    better teams
  9. CriMiNaL__

    You Whales Ready For The Auctions?

    What if they auctioned off, "guaranteed wins no matter how bad you play" for 1 month, 2 months and so on. no divs allowed. I could see a lot of money being made on that auction.
  10. CriMiNaL__

    BB's how can you defend against dds

    everything has a counter, dont be shy on shooting spotted dd's even if you come close to hitting, you will always make the dd think twice knowing the bb will shoot. wasd hacks are your friend use your mini map take note of detected torps and where a dd might be positioning, and change your position accordingly play a dd yourself to make you a better bb player
  11. CriMiNaL__

    Sumner class DD

    Would make for an interesting addition to the game.
  12. CriMiNaL__

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    Final and I did another run tonight, we did a fair few games that returned about 85% wr overall, the clapping of DD's with 2 asashios is a lot of fun, and when we remove those DD, most of our teams moved up to support as we then start chasing the BB down. Karma still remains at 0 even after seeing ourselves get comped, so we can tell we are being annoying to some, but over all, so much fun, sure we left some flanks, but what are you supposed to do when you spot, and you see the entire team on your side of the map rubbing the dirt off an island they are trying to mount.
  13. CriMiNaL__

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    The comical relief when we check karma at the end of the match provides a good laugh when we see it go down for the both of us, its when we play alone will karma go back up, so always have a few points to lose when we div up again. I was never a fan of running 2 asashios but with the double teaming on other DD's, its proving a good combination, and the cross torping of bunched up BB's yields good results for us both.
  14. CriMiNaL__

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    I did have one game yesterday where i was back capping stalling their points to run out the clock for the win, and being last alive, being hunted by a yoshino, and was called "a useless DD for not torping the CA", but i never had to reply as those that stayed educated that person on 1 i was winning the game, 2 an asashio cant torp a CA, and 3, even if i could torp, i did not want to give away my position so i could swing back to hold the cap. other than that over the last few days most have been complimentary, this is why I made the thread, generally people have been cool in chat, even the red team have said, our DD's were better, or no one has spotted either one of us all game, yet that report button keeps getting smashed lol.
  15. CriMiNaL__

    Sometimes there is no love in this game

    We killed a henry trying to cap us out, it was one spot one shoot in smoke till he was at that point where we could both open up on him, same goes for dd's like the aki, we just make sure we are both ready to shoot before opening up or one spots the other shoots if he smokes up and conceals we both go up, but you are right, landing shots is the most important, what we see is people panicking and trying to get torps off that miss. Of course this is all situational, but as the game progresses with the field killed off, going 2v1 often works in our favour.