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  1. The trouble with BBs

    i can't be half the idiot you are, because as far as the game goes i took time to learn how its played, your still wandering around in the dark. if people calls things boring, more often than not it is because they are boring.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    I have no problem playing a T10 IJN DD, sometimes I screw up many times I don't. If the OP cannot play high tier DD anymore, owell, bye. If you want to quit, I guess that is what quitters do. Your not held to playing DD, you play what you want, but say you move to something else and it gets a tad to hard again, you quit, do you spend your entire life quitting when things are a bit harder.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Then you may as well stay at higher tiers if all the scrubs are there.
  4. The trouble with BBs

    Where have I not stated the truth to the matter, its easy for you to add nothing as you do on so many occasions, but can you actually scrounge up anything to dispute what I have said.
  5. The trouble with BBs

    The problem is not the BB itself, its the player. When you see a game where all your BB players have a lower average damage than a DD you know they are worthless, time and time again you get on a team and the 5 BB players are either red or yellow damage figures ( less than 50k ) and for yammy or monty players, you know, yeh sure they hit stuff but they don't influence anything The Op is completely wrong, what you have is poor players who have no clue, and are to scared top push when its needed or shoot the radar CA instead of the easy shot of just shooting another BB. BB players who do good damage and know how to position themselves in the game know when they need to push and they make shots that influence the game for the other classes, what the Op calls luck deleting a CA is what others call experience on where to aim.
  6. You should go play a few t 1 matches and that is what you see, its island camping ca's, people with anything up to 12k battles
  7. Wait till you put a 19 point commander in it, camo, add some flags, then play 10k battles at t1
  8. Please tell me what to do

    According to the title, Go make me a coffee, and some ham on toast, now!
  9. T8 French DD Le Terrible

    just give it radar and a heal and be done with it
  10. Wrong Answers Only: 08

    It is the ISS before launch
  11. LOL, this was my constant complaint last night, don't shoot the CA's, even if you get one shell on them they think not to push, just keep shooting the BB. I did the same last night, just left the area and told them they can deal with it and went and did damage elsewhere
  12. I watched a guy in an Atlanta with a total of 17 battles over all, get chased down by a Nicholas to the corner of the map and the DD killed him. It is great people put money in the game, it's how the game survives. If people like the one shown here with the bad stats have bought all these ships and then just suffer losses, they have done 2 things, supported the game, and become that easy damage farm for you. The game has a wide variety of skill and you only have to look at the list of purple players, and go wow, but realise that the red players out number them.
  13. wth WOWS!?!?

    You received flags for the det, consider it a bonus
  14. XP of Kitakaze?

    I agree with @IronMike11B4O here, with the nerfs the Aki will get, It makes the Harekaze look more attractive to use at T8, for those who eventually grind through the Aki to get to the Kitikaze, you will feel like you have gotten a huge increase in DD performance. Put in a screen shot for those who have doubts
  15. This was a general rule of thumb to get on target when I first went to use the dynamic cross hair, I have found that once I know the ship I am using and the ship I am aiming at I can determine where I should hold on the target. I don't bother with the seconds of flight time anymore, but it has come down to practice.