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    annoying people who complain to much, taking long walks on the beach, kicking sand in snowflakes faces as they complain about radar, he, smoke, dd, bb, ca, and any other topic people complain about because they're scrubs, and do not like to ask for help like a normal person would do and in the real world if they had to survive a world disaster they would be made slaves, or eaten.

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  1. CriMiNaL__

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    how do you even get to play with subs, (been away from game)
  2. CriMiNaL__

    Replace Karma

    I would like wg to replace the way we receive and lose karma points. I would like karma being given to those who do well and take karma away for those at the bottom of the list. Remove reports, as most of the time people report you for all sorts of stupid things, and is not helpful too anyone. This way people who have high karma are ones that play the game well and are rewarded for it, and those with little to no karma are shown to be fairly useless. This is simply a suggestion for how karma should work within the game, and not a complaint about loosing karma or having none. Please add your 2 cents to this, as to how it should work, over the current system in place.
  3. CriMiNaL__

    Subs and state of the game in a Nutshell...-Flamu's take.

    Since he has stopped being a shill for weegee, all he does now is cry like a baby over everything.
  4. CriMiNaL__

    One of my closest wins ever!

    We stopped a red team at 999 points and had to kill the remainder of them outright for the win and not leave any of the caps. You could see what we had on our team were quality players vs scrubs, and we managed to kill the remainder of their team before time ran out. It was 4 ca on our side 4 bb on theirs, yet one of our ca's had low hp so he hid, so technically 3 vs 4. But we all have great games, and more enjoyable when its close, even if it turns out to be a loss.
  5. CriMiNaL__

    Question to the people who play CV

    I haven't played for quite a while and never realised this change had taken place. But seeing they have had this change now, it comes down to the individual cv player if they are going to aid their team to a win or be like you, and how you have explained yourself. FYP You may think that, but as I said I did not know of this change, so it does answer some of the questions of why a cv passes over me and keeps flying on to another target, I'm guessing though any decent cv player has adapted to these changes and all the rubbish cv players are saying its a nerf. So in a way WG has removed the easy button, which would make sense when subs come to randoms, they wont want subs being one shot by a cv, as they will want to sell some premium subs, which of course not many will if this change hadn't taken effect.
  6. CriMiNaL__

    Tonight My Dream Has Come True

    Gremmy only accepts the highest level of captains, anything else, and you will doing it a disservice Congrates
  7. Hi all, This is a serious question regarding what your thoughts are on playing a cv. 1. Do you actively hunt and spot the red DD to put them under pressure from yourself and your team shooting them? 2. Do you fly past a spotted DD, don't worry about it so you can get some damage on a BB at the back? 3. How does it work out for you by never bothering to spot a DD at the start or during the game? I only ask this to find out from the forums to see who bothers and who doesn't, as the last few games I have had, having the same cv player in it, never spotted or harassed a single DD and then says to the team when asked to spot the dd to basically stfu. Even though I am a DD main, yet I do have T10 CV's and only play them in ranked if can be bothered, I make it a goal to harass the DD's to let our DD's get an upper hand. I don't hate CV, I find a team with a competent cv player is really helpful, but that is also for all other types of ships as well.
  8. CriMiNaL__

    Subs in randoms

    I think a survey systems would be good to get peoples thoughts on subs
  9. CriMiNaL__

    Subs in randoms

    Awesome to hear, while many may hate having subs in the game, I am finding them a lot of fun. However its only fun in co op when you get a team of bots, real players in co op yolo in due to the bots being so easy. I actually wish wg would make the bots really hard, so you have some sort of challenge, as it stands right now, its way to easy.
  10. CriMiNaL__

    Subs in randoms

    WG, can you please put subs in randoms already, co op is boring in them, mainly due to the yolo factor of players, and the game is finished in under 5 minutes. If they played like that in randoms they would be killed off quickly. And hurry up with some premium subs as well.
  11. CriMiNaL__

    Destroyers Buffs?

    What i often do if being chased by a bb in my dd is lay a smoke line as i run away, then turn around and head straight for them using smoke as blind cover till that 2 km boundary is reached, if you want to see a bb player panic, this method is awesome, and because you are in smoke, as soon as they die you disappear, it has worked many times in later stages of a game, when a bb is pushing around.
  12. CriMiNaL__

    Quitting WoWs

    We may have crossed words on the forums, but I am glad to hear you are putting your health above a computer game, and seeing it for what it is. Myself, i only now ever play 1- 3 ships at most and maybe play a few games once every 2-4 months, and for some of those games, regardless of all the silly things, its enjoyable to a point, but then its time to put it away again, and you might find in time, a few games now and again, an enjoyable time spent, just playing and not grinding, especially if you can get on discord with some old friends and have a laugh while having a bash at it again. Take care, good luck with it all. Crim
  13. CriMiNaL__

    Subs are coming

    Well at least if i want a coffee mid battle i can submerge and be fairly safe while i go get one, but I for one am looking forward to subs, it will be interesting on how the teams will be made up as far as numbers go, but so long as the t10 sub can do 35 knots underwater all will be right in the world, also it should be able to put out 6 torps on the front and rear with a 30 second reload, have a heal, and can lay smoke down, for no other reason other than because it can
  14. CriMiNaL__

    Audacious feels horrible

    So you only wanted an OP cv to crush the DD players, and play in god mode, I guess it makes sense wg might change it, did you pay cash for it?
  15. CriMiNaL__

    Really MM ??

    At least you won!