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  1. What's wrong with Z-39?

    There is nothing wrong with the z 39, if you have played german DD you would know that the smoke does not last as long as other dd nations, This was all reported in LWM review.
  2. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    A speed test will not tell you if your ISP is doing maintenance or having issues, and affecting your ability to stay connected Connecting to a server and loading a web page are 2 different things, yes you can still be connected to the internet but if your suffering from intermittent drops, you will not stay connected to any server, but you can still load up a web page and run a speed test. I never watched their video, as I have never had an issue with connecting to their live servers. I still believe a lot of people issues rest with them, when WG has issues it affect thousands at once, and the forums light up with these issues, when 1 person says they are having issues and they are blaming WG, it is more likely at their own end. You ran a speed test, so what, how does that tell you what your ISP might be doing, there are so many reasons why your internet can go down or have issues, but its always WG servers that are at fault. Sometimes a better option is try to stream and if your buffering all the time you know its the net, or you have that much stuff on your comp running in the background, your having comp issues. Think of it like this, WG end 1 issue, your end 1000 issues.
  3. I want to see the T9 - 10 Akizuki line, I would go so far as saying now now now now now. CV, I don't care about, lets see how it gets more messed up. Watch the forums light up about how OP some of the USN CL are WG punishment system needs to be harsher once orange (min base xp to be removed from co op, not game numbers) 50 k worth No more maps, people don't know how to play the ones we already have, lets not confuse them even more
  4. Nothing at all, when they turn up I'll look at them
  5. Losing my mind

    That's the joke. Well played. I like stating the obvious, while stating the obvious, its like stating the obvious!!
  6. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    team damage is punished There is no difference, if your afk your afk, people seem to think of AFK is in the literal sense, we need another acronym for AFK as people are misuinderstanding Your ship is in a game and it is not moving or doing anything, that is what WG defines as AFK, regardless of connection issues or whatever your experiencing My question to you tho, did you ring your ISP to see if they were experiencing any issues? You never answered any of those points I mentioned, so I am guessing you did not. I would go so far as, you have not cleaned your computer at all, so I guess that is WG fault as well.
  7. Why not use elite capt XP to respec, It would be nice if the capt points had an individual price so you pay that to move the points (this is as its basic form of idea) 450 dubs divided by 19 is about 24 (rounded up) so make it 24 dubs to move 1 capt point, 48 dubs to move a 2 point skill Of course this is on a 19 pointer so make it relative to the number of points a capt has
  8. Losing my mind

    No need to retain on the OKT as it is a prem ship
  9. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    I answered all your points you made, but in all honesty, move along if you have done nothing to the above, people are to quick to blame.
  10. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    How many send in support tickets when this sort of thing happens, complaining on the forums doesn't get things fixed. Here is your period
  11. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    That's grammar, not spelling, and I like to do that as it really annoys the hell out of people as I hate using the ' key
  12. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    I am far from a spelling Nazi, if I understand what someone has written, that's good enough as I do not know if English is their first language, but when someone tells another to finish their education due to their English and then "they" spell incorrectly, then I will say something
  13. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    Seeing as your having a go at someone about their English, maybe you should learn to spell "education"
  14. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    I will literally turn around in my DD, forgoing all caps and spotting, to drive across the map to ram into a pinky on my team
  15. Pink - How you doin so far?

    Yes, and the sad part is I do know more than you, like I said I do not care if you turn pink or get locked to co op for being AFK