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    the interweebs convention looking for snowflakes, or the beach
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    annoying people who complain to much, taking long walks on the beach, kicking sand in snowflakes faces as they complain about radar, he, smoke, dd, bb, ca, and any other topic people complain about because they're scrubs, and do not like to ask for help like a normal person would do and in the real world if they had to survive a world disaster they would be made slaves, or eaten.

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  1. CriMiNaL__

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    this one makes the most sense
  2. CriMiNaL__


    I laughed hard on the second response, lol, I was not expecting it at all, well played you made me smile
  3. CriMiNaL__

    Give it six months

    I agree with you, but one might hope, oh and I used my very last upvote on you lol This explanation right here is what they are going to get by doing this
  4. Filling up the digital world so when its archived some random guy at weegee, says Who the eff is this criminal guy wth, is he nuts or something in russian its Кто, черт возьми, этот преступник, что ли, он спятил или что-то в этом роде?
  5. CriMiNaL__


    it says create new topic, so I have
  6. CriMiNaL__

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    I volunteer to be the troll moderator, after all its takes a troll to catch a troll
  7. CriMiNaL__

    Make a Player-Run Forum Together!

    Ill give you one
  8. CriMiNaL__

    Give it six months

    With the forums shutting down and many saying they might lose interest in playing now, the amount of revenue wg will lose might amount to quite a lot, most people who join this type of game research for information, and once new people hear there are no forums they will most likely pass, just a game only, no forums, forget discord, im not going to waste my time, I believe this will be a nail in weegees coffin. Any executive with half a brain understands marketing, and if the dollars start to fall, we could see one of 2 things, ships close for good, or the forums reinstated. I wouldnt hold my breath tho, but again one thing will lead to another, and with this happening, it would nto surprise me 1 of those 2 things happen
  9. CriMiNaL__

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @Finalitybecause I was divved with him
  10. CriMiNaL__

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I love subs, bring us more of them weegee
  11. I really hope someone is going to loose their job over this, not only that, their dog/cat is stolen, and they find out their partner has been cheating on them with their best friend for the past 5 years
  12. CriMiNaL__

    dEsTurbed1's last post.

    if you hold shift then push enter you get a line break in discord so you dont get a wall of text I looked at the discord and while it would be great to have a lot in voice to just shoot the chit about the game, i cant see it happening, but fingers crossed I dont think anyone will be surprised if the game shuts its door in 2 years after this, as I think this is one of the biggest nerfs wg can do to itself
  13. CriMiNaL__

    dEsTurbed1's last post.

    My biggest issue with people on the forums, was the blind complaining, and not seeing it from others perspective, there is a big difference to someone saying I hate subs, to I am not sure subs will be good and then add constructive critism So of course my next topic would of course be "I love subs"
  14. CriMiNaL__

    dEsTurbed1's last post.

    I love to forums, and thankyou very much for the compliment I found if I added a bit of smirkyness, touch of troll, a splash of disdain, and the ability to insult someone while smiling, I was able to get my point of view across rather sharpl
  15. CriMiNaL__

    Grabbing my butt and kissing it goodbye

    Checking my fingers now, just a slight stain on right index fimger, I thought I got a bit of joy when doing it.