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  1. Karma/Complaint

    I worked very hard to get back to 0 karma points, things like, in a dd I kill 6 people take 3 caps and get reported 3 times and not a single word in chat from me the entire time, other times I was plain toxic in chat, but in the end I got to 0, but the thing was, it didn't last and in no time I was back up to 20, when will you people learn, I did try but I guess there are some players out there who see your efforts and reward you.
  2. First game in over a year and.....

    Nice to see so many offer up the best of them, as it seems that is only as far as they can go, this is why player retention is so poor when people venture to the forums, they are met with ridicule, even by our own community department, well done. To the OP, you shouldn't let one bad experience of the game determine your final outcome of uninstalling, as with most, a long break from the game will often make you less adept to what you might have been used to when you were playing constantly. If anything its a time to drop down a few tiers and play for some fun and relearn the skills you have developed that are sitting there dormant from your break. Anyway I hope you reconsider and give it another try.
  3. Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    Yes this is true but the fact remains he closed the distance to 1.8km which he would not have done with the other ships you mentioned, so the player needs to adapt if he is to overcome the power of this DD. The simple fact remains, is that the OP was in a wooster and he saw a DD close to them, and they got wrecked due to being incompetent.
  4. Refunding premiums

    While these are wonderful questions neither of them are answers to the question, but the bump is appreciated.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar is only Op in the right players hands, to many times you see radar CA not push up top use the radar when they should be doing so. Radar is fine and balanced as it is and WG should simply leave it alone.
  6. Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    You had radar, your a cruiser, yet you closed the distance to 1.8 km against a DD that is known for the sheer amount of DPM it can do, I guess you went broadside to it as well so you could use all your guns. I hope you asked them later on how many citadels they did to you. Its like this one day in my Akizuki, a Schors decided to push my smoke and was broadside at 4 km, with AP loaded I fired one salvo in his side, I got 8 citadels for that salvo and he was insta deleted, it was a DD dream shot. I guess as a CA player in a wooster you thought he was mince meat, I guess you need to learn to adapt, over come and improvise when you see one of these DD.
  7. Refunding premiums

    I ask this question to see what the policy is regarding the refunding of a premium bought ship. If someone has bought a premium ship and has never used it in any way, can a player be refunded for the purchase or is there a time limit?
  8. Quit Whining

    Personally I don't mind people having a cry in the chat, it adds to the entertainment while I move positions and dakka dakka more at people lighting fires, making them cry even more, but the best part I have always liked that no matter where you are, you have managed to upset a complete stranger somewhere else in the world.
  9. The trouble with BBs

    i can't be half the idiot you are, because as far as the game goes i took time to learn how its played, your still wandering around in the dark. if people calls things boring, more often than not it is because they are boring.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    I have no problem playing a T10 IJN DD, sometimes I screw up many times I don't. If the OP cannot play high tier DD anymore, owell, bye. If you want to quit, I guess that is what quitters do. Your not held to playing DD, you play what you want, but say you move to something else and it gets a tad to hard again, you quit, do you spend your entire life quitting when things are a bit harder.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    Then you may as well stay at higher tiers if all the scrubs are there.
  12. The trouble with BBs

    Where have I not stated the truth to the matter, its easy for you to add nothing as you do on so many occasions, but can you actually scrounge up anything to dispute what I have said.
  13. The trouble with BBs

    The problem is not the BB itself, its the player. When you see a game where all your BB players have a lower average damage than a DD you know they are worthless, time and time again you get on a team and the 5 BB players are either red or yellow damage figures ( less than 50k ) and for yammy or monty players, you know, yeh sure they hit stuff but they don't influence anything The Op is completely wrong, what you have is poor players who have no clue, and are to scared top push when its needed or shoot the radar CA instead of the easy shot of just shooting another BB. BB players who do good damage and know how to position themselves in the game know when they need to push and they make shots that influence the game for the other classes, what the Op calls luck deleting a CA is what others call experience on where to aim.
  14. You should go play a few t 1 matches and that is what you see, its island camping ca's, people with anything up to 12k battles
  15. Wait till you put a 19 point commander in it, camo, add some flags, then play 10k battles at t1