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  1. why cant you use WR, if you have teams with equal skill on both sides then everything is fair game, people will still win and lose, WR will go up and down, but your games will have equally matched players. I find it staggering that people have a hard time understanding this simple concept that equal skilled on both sides will be better for the game over all.
  2. CriMiNaL__

    AFK CV

    In chat the other day, someone asked "do we even have a CV", my reply being in the CV was stfu, and proceeded to win and be on top of the list, ok you can carry on now.
  3. CriMiNaL__

    double cv in t10?

    I simply felt sorry for him, as a DD main I knew his pain.
  4. I cannot see how having equally skilled teams would be bad for the game, unless you like having them unequal?
  5. How ever you wish to word it, as it seems you might be hung up on an acronym, so long as both sides WR are equal, not in their respective ship, but over all WR, then to myself that would be a good start.
  6. CriMiNaL__

    Transfered to another Server ? Do it in PORT please.

    Yes it is a pain in the but when they do that, then you play another game on the new server and it puts you back on the old server again at the end of the match.
  7. CriMiNaL__

    double cv in t10?

    If WG had there way we could see 3 per side in t10 The above statement is 100% correct I have been playing a CV, and when I bombed a DD and detonated him I did appoligise for it, as it was completly dumb.
  8. Exactly what did you think SB MM was, we still need to field teams of 12 a side, so if each side has equally skilled players is that not SB MM, it certainly would stop one side being stacked with purple while the other side is all red.
  9. This is not what we are discussing, what SB MM should do, is out of the total WR of 24 players, it divides them equally, this way if you have 2 purples 1 would go to each side, sure when we start talking divs, things might be a bit harder but it would also mean that 2 divs expecting to synch drop on the same team may not be capable of doing sho because the WR would be swayed to hard to one team.
  10. Overall WR should be used to balance out a team, if people have done nothing but seal clubbing or stat padding then they night find their WR going down if they are getting similar WR people against them that do not do those things to inflate a stat. I cannot see it that hard to develop a SBMM system, I mean they have made this game and others, put in all sorts of mechanics that operate in real time.
  11. CriMiNaL__

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    I think they should of spent their time developing the Russian CV line
  12. CriMiNaL__

    Should I get a Friesland?

    The Friesland Is a wonderful ship to play, it would help if you can make a 19 point captain for her, and have the skill to play it, it is easily pushed on by BB players as most know you have no torps, but the fires you can set is outrageous. While it has a higher detection rate, at times when contesting the cap you will get spotted, say by a ijn DD, who upon sees you will smoke up, now if you have not fired your guns you simply run up to about 4 km, pop your smoke so long as you are safe from radar, pop your hydro, then proceed to punch that poor IJN DD in the face, this works well on maps like land of fire B cap. The best I have done with the Friesland is 88 planes shot down (double CV game T10 & T8), so CV players tend to not bother you once they loose their squads a couple of times. I would wait though till the other Pan E ships get released, but if you cannot wait then get the Friesland.
  13. And yet they worked on CV's for months, but that is another topic entirely. People either want SB MM, and to make change, you have to not just complain here about blow outs or how the game is unfair.
  14. Then put finger to the keyboard and make a proposal, no idea is a bad idea if you are trying to make things better as a whole. But sending in 2, 3 4 tickets from everyone about SB MM, would flood them, so it may force their hand to look at it.
  15. I hear what you are saying, it seems of late on here many posts end up talking about MMM, and some other theory about the MM. If people got behind it and sent in support tickets and made posts on the forums, what could it hurt, if they made changes. We can stick with what we have, and there does seem to be an aweful lot of complaints about it, or change it, whether the results change, it would yet to be seen, but if teams were technically equal, no one should complain about it.