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  1. Blood__Rayne


    I got this code ( SMS2W-HEUVY-8KAS6 ) through a text from WOWS, not sure if it is one off code. But someone might want to try it.
  2. Blood__Rayne

    Conqueror Kremlin

    So, this will affect Conk, Monarch, DoY, and KGV?
  3. Blood__Rayne

    1 day free premium

    Thanks ma man. Hope it doesn't expire before I could use it.
  4. Blood__Rayne

    new bonus code

    LOL, I didn't expect to get that many codes. Kept scrolling down, saw more and more codes. I greedily scooped em up. Thank guys!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Blood__Rayne

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    Thank you. It's nice to stumble on a code once in a while.
  6. Blood__Rayne

    Code for 1 Premium Day

    Thanks ma man. It is appreciated.......
  7. Blood__Rayne

    Hidden Bonus Code in "Pin Up" Video

    Thanks for the code, it's always nice to stumble on the forum to a post about codes.
  8. Blood__Rayne


    Thank you. I always appreciate people posting about free stuffs as a freemium player.
  9. Im new to the game , and don't know anything yet. I know that you can use tokens to buy ships, but what is good for? What is it used for? I accidentally exchanged all my tokens to credits without knowing anything about it.