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  1. DutchDelights

    Spotlight - Twilight Battles!

    Twilight Battle "I LIKE IT" the Twilight Battle mode, I LOVE IT. Why? I love the shrinking map idea, like it or not, you just have to be active or die! The ships are easy enough that you can get to know them in a short time. The ships well you learn soon enough what "weakspots" are. You have to play the ship, to his role (support or brawl) In the end all of them learn what it means to play in a team. finally I found something to use my flags and signal (hello elite commander experience) I love all the extra elite commander experience (this especially is what make it worth my time) Short active battles shells torpedoes radar everything everywhere, better then energy drink To see what good teamplay can do did I mention elite cammander experience already? what would make it even better? beside elite commader experience, all free experience ( not complaing here). that it will end. that all my special flags and signal are gone, elite commander experience overall just fun and active play I thank you all involved and only wish to see it again soon. Thank you! DutchDelights
  2. DutchDelights

    russian premium cruiser line Part 1

    But you do know that you can still get them in the crates!? but then you get the doubloon value!
  3. DutchDelights

    All over the World Naval Alliance

    Would you like to take part in the NA dept of Naval Alliance? Then enlist today! The new intro1
  4. Well ahoy there, we would like you all to know that there is something (new?). A group of small channel YouTubers has come together, across all nations and servers, to inform you! let me introduce to you Cap'n Black Jack Honour – YouTube http://bit.ly/2K6GLBz An Iolair Ghorm – YouTube http://bit.ly/2B8Kn3h Peter Slack – YouTube http://bit.ly/2qOwscI DutchDelightsNL – YouTube http://bit.ly/2RUFX5u Darkwing Glacier – YouTube http://bit.ly/2zdzNq5 Play Like Share!