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  1. captain_dots

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    As long as they dont treat it the way they treated Mutsu, I see no issues inherent. I would love to see the Tone first though
  2. I think the common ideas about online multiplayer games that arent iterative like CoD or FIFA is that they are never "finished," take a look at DOTA, LOL, Counter Strike, etc - theyre always trying to evolve and refine, and there is nothing wrong with WG attempting to do that with WoWs
  3. captain_dots

    0.8.0 Postponed

    I am honestly really thankful that they are delaying 8.0, from what I've seen and read - it simply isnt ready yet.
  4. captain_dots

    When will the supertester be recruited?

    Outside of playing ships in the supertest phase, what are the expectations therein?
  5. captain_dots

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    Mass has better accuracy as a tradeoff for having less and smaller secondaries. But with manual secondaries, it really just means that you will have an easier time hitting destroyers - it is truly delicious too. But it struggles to punch through a lot of other stuff.
  6. Seems like youre making a mountain out of a molehill. Did they give the option to refund the blys or any of the ships that got crippled after stealth fire? No? Why on earth should these freeby premiums get the pass?
  7. captain_dots

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    Youre not wrong that it's expensive, but he did indicate that this was for fun in randoms, rather than being competitively viable
  8. captain_dots

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    Legendary upgrade increases main battery reload, and secondary reload at the the expense of main battery range and traverse speed. It doesnt improve secondary reload as much as the dedicated module does (20% vs 15% with the legendary)
  9. captain_dots

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    I tried a few different builds on my GK and this is what I found - in my subjective opinion 1. Full Survival - just play the Montana 2. Mix of Survival and Secondaries it doesn't do either side well enough with only 19 points 3. Full secondary memery - legitimately the most fun to play this ship. Is it viable for CW, not exactly, but it has created some of the most fun random matches I have had. If you like playing your Mass full secondary, you will love full secondary GK.
  10. captain_dots

    Higher tier destroyers and AFT

    I would tend to agree that it is not that good, especially because of how quickly you run out of commander points. It is far more advantageous to have concealment expert as your first 4 point skill, and then RPF as your second.
  11. captain_dots

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    I cant say it is my favorite by any stretch. It certainly annoys me, but I have a 15 point captain slotted in, and it is basically immune to most carriers - which means that is has a lot of potential, especially after 8.0 drops and we see carriers in every match. Also her guns are hit or miss, I have got quite a few dev strikes off of Omaha's, leanders, and emeralds because they dont respect the ship. IDK. I think shes basically a tier 6 german Hood. Hood pisses me off far more than PEF. However, I would totally have hated this ship had I shelled out real money for it. Just my .02c
  12. captain_dots

    This Report/Compliment thing is just silly to me

    Honestly they should scrap the system as it stands. Since the only time WG takes unsportsmanlike conduct is when you put in a ticket. IDK, its a nice pat on the back sometimes but I wouldn't worry about it currently
  13. captain_dots

    Most OP ships

    CV, all that comes to mind is Graf Zeppelin BB, Nikolai without question DD, Kamikaze (The torp detection is insane, especially when battleships are slowwwwwwww at 5), seal clubbers in clemson, T61 is really good in all categories outside of a few issues I have with her main battery CL/CA, Belfast, and Kutuzov. I dont think the Stalingrad is overpowered in and of itself, but clans shouldnt be able to bring 3 or 4 of them to a ranked match.
  14. captain_dots

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    Honestly if they made the shells faster that would really do it for me. The ship is perfectly usable, but it could use some love is all.