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  1. PrezidentZkroob

    Night battles

    Yeah nothing like playing a game in pitch blankness. Or a ranging typhoon......PASS
  2. PrezidentZkroob

    Feedback for Update 12.1 - British Submarines

    Thanks for the subs in ranked it's just less rewarding RANDOM now. I see no difference other then ship count.
  3. PrezidentZkroob

    Ranked Battles: The Eleventh Season

    Ranked is dead to me...its just smaller random now..... GREAT JOB!!!
  4. PrezidentZkroob

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier X Carriers

    OH BOY!!! I can't wait to NEVER PLAY THIS.....But at least they are matching ship types now.
  5. PrezidentZkroob

    Pearl Harbor Day

    What did we get....nothing really. I guess we don't spend enough money on the N.A. Server to get anything. Yeah no love for all those dead vets who died on WARSHIPS!!!! BLACK FRIDAY seemed to be so much more important to WG. So in honor of my dead relatives (the good ones mostly R.I.P.) I wont be spending any money on any THREE TIER BATTLEPASS or anything really until next year. We'll see how you do. Shame on you....enjoy BLACK FRIDAY MONTH! You can shove the patch where the sun dont shine.
  6. PrezidentZkroob


    No denying what the game is becoming now. Its happened.....THE BATTLEPASS. Thanks for the even more confusing economy. Much better then fixing legendary game bugs......:). Sadly the BATTLEPASS doesn't relieve you of sitting in the LOBBY. Oh and I love the FATAL ERROR MESSAGE i get every time i exit the game to desktop. I agree FATAL ERROR. But hey I spend less money now.
  7. PrezidentZkroob

    Why I hate the Battle Pass

    Well after BATTLEPASS there's no denying it anymore....IT'S happening. No denying what the game is becoming.
  8. PrezidentZkroob

    MM and Subs in Brawls

    nO MORE SUBS IN brawl WHAT A CROCK.....i guess thats why i rarely play anymore...GJ. Well I guess those BB players wont bother to throw matches anymore.....SUBS ARE GARBAGE....they cant even do a brawl after years. Want a fun Brawl remove the BB babies....I wonder if i can even sell this garbage sub yet.
  9. PrezidentZkroob

    Submarine appreciation thread (non-toxic)

    subs bounce so much they make me sea sick. any mods for that....do bot subs follow the rules like we do...I mean they seem to have better mobility and no arming distance.
  10. PrezidentZkroob

    New Operation Wolfpack

    yeah its great fighting withT8 subs you really get no points that way.........lame. Plus i still cant figure out how to even access japan subs at all. After years of free beta testing i got nothing....and subs are going nowhere. I dont think bot subs follow player restrictions either. they are more deadly then i could ever dream to be it seems. This mode is like going duck hunting...but they throw the ducks up in front of you so you dont miss. SO fun.... :)
  11. PrezidentZkroob

    Can no longer view own stats

    you know whats great about WG even though you hide your stats with privacy settings cause your brain damaged win rate doesn't take into account you couldn't even talk when you started playing it. you can still be doxed in ranked chat with your stats...how is this possible? I don't think anyone's data is safe i pity kids on here. Sorry my stats are sucky but just a brain damaged senior grateful to play(mostly). I get really sick of the clan chats i get telling me to kill myself even though they think i'm a kid. I am still great full to Wg for helping with my rehab. And yes i am a moron. thank goodness for spell check.
  12. PrezidentZkroob

    WG out of Touch with Players

    Subs i beta tested them for years...what did i get,,,nada. Subs are garbage. wg taught me it takes 10 torps to sink a cruiser.....maybe. Plus apparently some dev has a thing for champagne bubbles everywhere. the water is so murky sometimes you cant see islands or anything. Or detect ships or have any torpedo mobility or a none nerfed arming distance.....SUBS ARE GARBAGE. They just distract from the now broken game. I felt the same way about cv's no one cared then either...SUBS ARE SUCH GARBAGE I'm not allowed to even sell mine. If you actually think i would buy sub tokens you are out of touch. Impossible to maintain a CV lock...always has been dont hurt the cash cows i guess. Meh...
  13. PrezidentZkroob

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    Six battles in a row with a BB VS A DD.....Five battles in a row with a CV against a DD.......DONE WITH BRAWL. Just gonna buy T10 DD'S now....LOL
  14. PrezidentZkroob

    Fastest Brawl so far

    brawl Is garbage....I played six matches in a row with a BB and got a DD every time..........Just like in my CV......GARBAGE
  15. PrezidentZkroob

    Polishing my torpedoes

    What happen to the dude that polishes the torpedoes....Is this some lame optimization attempt? What moron in the art department decided my carriers flight decks should have peeled and missing paint? I'm guessing his car looks like this? BRING BACK BOB he has a wife and digital mistress to feed. HE JUST WANTS TO POLISH THE TORPEDOES!!!!