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  1. Seriously. Which one of your dumbfuck developers actually thought that replacing the Moskva with a ship that, so far, can fire over the shoulder like no other ship in the game, has enough armor to bounce Yamato shells with ease, has AP that makes the Stalingrad somewhat proud, is as nearly as stealthy on the surface as the Des Moine AND STEALTHIER FROM THE AIR, and whose only weakness is its broadside which is the weakness of every other ship in the game? At first I was looking at the Petropavlosk stats and they didn't look too bad. Then I saw Flamu's video and my thoughts immediately changed. https://youtu.be/R6NI6tK6A9w Is your Russian market really hurting so badly that your CAs need to pretend to be battleships in order to seem appealing? Are you so ashamed to cater to your Russian market that you need to put gag orders on your CCs so that instead of being criticized well before a bad idea happens, it's only criticized at launch and afterwards? Grow the [edited] up, WG. You aren't helping anybody with this [edited].
  2. AutonomousRedux

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    So, I was wrong for the most part. It was my router dying. With the new router/modem installed, no PL whatsoever and no freezing. The only issue I'm still having is every few games I'm getting a critical error. Any suggestions for that?
  3. AutonomousRedux

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    30-70ms ping and ~3% packet loss. I was mainly thinking about the log in time to the server when I was stating my bandwidth.
  4. It seems as if it takes more than a minute to log in to your game, it takes a bit of time to load in to a game, and every game or so I keep either freezing for twenty second and Windows says your game isn't responding OR I critical error out. I've got you on an NVME for crying out loud. Not only that, the issues are on both computers I own. I've got 120/13 internet which, while slow by European standards, shouldn't have any issues on NA servers. Is something going down?
  5. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    As an aside, I do believe your alarm system is broken. I'd put in a work order for maintenance to take a look at it.
  6. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Don't worry, y'all. WG has our backs. They're assuring us that these new cruisers are definitely not overpowered. They're just designed to be bullies for ships of the same class and hit above their weight. They're actually quite balanced as it IS possible to sink them!
  7. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Most of us that see what's going on stopped giving them our money years ago. Now we simply leech their resources and play a game we loved while we watch it die the death that befell many games with incompetent devs.
  8. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    It's pretty much just the RU server that differs. Because their mentality is all about brawling from what I've heard. If it sucks at brawling, it isn't a good ship. EU and NA servers pretty much agree with each other on most issues. Dunno about SEA, but nobody listens to SEA.
  9. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Pretty much the only plan they have is ignore most of their player base in hopes we'll go away. Which we will. When we finally get fed up.
  10. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    That you either tell it to like it is or keep silent. We know your devs don't give a damn about our opinions. We know they'll only really cater to one segment of the player population. We know all this, and yet you pretend like we don't. I know you, as a PR manager, are in a difficult position. You're getting paid to stand up for your company and assuage us. However, when the devs so blatantly don't give a rat's [edited]about balance of any description, don't try to tell us they do. We aren't stupid. We see what's going on. We see you ignoring your own contributors. The only thing that will actually make most of us happy is changes that actually make a difference. Not token nerfs here and there while beating the ever loving hell out of other ships where it hurts.
  11. AutonomousRedux

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    If any of y'all haven't seen it yet, Flamu has made a video showing the initial proposed states of new Soviet Cruisers. They have the most toxic stats in the game. As if Soviet cruisers weren't detrimental enough already. Now they take all the nerfs that they gave every other nation and then give the opposing buffs to the new cruisers. Yes, I know these are *initial* values. But the fact that they even thought this was anywhere near appropriate shows how intelligent they think we are. Then again, they're probably right with how stupid people are in random battles. WarGaming, you done [edited]up yet?
  12. AutonomousRedux

    Serious problems with disconnects...

    I'll be running the game and two or three matches in I'll start encountering this. I'll freeze for fifteen to twenty seconds while the windows loading circle appears. Then it'll start moving again in high speed until everything normalizes. This can happen as little as every three games to as often as twice a game. WeeGee support says it's my ISP, but I'll have to contact them to find out.
  13. AutonomousRedux

    Ship Carousel

    Probably been suggested multiple times, but here we go again. Personally, I'm getting sick of my ship carousel not starting all the way to the side where my primary ships are. After every [edited]battle, I need to scroll all the way to the left to select the next ship I want to play. It's getting fairly annoying that the carousel isn't automatically fully scrolled. If there's any reason for it not being all the way to one side, please do let me know. Thank you.
  14. AutonomousRedux

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    There's already radar and sonar. They do exactly this. Why can't it be the same for AA? The front planes take all the damage allowing the back planes to get their attacks off. That's how it should work.