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  1. mothkiller

    Why why why why BB players

    I've done that in my Monty. Sometimes charging smoke is the smart thing to do when I find I am very close to an angry smoke screen.
  2. mothkiller

    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    Anyone else wish you could have a special Captain for the Indy named Quint? Or maybe a special sinking animation where a swarm of sharks surrounds the ship as it goes down.
  3. mothkiller

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    Meh, I am not that concerned about this change really. Like in the video, I always take AP shots at DDs that pop up when in my Montana. Even if the damage is capped at 10% per shell, in the Monty if I fire all 12 guns at a DD at 8km, I am likely to get 4-8 hits. That 5400k-10800k damage. For a DD that is about 1/3 to 1/2 it's health. I am ok with that. Sure I could easily sink a cruiser at that range, but doing that much damage in 1 salvo to a DD is pretty brutal. Maybe after he yolos in to torp me, but meh. If I have support he often sinks before firing torps or even if gets them off they are not sure to sink me. The double dipping was a problem IMO and if this fixes it I am ok. I do often use HE if I know I am going against DDs, it usually does slightly more damage but the module damage is what makes the HE even better, but the AP from BBs will still be dangerous. The heat on this topic (and others) feels like people not taking the time to see what they can learn when they get sunk. When looking back at game where I got really wrecked, I have found the real reason was a decision I made minutes before it happened, usually one of positioning. Learning to position well can make all the difference, that means looking at the threats and figuring out where you are best protected against most of them while still able to be effective at spotting/gunfire/torping/capping etc. Every time I am sunk is a chance to learn (not that I do that all the time, I am pretty average, but when I've gotten better that the approach I've used to).
  4. mothkiller

    Return of Belfast?

    I feel that the Belfast is not a great trainer for RN CLs since they lack HE and the Belfast performs best with IFHE. I new ship would be better.
  5. What always wanted to know, what kind of drunk match maker was running back then. I mean look at this. DD 416 Walke, T7 DD DD 397 Benham, ~ T7 DD DD 379 Preston, T7 DD DD 433 Gwin T8.5 (between benson and fletcher) DD BB 56 Washington , T8 BB BB 57 South Dakota, T8 BB Kirishima, T5 BB Atago, T8 Cruiser Takeo, T8 Cruiser Asagumo, T8 DD Hatsuyuki, T6 DD Shirayuki, T6 DD Teruzuki, T8 DD I guess that was a T8 match, but no cruisers on one side. The other has more ships but a T5 BB. Seriously.
  6. well, my stats say I am average. I know WHAT I should do, but sometimes HOW to do that is harder.
  7. So I have seen a lot of talk recently about BBbabies and DD mafia and which ship class is nerfed, radar ruins everything, needs a buff the sky is falling and it really seems discordant with my experience of the game. Most of which has been pretty positive. So here is my, a joe average player's, current experience in WOWS. Just a quick background, I am a BB/USN main. I have have T10 in all non-CV USN ships, a GK and T9 in French and RN BBs. So here is what I find when I play. 1. I have no problem with AP against DDs, even with the changes AP on DDs does enough damage to be worth firing instead of switching. Overpens do a lot of damage to a DD For example, my Montana firing 12 guns at a DD at about 10km, I get about 4-6 hits (sometimes more). That's 5.4k to 8.1k damage. For a T10 DD that is ~25% of it's health. 2. Torps, I find torps to be something I am always thinking about when I know there is a torp threat, but not something I find I can do nothing to mitigate. I have found that when I get torped it's general not that bad due to my mitigation efforts or when I do get deleted or crippled by torps, it's either because I made a mistake (didn't change course and speed), bad luck (got torps), overexteding and I have nowhere to go, or a well played enemy DD doing a great ambush. Nothing like just firing your guns at one ship when you hear your secondaries going off to see a DD coming from the other side of your ship at a range where you KNOW you are getting all his torps right in your face. This was more common in ranked, since DDs had more gaps they could sneak though. 3. HE spam and fire. This can be a problem but again, with my common captain builds and careful use of consumables I can mitigate this. If I am under fire by multiple HE spamming ships I am in trouble though, but getting focused is always a problem, and ususally happens if I overextend. 4. Being patient with my guns is key, just because I CAN fire at a ship, does not mean I should. Often I wait to see if I can predict a turn, if a better target appears or I am about to get into a better position. This also realtes to target selection, yeah that BB has only 2k and I could do 30k to the GK near him, but taking the low health BBs guns out is better. Yes I might not hit that DD for more than 2k at the range I am at, but it will rattle him and help my DDs in their knife fight against him. That kind of thing. 5. Getting into a good position is key. I have found that I want to get in the middle range for most BBs (Mass is an exception, I try to be around 10km for that ship). That is where I can bring the most effective fire possible, and if I have done a good job of positioning I am not getting focused or I have a quick exit when I do. I am willing to give health to support my team, but I also need be able to retreat and lick my wounds (with DRP). Nothing is as demoralizing to the enemy as focusing a BB and seeint them slip away knowing they are going to heal up and come back later. NB: I have yet to be experience any real threat from a Harugamo. I know that is the new hotness in terms of supposed BB hate, but I find the guns saturate pretty quick on the parts they can pen with HE and then it does very little damage. And it's slower speed and HUGE size make it very vunerable to my 12 guns, even with AP. I have played other classes, but recently I have really been focusing on BBs so these are my thoughts from several months back when I played DDs and Cruisers more. DDs: 1. DDing is hard for me. It requires more active control of your ship and faster reflexes, so I am not as good at it. 2. Torping is hard, you really have to learn to predict where people will be. The lead indicator is a rough guide but given the amount of travel time you cannot relly on it. 3. I was pretty good at gunboat DDs and support DDs. It's why I liked the USN line. I could support a cap, smoke allies, spot etc. I did my best games when I focused on helping the team. 4. Radar is a problem but could be mitigated by map awareness and patience. The times radar ruined my day are when I was not paying attention. 5. Positioning is key. If I am in a good spotting position I am also usuall in a good postion to screen my BBs for incoming torps, torp enemy BBs and contest and control caps. If I rushed a cap and did not ensure I had an escape or support, I usually sank. Cruisers: 1. Playing a long range HE spamming kiting cruisers was easier for me than a close range cruiser like the USN line (even though I only got to T10 in the USN line). 2. If you have radar, you WILL get focused. When I play the DM, as soon as I am spotted, a good team will do whatever it takes to remove me from the game 3. Getting into a good position is the key. If I could bring effective fire to enemy BBs with limited return fire, wreck the citidels of overextending enemy cruisers and chase off or sink enemy DDs near caps. I need an effective exit as well because sometimes, descresion is the better part of valor. I guess what I have found, positioning is key? Other than that, I have found I have been able to deal with most of the changes to the game over the 2 years I have played and still have fun, I mean I still play a little almost every day. Other random thoughts, I hate RN BBs at high tier, I got the Lion and just stopped. They are not bad, just...meh. I find them boring to play I guess. The mid tier ships are pretty fun, I love my Warspite and my Nelson. And the KGV is a lot of fun as well. I like USN and Frech BBs the most. I also like KSM BBs for brawling, but I am bad in them because I overextend trying to get into secondary range because the main guns are so frustrating for me. I don't have this problem as much with the Mass though, I have great games in that ship. I don't know much about the IJN BBs, I have up to Fuso, and I got a Musashi which I play mostly for the sound of the guns.