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  1. When an allied ship is designated for support, the English voice-over asks captains '... support that target.' Could that be changed to '... support that ally.' or even '... support that ship.'? Not a huge issue, but it should be a fairly minor 'fix' as well. A bit troubling for your allies to designate you as a 'target'...
  2. Unkc

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Since I could use the camos and/or signals, I tried 20, and here are my results: x3 4 New Year Streamer Camo (boxes 14, 15 & 16 - a bit odd but RNGs can be that way at times...) x4 50 Zulu Hotel Signals x6 50 Zulu Signals x2 300 Doubloons x1 2 Type59 Camo x2 10,000 Free XP x1 Anshan Tier VI DD w/ 10 point Commander (3rd box, did increase my interest!) x1 50 Equal Speed Charlie London Signals I feel good about the purchase - a nominal US$ 26.60 worth (at 0.4 cents per doubloon) plus the DD for US$ 16.99. TBH, I wasn't about to run out & buy the Anshan, so it's a plus, but not a big one for me; YMMV.