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  1. Had a match a while ago, 2 enemy CVs thought they'd try their hands at some old fashioned CV sniping, defended myself with a bayern assisting, while they were busy trying to kill me I was doing what damage I could while my team was busy kicking the crap out of thiers. 31 planes shot down total. I have become the ultimate bait! Most fun I had all day. Funny thing is, it wasn't the CVs that got me, the DD took on the kill later. Edit: took down the screenshot just to be safe I know I can post screenshots of RNCVs but not sure about the end of match cards srry.
  2. Sinboto

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Should be in dumbledore's office.
  3. ironic, not sure if you've been paying attention recently but the CVs aren't exactly dominating every match right now.
  4. Now, I've been having a rough time of it with the CV play and mid tier surface ship play (T5-7) over the past couple of days, I'll admit I've been pretty salty trying to get my KGV I just bought back up to my usual standard since she seems to have become a bomber magnate (shouldn't that be POW?) and trying to figure out the new AA as a CV. But there was a little thing that I noticed while using the catapult fighter on the New Orleans while in a div with a buddy of mine last night, if you haven't seen it or use ships that don't have them: when you use it, there's about 3-5 fighters that launch from the catapult depending on skills/ship, but it's the WAY it's done that made me laugh. Instead of using both catapults on the ship or launching them one at a time they kinda rapid machine gun launch as if they were coming off of a CVs flightdeck. It was such a small, stupid, thing but it honestly made me smile and laugh from how strange it looked happening. I don't know, just taking joy in the little things I suppose.
  5. Sinboto

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    50% less chance of being assaulted than the other IJN CVs.
  6. Sinboto

    KGV is more fun than I remember

    I love my nelson, however, if you love steak and eat steak for 2 months day after day would you not want something other than steak?
  7. Sinboto

    Q. for those playing CV in Co-op games

    1: all T4 CVs drop one torp per run, you get more later. 2: rockets, you use them to attack DDs and cruisers. 3: The AI tries to predict where you are going and leads the shot, dodge a bit and you'll see less flack appear right in front of you.
  8. Sinboto

    Watch your aim

    Had two DDs shoot torps at a BB I was in a gun duel with, had to become neo for about 20 seconds there -_-
  9. I've been up in the air about buying a T7 BB to have when I need one, and wasn't nelson, so I was between KGV and Nagato. Waited on the update and compared their AA guns, turns out KGV has more and they give more flack so I picked her up, no regrets she's amazing even more than I remember. She even got a secondary gun buff, how about that? Although I don't remember her second turret breaking so much the first time around, oh well.
  10. Sinboto

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Yeah that was my first thought, infantry is bad enough but 1000+ dudes on my head? Yikes. But...I wouldn't mind being the captain of HMS Bermuda
  11. Sinboto

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    British Oversea Territory techicly, Bermuda. Here is a hat short fraulein!
  12. Sinboto

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    needs a haircut
  13. I would LOVE to be able to control my consumables again.
  14. Sinboto

    Thanks, WG

    free stuff woho!
  15. Right so I guess this is a PSA or something, been seeing a lot of CVs in random not moving at all and while I'm 80% sure some of them are just bugged out, AFK or...ahem 'special'. I figured I would make an actual effort to teach at least one person out there who actually doesn't know and happens to read this how to move their CV: There are two ways, to move your CV by using the map mode and by taking direct control. 1: Map mode, you'll be using this mode the most you access it by hitting the 'M' key on your keyboard and then using 'Left mouse click' to set a waypoint. Also you can hold down shift to do this multiple times making a path. As you can see you can use the minimap to keep track of where your ship is set to go and where the enemy is, you can also simply go back to the map mode my hitting 'M' use the '+' or '-' keys on the right hand side of your keyboard to in/decrease the size of your mini map. ( I suggest a halfway point, not so big it gets in the way but big enough to read things on) you can further set things like last known positions and other useful info by hitting the gear icon on the top right corner of the minimap. 2: You can also recall your planes and control your ship directly (or do so when you have no planes up), this is no different from what you are used to, you can call your squadron back by pressing the F key. Remember you can also set your secondary guns in this mode: Not much else to say, have fun out there! Edit: I'm a lier, remember not to set a waypoint directly behind you as it will force your CV to reverse instead of turn, this can be useful but for the most part should be avoided.