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  1. Sinboto

    Who have you seen in game

    Over 5k post woooo!
  2. I'm in too deep, I've been playing nothing but DDs and CVs for too long and now BBs are frustrating me to no end, send help I think if I see another shot at 5km straddle a target I'll go insane. edit: just venting.
  3. 1: indeed English is a tricky thing. 2: I think I'm misunderstanding you here, to my knowledge you do not decelerate at a faster rate (assuming you are going to full to stop in a line) if you are calling for the full reverse or 1/4 speed. To clarify if I was to order 1/2 speed on one ship and then 1/4 on the other the rate of deceleration would not be faster just the end result in speed. So I'm fairly sure I'm missing something in your statement. So I ask you for clarification. 3: Because I was, I was using the numbers to separate different points not to respond to your numbered points as I am doing now. As for your other point, indeed. 4: The implication in your statement, Is implying that your experience is normal, which from the conversations and observations I've had it is not. And while we're on the topic of opinions yes I did state this as a fact rather than as an opinion without meaning to. However, my opinion comes from experience playing CVs for quite some time, and from looking at stats (both my own and others) from before and after they were released to the public. And if we want to be technical I have seen and assisted in testing with my own personal data for hits on DDs by CVs via rockets. Beyond that assuming that only hardcore players visit the forums is blatantly false, there's a lot of different skill levels browsing the forums at any time. I'm pretty average for example, you also have new players looking for tips, and people returning to the game after breaks brushing up on information. Simply put your opinions and assumptions are no more grounded than mine. And you assumed a few things that were downright false. 5: This one is a doozy, and has a lot of holes in it logic wise. There are so many ways to explain and counter this we could be here for days. If you use something that doesn't absolutely need to be used there can be many reasons and circumstances. For example, during training, we had a guy who got a large scratch from a large plant during a jungle exercise and we used a bit of water and a medicinal item that I can't pronounce. Technically speaking we didn't need to use it crap was expensive stuff and it was just a scratch. Should have just wrapped that sucker up after cleaning it. That ended up saving his life cause we learned later that the plant he was scratched by was extremely poisonous and would have killed him before we even got to the camp otherwise. He still spent three days in a med bed. There are plenty of examples where an item that doesn't need to be used is used, and no that doesn't mean that you can use it whenever you want with no reason. Bullets for shooting beer cans out in the woods, not necessary, does that mean you can use them in any situation at any time because of it? Hell no, that's absolutely daft. Also "the nature of language" is an extremely broad term that doesn't overly fit the exact subject we are speaking about but that's just my opinion. Edit: I hope I'm not coming off as hostile that's not what I want, I get enough of that for just being in ST so I don't want to do that to someone else. @DracoTB
  4. Sinboto

    Did ramming change?

    Nah, weird stuff like that happens from time to time with rams there's some explanation for it but hell if I remember it at 3 in the morning.
  5. Ah also while I'm here @HazardDrake I'm generally more of a cruiser/BB kinda guy but I do in fact play DDs regularly, especially so because STs generally test new lines/premium ships as they come out and there have been quite a few DDs needing testing over the past few years or so since I joined. Unfortunately, the test ships don't show up on my profile (I think it's public I don't check it often because I don't really care) most of the time because, well they are test ships, so it doesn't look like I play them very often. Hey, what ya gonna do right?
  6. OHH I get it you're being smart about it, sure we can play this game if you want. 1: If you knew that why did you phrase it as if you were ignorant to this, odd. You do know that DDs have to stop to use smoke right? (this is what I was initially responding to, as you make it sound like you HAVE to stop fully in order to use the smoke.) followed by. If they keep going the smoke appears behind them but if they stop they're now nicely set up for the enemy DD that they can't see to torp them. (again sowing confusion, as you make it sound like you think that you have to stop or suffer from outrunning their smoke, of which there is a way to avoid.) 2: I do know how long it takes to slow down, I play the same game you do after all. I also know that it is in no way absolutely necessary to go into reverse and then go into 1/4 speed due to how the speed mechanics actually work in relation to the smoke. Just going into 1/4 speed and then decelerating is fine if you know the timing, works on DDs and many smoke using cruisers, as for your other point I'd like to point out that any time you use smoke with or without a CV present it gathers attention from the enemy team and you run the risk of being attacked via torps and or shells. 3: I agree, it's always nice when people put the effort in to learn more about the game as it makes everyone's experience better. However, the matches we play are not in a vacuum where everyone plays at 100% all the time. There are many reasons why someone may be going in a line, or not react to an attack in any ship including: Engaged in a battle, threading torpedoes, tunnel visioning in their guns, unable to turn due to danger, attacked from an unexpected angle and so on. Should it happen, in a perfect world no but we live in this world. 4: Ah being sassy again are we, I assure you I don't have a spreadsheet of attack run hit rates on hand for when I'm randomly browsing the forums, that's a completely illogical thing to expect someone to just randomly have for no reason but I have a feeling you know that. I'd recommend asking around the forums for more opinions, searching for the information via google, youtube, or asking a WG employee for it, otherwise, you'll have to wait for a while for me to get that kind of number by number info. 5: So I wanted to check this myself, of course, I wouldn't want to have people misunderstand me or anything and your statement is lacking. I first imply that I launch planes at the start of a T6 match, which could have been misunderstood, however, I clarify that I am talking about the start of matches in a later sentence. T6 match launch planes, only two objectives spot DD he turns his AA on only after being spotted (good job DD) I expect him to smoke up as I'm turning to get him but he...doesn't. (could be misunderstood) The same thing on my team sometimes in T8-10, the start of the match DD in the cap, see planes coming DD stays in the cap no smoke gets hit. (absolutely not) In this post, I also state the SITUATIONS in which I am referring to so no, I am not saying that you can or should just use your smoke any whichever way you want with no thoughts about the consequences. Hopefully, this helps clarify some things for you. Edit: and no I have no idea what's going on with the quote box.
  7. a few points: 1: No, you do not have to stop fully to activate smoke, you can simply slow your ship down gradually or start the smoke generator while turned away. 2: If you can dodge most attacks from a CV good for you, most people can't do that reliably so you're a set above most. 3: If you are missing the majority of your attacks on DDs with a CV it's not commonly an issue for most CV players, it's not overly difficult to land at least a handful of rockets (I'm assuming that's what you are talking about) on a DD even if they manoeuvre. 4: I am not speaking about using smoke every time a CV flys over, if it wasn't clear my pardons.
  8. Right so I've given this a little bit of thought and I'm pretty confused about this. I'm an on-off CV player and I see this pretty often, I'll give you an example: T6 match launch planes, only two objectives spot DD he turns his AA on only after being spotted (good job DD) I expect him to smoke up as I'm turning to get him but he...doesn't. ( Edit: I would like to point out this was the start of the match, as someone misunderstood me) One run, two, three, now he's lost I'd say a third HP and he chooses NOW to use his smoke. The same thing on my team sometimes in T8-10, the start of the match DD in the cap, see planes coming DD stays in the cap no smoke gets hit. I always wonder what that's about, I mean don't get me wrong it makes my job easier for sure but it's always a head scratch moment for me. Is there something I'm missing here, am I in the wrong?
  9. I always figured someone just didn't want to make a new icon and make it more confusing for new guys.
  10. Sinboto

    Caption the profile image above you.

    She obviously wants a hug!
  11. Sinboto

    Losing Connection?

    and again just now -_-
  12. Sinboto

    Losing Connection?

    I have, had it happen five times in one match the other day.
  13. Sinboto

    AA since 8.5

    Yeah, I do agree, frankly this whole CV rework has placed them on on one side of the scale or the other. Hopefully they can find a middle ground soon. Honestly it's getting kind of tiresome...
  14. Submarines? Next you'll tell me that unicorns are real too.