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  1. Sinboto


    I would have to disagree, there are many ships outside of steel ships that are borderline or flat out more powerful than many of the ships in the line proper.
  2. maybe this is the beginning of skynet?
  3. Sinboto

    A Free Tirpitz???

    The most likely answer is either they gave it to you for coming back after a long period of time or you won some kind of contest without realizing it. Assuming it wasn't a gift from a friend you simply forgot about. Or maybe there was a ship added to your account by mistake, who knows.
  4. @Patton5150 First off, please put your screenshots in a spoiler, it makes them take up far less space. Secondly I have no fathomable idea, autopilot is broken, stuff like that happens sometimes and I frankly have no concrete reasons as to why nor have the devs chosen to explain it. The CV would sometimes move backwards instead of turning in previous patches so perhaps it's an issue from that but who knows. There's also the old boilers turning off gag, which has gotten me killed a few times. TLDR: Broken autopilot is broken.
  5. Sinboto

    New British capt for coal

    I have this captain, he is pretty good for CVs with his enhanced skills and special...I guess you would call them abilities?
  6. Sinboto

    California Loves CVs

    So you are saying that rushing into three battleships in a light cruiser when you have all the caps is a bad idea? Nonsense, don't be silly, we are warships not pansy steamboats!
  7. @_Marines Out of curiosity can you (or have you) do one for the new german premium CV?
  8. If you ever want the most frustration out of this game possible, play it on patch day. This is almost 100k damage in a T6 CV, IN A T8 MATCH. A strong T6 CV to be sure, but still a T6 CV. The entire team went behind one island for half the game like some kind of snake mating ball which lead to multiple ships entering the cap INCLUDING AN ENEMY T6 CV. I had to personally enter the cap in my carrier to stop them. Which is why I have so many plane kills. And after all that they STILL managed to botch it, the allied NC ended the match on near full HP somehow. The only person who was actually useful was the mogami by the name of MalteseDolphin on my team so props to him/her. On the upside the bombs are really nice. Rant over, these guys were useless, I need something to calm my nerves.
  9. Sinboto

    Where is Champagne

    I put mine in a little fancy box in the corner of the room hidden away so my nephew doesn't get to it when he visits. Oh you mean the ship? No idea really.
  10. Sinboto

    Are Their a Lot of Trolls like this in Game?

    There will sometimes be players who troll in ranked just to mess with people. For example there was a time when a few players would reach rank five and then purposefully throw games in CVs (rushing forward into the middle of the map wasting planes by launching and flying around AA) all to make people loose stars. Some people just get a kick out of it I guess, who knows.
  11. Sinboto

    Thunderer Build?

    Reload all the way for thunderer, for me personally.
  12. Sinboto

    New T6 premium German CV

    Standard enhanced CV secondary guns as far as I'm aware, normal in other words. To put it simply, it can work and often does, due to the number of guns especially at T6-7. But they are not the glorious graf secondary guns reborn at T6 if that is what you are asking.
  13. Sinboto

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Just a girl and her demon.
  14. Sinboto

    New T6 premium German CV

    Not...really? Just be sure to clarify in your own post for the sake of not spreading misinformation I suppose.
  15. Sinboto

    New T6 premium German CV

    The german CV line have mass secondary dispersion, the graf zep has even better dispersion than that, unique to herself. All CVs generally have pretty good secondary dispersion in comparison to the standard capital ship.