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  1. Was just checking my stats in the first time in forever, I like to check it every once in a while out of curiosity. Was just wondering what your stats say you do best in and if you agree with them. Just for full transparency(although you could just look at it, I don't think I've set it to private): By stats I'm a cruiser main followed closely by BBs. I have a pretty average win rate across the board, my 'top ships' by battle are murmansk, kamikaze R and mogami. I've played mostly T5 and T7. My stats say I love the Japanese and hate the french /Europe in general, being from a british territory I suppose that's just the way it should be haha. Most damage done and potentially taken was in my lion (227k and a little over 4 million potential damage). Most destroyed was fiji (8), most base XP was in the daring (4606). Both spotting and spotting damage is audacious which shocked me stupid (12 ships in one match and a little over 236k spotting damage). Oh and the old hak has most planes downed (62) I think my Alabama has the most from the new CVs now, 50 something. (that match sucked) I do have to mention that test ships generally don't count towards personal stats and you can't get achievements in them either so no cheating from me on that front. I've decided to put more time into CVs and DDs since they are my lowest numbers, I like DDs, even though they are kind of squishy. I have a few CV lines but I don't play them all the time, especially lower tier CVs because I kind of hate the way T4 CVs are right now. Personally I'd say Fiji is my favourite ship, followed by mogami, ironically I'm not very partial to the lion. Pretty accurate for me I suppose.
  2. Sinboto

    Can we have an option for no-CV matches?

    Only if we can get an all DD option too!
  3. You do realise enterprise was removed from the game because it's too powerful right, those kinds of numbers are not normal for T8 CVs.
  4. Depends on the ship and what you're fighting, while it's not something that happens every time you can absolutely wipe out a squadron with high AA ships. (I've wiped out squads using my Baltimore for example) Completely avoiding damage/stopping a CV from dropping is not easy (it's of course is designed to be that way) but it's not impossible either.
  5. The detection on the Tashkent is 3.2 km with all mods and skills, I've been doing decently in her. *shrug* matters of opinion I suppose.
  6. There's a conversation to be had about DD AA, we've got quite a few DDs with decent AA for their tier and some with 'meh' AA. But if you're looking for AA so powerful that the CV can't even drop on ya you may want to hit the sweeds or run high AA cruisers.
  7. Sinboto

    Who owns torpedoes?

    Honestly if I torp someone I'll own up to it even if I feel like the other person should have seen them or did something stupid, fact of the matter is that I launched torps behind someone so there was always the chance of hitting a team mate in that specific case, I have no idea how much attention someone is paying to what's happening behind them as it were. Still some people really push the big red idiot button sometimes haha.
  8. 1km, are you nuts? Are you drunk right now? I understand that CVs are a pain (I'm grinding the russian gunboat line right now) but 1km? You can't even hide in smoke from enemy ships that effectively, you'd get proximity spotted. That's not making DDs easier to hide that's making DDs borderline invisible to CVs at all. Edit: Oh I forgot, the detection by air range is also affected by mods and skills from captains, so it'd effectively be SUB 1km.
  9. Sinboto

    Easy Fix to Balance CVs

    Hey, compared to the other BBs of their era they are pretty good! Except audacious, I don't know what the hell happened with her. So I shall counter by saying she is just a very curvaceous woman who is beautifully designed and shame on you for hull shaming her.
  10. Sinboto

    Easy Fix to Balance CVs

    The amount of cherry picking and "from a certain point of view" from the top two is amusing. First off CVs are not the largest ships in the game, they are often longer than some (but not all) BBs but the way they are designed actually makes them quite a bit lighter/more manoeuvrable compared to many BBs who have to carry things like you know, heavy armour and gun turrets. In real life CVs are often VERY manoeuvrable, even more so than in the game so they've actually been nerfed in that regard. Despite all this the CVs are generally not more manoeuvrable than BBs in game simply because they lack access to the rudder modifications. So BBs tend to be faster on the turn. Frankly if a CV was dodging your torps at sub 5km, the CV was either in direct control of the carrier, or you botched your torp run. Not sitting here and saying that CVs don't have issues (look at T4, I hatttteee T4 CVs) but to say they have absolutely no down sides is simply false. They have many downsides/weaknesses to go along with their strengths as they are now, it becomes very noticeable when you watch new (or unskilled) people playing them or very skilled people playing them. CVs are not perfect (in any way) but a lot of your info seems to come from assumptions rather than facts, as shown above.
  11. I've noticed this happening in randoms as well but it's a bit more noticeable in ranked due to the smaller teams: Please stop showing broadside in the Sinop to other BBs at close range, I do appreciate the free citadels, but truly it's a horrible idea to do especially because people in ranked are far more likely to give your squishy russian hips an AP punch. Her broadside armour is a lie you have squishy, battlecruiser like, hips that can't take any kind of large caliber fire at close range. This has been a friendly tip from your immensely sarcastic random guy.
  12. Sinboto

    Any way to expand aircraft spotting range?

    Right, so firstly it's probably prudent to fix a misconception you seem to have about how spotting is done via planes. The 'spotting range' you are talking about has nothing to do with your planes, it's the enemy ships that are the issue. The spotting range for planes is actually quite far, but there's an issue with this. Every ship in the game has a 'spotted by air' stat the lowest being the DDs and cruisers, some ships have such a large spotted by air range that you generally will see them a good bit out but for some DDs and CL/CAs the range is rather low. DDs in particular often have a sub 3km spotted by air range which means that often enough the AA has more range than the DDs' assured acquisition range via planes, if the DD leaves the AA on you will see them when the AA goes off, however it has become common practice to turn AA off until the planes get close so as to maximise the time they spend unspotted. TDLR: it's not your planes spotting range it's the concealment of the enemy.
  13. I'm really enjoying the Tashkent class light cruiser. She has small guns and weak armour but she is blindingly fast and her citadel is practically unhittable. Her gun velocity, and rate of fire, is top notch as well! Hopefully WG raises her citadel at some point though, feels kind of unfair for a light cruiser to not have a citadel, even if her HP is kind of low.
  14. Yeah I went part way and then realised "What the hell am I doing?" Went up a few tabs and bought a premium ship instead.
  15. Sinboto

    Who have you seen in game

    Then you got revenge snipped by the amagi