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  1. Ok so we all know that as an online game WOWs has new ships coming in all the time, premium ships, new lines and coal ships yada yada. But sometimes I just like to go back to some of the older ships in the game and enjoy myself. Mogami was pretty much my favourite ship (until fiji, after Murmansk and aoba) when I was starting out as a little captainlit. I've just gotten her back while grinding the line for a second time (research bureau) and I've rediscovered my love for the six-inch gun version I mean ok the turret traverse sucks six ways to hell (seriously slow for a cruiser) but still it's pretty fun! What are some of the older ships that you can't help but enjoy despite their age? Mine are: Mogami Aoba (first love) Murmansk Kamikaze R St. louis Clemson (because of double gun DD at T4) Edit: I forgot warspite! D:
  2. Sinboto

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Hot Dog Etiquette.
  3. Sinboto

    Caption the profile image above you.

    When the captain remembers to finish his daily missions.
  4. I wasn't, only french ships I have are premium. (I'm pretty sure anyway)
  5. Yeah I know, just a thought from a bored dude.
  6. This is such a small unimportant thing but it really does bug me, anyone else notice that some of the ships in-game have helicopter pads even if we don't have helicopters? It's such a tiny little detail but it just makes me want to see helicopters as a consumable, maybe as a skin for fighters or something, instead of fighters or scout planes you get helicopters. It's right down there with 'Real Kraken appears when you get the achievement' levels of not helpful to improving the game but I've always thought it would be cool to see. ...I needed something to do while the game updates.
  7. Sinboto

    Battleship Help

    Kriegsmarine, the German navy, well they don't call it that anymore for understandable reasons.
  8. Sinboto

    Which CV Line?

    If you are new to CV I fully recommend the American CV with the British coming up behind them on the difficulty scale being somewhat difficult but not impossible to learn quickly, the Japanese CVs are new player unfriendly and I would not advise using them past T4 if you don't have any experience with CVs right now. Unfortunately, the T4 CVs are not really a good representation of how the higher tier ships will play for multiple reasons, the damage you do at T4 is crap in general for new players who don't know how to abuse them. I'd recommend looking up a few youtube videos to see what high tier CVs are like.
  9. Definitely something strange going on, myself and a few others in my last match had our guns firing without a command and others who couldn't fire at all.
  10. Sinboto

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    As far as the original question of nerfing premium ships (after launch anyway) goes: In my personal experience as far as premium ships go they are almost universally changed during massive updates to a mechanic in the game. A few examples: Hood with the AA updates, the premium CVs, German premiums when they got the HE buff ect ect. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be for the worse for a ship: see Graf Zeppelin and Atlanta. Generally speaking, premium ships are more likely to be pulled from purchase if they are deemed too powerful or too damaging to the economy of the game: Belfast, Enterprise, Kutuzov. Or if they disrupt normal gameplay too much: Kitakami for example. Truly this may come from the fact that if they randomly nerfed and buffed ships it would result in a forum/Reddit crap storm. It makes me kinda sad honestly because many of these OP or meta damaging ships are pretty famous: Musashi, Enterprise, Belfast, Kitakami, Missouri, to name a few. I'm never gonna have an Enterprise now The coal or event ships can change though: Thunderer and Smolensk, for example, are coal ships. So technically they can be balanced if the dev team sees fit.
  11. Sinboto

    Ever have a game that just felt like cruelty to bots?

    No, bots are evil and must be exterminated before they pull a Skynet they are already too powerful as it is.
  12. Sinboto

    Secondary Build Italian Cruiser????

    Trying to set fires maybe? Only thing I can think of that you could even pen would be DD superstructure and some of the super-light cruisers (mino and such) I just realized that some of the high tier DDs have more protection than the British light cruisers do haha.
  13. Have a returning friend of mine pick up the nelson recently, I have the ship myself and have a bit of a love-hate relationship with her. Sometimes she showers me with fires and citadels sometimes she whiffs shots at sub 10km. We talked for a bit about the pros and cons of the nelson as we took them out for a spin and we kinda unanimously agreed that her giant squishy bow armour is pretty much the thing we both dislike about her since it kinda kills any close-range gameplay if the enemy happens to have big guns on their side and we both love brawling. Kinda glad they left out the torpedo tubes on her because it would just give you another reason to get close, besides the kinda ok-ish (?) secondary guns, hey what you gonna do right? Just a late-night observation now that I'm kinda winding down for the night and I'm on my sixth glass of (unnamed beverage).
  14. Sinboto

    Where the sound of Ho-Ho?

    I mean considering how Christmas was a half-century ago I think we are WAY past the point of being surprised about Christmas being monetized.
  15. premium ships specifically have an increased credit yield This is from my original post: I already mentioned that...