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  1. Paul_Mitchell04

    Happy Canada Day!!

    Happy Canada Day friends!!
  2. Paul_Mitchell04

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    HMS Thunderer eh? Haha
  3. Paul_Mitchell04

    Why does WG keep trolling us with the Belfast?

    I still have my Belfast! Can't say i use her much but she's sitting pretty in my port!
  4. Paul_Mitchell04

    NATO Flag for Nato countries.

    Just thinking it would be nice to see a NATO flag in-game! Anyone else think so?
  5. Paul_Mitchell04

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    #CanadaDayWoWs on Twitter.
  6. Paul_Mitchell04

    No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    #CanadaDayWoWs on Twitter.
  7. Paul_Mitchell04

    Is there any chance Haida will be released on Canada day?

  8. This is on twitter from Wargaming - In Celebration of Canada Day, July 1st, we will be giving away 15 Haida's with the Maple Leaf Perma-Camo. To enter simply use the hashtag #CanadaDayWoWs here on twitter with your in game name. Contest ends July 2nd 1:59Am. #HappyCanadaDay