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  1. HoboCadet

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description : Loading Screen for port buffering Example: See screen shot attached How to reproduce: 1. Log into game 2. Wait until loading video finishes 3. Then watch the buffer/loading icon spin away Result: Unable to play a game, requires ending the task in Task Manager to close the game
  2. Im playing subs and do have to agree with your points, along with the ASW is way too OP (insta death) lol
  3. HoboCadet

    Submarines just my opinion

    Also subs need to be allowed to stay underwater longer in one session- even at a minute longer , otherwise the gameplay is similar to that of a DD.
  4. HoboCadet

    PTS 0.11.4 - Bug Reports

    game freezes when starting to load team line ups
  5. I'm liking the new addition of subs to the game, a complete different playstyle to the surface ships. Everyone plays different so there is now something for everyone - i wouldn't say they are fun to play but I've only played around 30 games so far, find hey die quickly if spotted and found the ASW to be really effective from surface ships. You need to get that "one" game that gives you that high damage output but more often than not the damage caused by the sub isn't that high relatively speaking.
  6. its just a pixel game - you guys need to chill out, play to your strengths and stop moaning - change is good , you just have to evolve or wither
  7. ASW (anti sub war) is way OP when playing a DD or BB with depth charges - needs a nerf
  8. Glad the subs are back - really enjoyed playing them and the gameplay . instead of people saying remove subs or CVs from the game , why not remove DDs or BBs . Same effect
  9. HoboCadet

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    Convoy Battle Transport ship went off course , rammed itself into a mountain Stayed alive there all game - Screenshot below
  10. HoboCadet

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    What would be a great thing to use would be a T10 Secondary build BB - oh those fires , called HMS Churchill lol
  11. HoboCadet

    PTS 0.10.4

    Will the seasonal PT rewards be coming back to the PTS . (Spring,summer,Autumn , Winter etc) Just out of interest ????
  12. HoboCadet

    PTS 0.10.4

    Also use this to "practice" more, it'll benefit you on the main server - ship builds , ship class tactics etc
  13. HoboCadet

    It’s Time for Pumpkin Smash!

    Didn't get in this time by the looks, was a pumpkin last year though so perhaps i'll take that lol , not sure what criteria is being used this year
  14. HoboCadet

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    I’ve been using this for a while, have warships and warplanes linked to it, it does what it’s supposed to . never had any trouble with it too
  15. HoboCadet

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Some guys like being competitive but in randoms we have some good players in the clan who couldnt care less over clan battles which seems a shame , however each to their own