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  1. HoboCadet

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    If your a CV main and dont play other classes how can you play CB ? Come on WG play fair, you wanted people to try to play CVs but eliminate them simply when not required , open up all classes of surface ships
  2. HoboCadet

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    Played 10 games so far , used the Tirpitz for 3 games and won 2 lost last, against a DD, cruiser, then lost against a Kii. Then taken out Enterprise CV Which I think is OP in 1v1 and won each game. Dont get me wrong its not a moan just and observation 😂 total 8 wins 2 losses 👍....... watch my luck now change
  3. HoboCadet

    Public Test - 0.9.0 - Feedback

    So far - i'm liking the newer maps with the collecting of supply drops ! No issues found yet, all working fine
  4. HoboCadet

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    I voted for the research bureau another ship added to that would be cool , i like grinding those RB ships ive done both and fancied something else to grind out. Nevertheless the free Xp is OK but might as well just give the ship away with most long term players having free xp lying around. Shame the dockyard wasn't offered having to build the DD would be cool to watch
  5. I do like the Tokyo game show camo, looks cool
  6. I like the look of the Fujin and its camo, pretty scary when this thing is around
  7. HoboCadet

    ST, matchmaker changes.

    This would be a nice to see with this soft CV cap at those tiers, hopefully no more or much reduced games with 3 CV each time , if i were a newer player this would definitely put me off . It'll be hard enough learning what the ships can or cant do never mind that amount of air attacks. We know the lack off AA from surface ships at this tier isn't good, take a look at the Arkansas Beta - Zero AA Teir 4
  8. HoboCadet

    Okhotnik = Fun

    Tried a few games in the ship last night, thought about having some lower tier fun for a change and I'm so loving getting back into this thing. I really forgot how mental it was he Okhotnik, great guns and those 12 torps, omg Try and use it for pure ambushing, the enemy will not get a chance with those 62knot speed torps @ 4.5k range- virtually guaranteed to hit Worst part about the ship i think is the cruiser style turning circle but you can overcome this the more times you play and get used to it
  9. Well, ive started the grind with added boosters, ive got nothing better to do this month so i should be on course to pick up the PR if i play 12 hour a day until the end
  10. HoboCadet

    ST, British event arc and Lunar New Year

    Looking forward to the Royal Navy heavy cruisers, some nice looking ships
  11. HoboCadet

    Where did MY PR GO?

    Its always best to read the public test bulletins before you play on the test server, that way you will know what to expect
  12. HoboCadet

    PT, Balance Changes

    What does that actually mean?
  13. HoboCadet

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    The Dockyard was excellent , pretty easy to understand. The graphics were cool with cut scenes, perhaps more of those would be nice . Am looking forward to the grind when i goes live. The New Years Celebration & Snowflakes are good for a seasonal treat , always need coal. What would have been an even nicer treat is to have steel snowflakes at T10 too like last year but thats just an observation not a complaint :-) anything basically free is great! The captains logbook will be a nice addition for reference I really enjoyed the special 1v1 in Sprint, it was unusual just playing against a single opponent but i suppose that was the whole novelty. Some of the Matchmaking was slightly off perhaps but then again it is a test server with fewer players. Overall i've liked what i've seen and played so far WG !