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  1. HoboCadet

    Announcing SKIPPER

    i tried to join but took me to ..... Youtube? Perhaps the link isnt working. cmon wargaming sort this out The skipper is great , ive left a ticket but still waiting
  2. do any of the dev's actually play a CV in this game to see how useless the CV are now. CVs in PT at least did some damage
  3. HoboCadet

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Totally agree with @KelesK The ship AA has now been increased to OP proportions , a 10 % max increase in AA damage should be enough to kill some aircraft then let 1 or 2 through
  4. HoboCadet

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    In this round 2 with the CV rework the AA especially at T10 needs to be toned down slightly , the aircraft is struggling to get through . all but 1 torpedo bombers from a total of 12 from the Midway now shot down against 1 Republic, at least in round 1 i could get 4 through to the republic OP AA seems to have reverted back to the beta test meta
  5. I agree @Zkyzytuz im struggling to get the torps to hit with that arming distance in the T10 IJN CV
  6. Controls of the aircraft do get easier, it will take a few games to understand the Dynamics of the controls bit then it's pretty easy to hit your targets
  7. Im liking the new CV rework, the playstyle is much better than previous. I'm finding it more engaging than the old RTS syle. Its something that i am enjoying which id never thought id say using CVs lol
  8. Hey guys How do i select the aircraft when using manual AA ? Have i missed something different in this 3rd test? Normally its point and click similar to manual secondaries, however i'm not seeing any icon showing manual is selected on a aircraft. I've just come out of a battle playing an AA spec Cleveland with manual AA, but the aircraft shot down was lower than expected.
  9. HoboCadet

    Let’s Talk About "Ranked Sprint"

    Well done WG for providing the lower tier ranked , its so much better than that Tier 10 ranked with just sniping at range, these lower teir BB are great at tanking
  10. After trying the beta test and playing multiple games with the CV rework, i for one will be back into CVs. I found it overall a great experience much better than the current CV playstyle, for me anyhow. Sure there will be a number of changes or adjustments required before the CV's go into the live servers, but so far so good. Everyone should be open minded, Nice work WG!
  11. Really interested in seeing how they work fully in game by actually using the new play style, but then it is just a beta test so nothing is set in stone so best to be open minded until all the feedback comes in
  12. HoboCadet

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    Hey Kami Just something minor, the US and German captains names from within the Arsenal are the wrong way around. Screen shot attached Hobo