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  1. _Bad_Influence_

    What’s the point of distant voyager containers now?

    Used to hope for a camo in these containers now you hope not to get a camo! Well done WG
  2. _Bad_Influence_

    Random Prime LOOT Drop in!

    I got the 1k dubs
  3. _Bad_Influence_

    Free Italian Container Codes

    I've been lucky and have enough to complete it using duplicates but plan to hold off until I open the 3 from next weeks mission. Duplicates should be exchanged for credits and always helps. RNG look positive at me for once as I went a long time without a duplicate then went on a duplicate run and got two in this weeks mission to make it possible to finish.
  4. _Bad_Influence_

    Narai and Weimars

    Never knew that its against the rules to shoot ships others are as it prevents them from getting a high score. How does it work - I call out the ship and others cant shoot it? Sorry but I can go the same route and shoot the same ships as the Weimar does and if I get the kill too bad so sad there's no violation in that.
  5. _Bad_Influence_

    Abandoned by our Clan Commander

    Had same issue but with commander gone for about a years time. Nothing WG can/could do. Ended up making new clan. Some stayed with old one and others moved to new clan. Sorry it sucks but it's one of those it is what it is things and you need to decided what you want to do. I recommend that you create an alt and make it a recruiter in the old clan so if anyone wants to go back to it they can.
  6. _Bad_Influence_

    PSA: Asymmetric Battles

    When playing my Tash to get the Khab before it moves I had want times of well over 10 min. Said screw this and stopped playing the high tier. Not sure how the supposedly 3 min timer worked there.
  7. _Bad_Influence_

    Twilight Hunt made unplayable

    I've played today 3x and have exited 2x with no issues ar 5000k and 4500k+, the time I died was at almost 5000k so it's doable. Should be easier for a veteran of this mode.
  8. _Bad_Influence_

    WoWS Anniversary 2021 hidden achievement requirements

    Perhaps the brain award requires different types of kills - main battery, torp and secondary?
  9. _Bad_Influence_

    WoWS Anniversary 2021 hidden achievement requirements

    No screen shot as was last night - I know it was a secondary kill on a sub as I didn't fire mains (weren't on target anyway) and got the secondary and kill ribbon pop up with the Brain award. It was the last kill of game so ended then.
  10. _Bad_Influence_

    WoWS Anniversary 2021 hidden achievement requirements

    Just to add a little here I got the Brain one with a secondary kill on a sub in a Des Moines
  11. _Bad_Influence_

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    50 Restless Fire camo
  12. _Bad_Influence_

    random bundles

    Very odd I received 4225 tokens - why did some get 12k, none or in my case 4225?