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  1. The issue I have is the tiers are too close. Tier 5 and 6 regularly see tier 7 and 8 respectively in regular matches. They are already balanced around being able to still hold their own against these ships. Because the team numbers are so dramatically different for ships that see each other in the normal matchmaker anyways, it makes it extremely difficult for the high tier team to win.
  2. Don’t forget, Cesare arrived at the most opportune time to save the day from his incompetent lieutenants.
  3. Horama

    Why is the dockyard build a ship coming back??

    You may not be able to get Odin free (just like the Cossack event, where you could get 48 of 50 required tokens) but you don’t get nothing. You can still get Graf Spee and the perm “War Paint” camo for free by reaching stage 10.
  4. Horama

    Admiral Kimmel

    It was my understanding that Pearl Harbor has to be the reason as the wake rescue ships continued for 5 days after Kimmel was relieved. As for McAurthur, IIRC he recommended US forces continue north into China after Chinese troops began pouring in to North Korea. The president didn’t want to get into a war with China and so relieved McAurthur.
  5. Horama

    Admiral Kimmel

    His family has campaigned for it multiple times, and actually, in 1999 the senate passed a non binding resolution with 54 votes in favor to restore his rank, but President Clinton refused to.
  6. My friend started a petition I think the Wows community might be interested in. Here it is for those who are interested. http://chng.it/wK57NCKs
  7. Horama

    Smolensk in port

    They removed it from sale in the arsenal and seems unlikely they are going to ever resell it. Guess they changed the classification as well. edit: just double checked the patch notes. Smolensk was always supposed to be a unique ship, but it seems a bug caused her to appear as a premium. This bug has been fixed in the latest patch
  8. My best guess is because dual purpose guns in the game can fire as both AA and secondary/primary batteries at the same time, so they could only pick one of those two options to animate, otherwise you would have guns pointing multiple directions at once.
  9. In my experience, the wait time was there in name only at this point, as I have been in 10-15 minute queues and haven’t seen a bot in ransoms for any match I can remember.
  10. Iirc, this is no longer the case as the superstructure now has enough HP to sink the ship. Seem to recall that being a recent change.
  11. That would be fantastic if true. I have the tier 5 and 6 and their camo, and in order to get all 4, I just need one more DD in addition to siroco. I could just put a ton of exp on guepard and then get the tier 7 on patch day
  12. Horama

    IFHE changes??

    I personally like how they changed IFHE to only be -1% fire chance for DDs because no DD was willing to give up 3% fire chance. This was so that more DDs pick up the skill. Now they decide to half the fire chance, which in more than a few cases means DDs would lose MORE than 3% fire chance. Prepare for IFHE to be a dead skill among DDs again minus for the IJN 100mm.
  13. Only opened one crate so far. Got the tier V mission from it
  14. Horama

    New Coal ships

    Using my crystal ball, it says Smolensk will be available for coal.
  15. Horama

    Players like this should be banned

    Usually, the stat argument only comes up when someone is telling other people how to play. You wouldn’t take studying advice from a student failing the class.