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  1. Yes, she is worth the investment. While there isn’t any one thing she has that some other DD at tier 8 has, it’s the combination that makes her deadly. She has Kagero’s 5.4km detect but also can carry 3 Akizuki turrets, making her virtually unassailable at tier 8 by any DD except an Akizuki.
  2. Iirc, this is no longer the case as the superstructure now has enough HP to sink the ship. Seem to recall that being a recent change.
  3. That would be fantastic if true. I have the tier 5 and 6 and their camo, and in order to get all 4, I just need one more DD in addition to siroco. I could just put a ton of exp on guepard and then get the tier 7 on patch day
  4. Horama

    IFHE changes??

    I personally like how they changed IFHE to only be -1% fire chance for DDs because no DD was willing to give up 3% fire chance. This was so that more DDs pick up the skill. Now they decide to half the fire chance, which in more than a few cases means DDs would lose MORE than 3% fire chance. Prepare for IFHE to be a dead skill among DDs again minus for the IJN 100mm.
  5. Only opened one crate so far. Got the tier V mission from it
  6. Horama

    New Coal ships

    Using my crystal ball, it says Smolensk will be available for coal.
  7. Horama

    Players like this should be banned

    Usually, the stat argument only comes up when someone is telling other people how to play. You wouldn’t take studying advice from a student failing the class.
  8. Horama

    savage service cost broken?

    It depends on the level of the ship. The one star ships make less and have much lower service costs. The three star ones make more, but the service price is way higher, so the profit is lower/a loss.
  9. Horama

    A truly sad day

    I woke up this morning to a tragedy. I logged in, got ready for savage battles, pulled up the playlist I had saved of every Initial D eurobeat song, only to find every one of the over 300 videos deleted. How and i supposed to win savage battles now?!
  10. I finished a match today and noticed a mission titled "Daily shipments: the price of independence" with the task of earning 7 million credits in tier 5+ with an expiration on the 22nd of this month. I went to check my combat missions, challenges, and personal assignments and did not see this mission anywhere. Does anyone know what this is and what it rewards?
  11. I can’t think of any achievement you can get with so little score besides solo warrior, which could be achieved with a score of 0. I hope it wasn’t a solo warrior.
  12. Horama

    What so gunboaty about the ijn gunboat line?

    This was true back when Aki was the end of the line, but now with Kitakaze and Harugumo added in, more than half of the alternate branch are definitely gun boats.
  13. Horama

    What is the point of plane healz now?

    I doubt it. He has old Taiho, so he was playing them long before the rework.
  14. I’m pretty sure it’s just that as you collect more items, the chance of a random item being a duplicate is higher. In a 36 part collection, if you have 35 items, there is only about a 2.8% chance of getting that item you need, and the important think to remember is that since it is independent of the previous item rewarded, the chance always remains 2.8% when you click open no matter how many boxes you open.
  15. Nevermind, I cant read apparently