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  1. Reward is the tier 7 premium Battleship Duke of York. I do not know if the start date has been released.
  2. British Tech Tree Discounts

    That image right after the British is the type symbol for Cruisers. BBs have two diagonal lines instead of one.
  3. Thank you Wargaming!

    I played my Ishizuchi for the first time since the patch and noticed something that made me very very happy. THE NAMEPLATE IS BACK! I missed it in the patch notes, but here it is: Ishizuchi, Mikasa: Returned ship nameplates in response to player requests So I would like to thank Wargaming for listening to player feedback.
  4. All I can say is when the changes go though, Khabarovsk had better still be able to take pens. If you get that much armor and automatically overpen, something is severely wrong.
  5. I’m going to call [edited] since Gadja Mada has a maximum AP potential damage of 12,600. It is numerically impossible for your claim to be true. It was either a detonation or someone else hit you and the DD happened to finish you off at about the same time.
  6. Steam Release Question

    So checking out the steam release, I noticed that it is only for Windows. Why is this the case when the game is also available for Mac outside of steam? Does anyone know of a plan to add Mac support to the steam release? Thank you for any answers!
  7. Alright, thanks for the input. If what you say is true, I don’t really have much of an issue with the mod.
  8. Everyone is focusing on smoke and last known position (and if you are looking when the target vanished, it is usually pretty easy to hit a few more shots if they stopped for smoke), but I see a much bigger problem from this: cyclones. In a cyclone, your visual range is reduced to a mere 8km, however your radio range remains the same. I could see this mod being used to shoot ships well beyond visual range (provided high enough shell velocity and obviously not going to be hitting DDs) during a cyclone. The only other way this is feasible is if the enemy is a KMBB and has a constant trail of secondary shells, which are still visible beyond 8km. Disclaimer: having not used this mod, I do not know how easy this would be to accomplish so if anyone who uses the mod knows, feel free to correct me.
  9. Exists Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. PEBKAC
  10. Well, looks like you win 75 dollars! 60% of his games are battleships and 4% are destroyers.
  11. Worst matches

    Well, just finished this wonderful match in Harekaze. I killed 3 enemies including one full health Bismark and we lost, but that isn't the good part. I was the only person on our team that killed anyone. The enemy, on the other hand, ran us into the ground on points and we lost. https://imgur.com/a/mVEcq Post your worst matches below!
  12. Radar idea revisited

    fair enough, you're probably right. I don't have any tier 10s so everything I'm saying is based on 8 and 9 in tier 10 battles.
  13. Radar idea revisited

    I think the issue isn’t all the stuff Belfast has or the lack of tools to deal with it (Walls of skill can cover pretty much the whole smoke cloud and shooting at tracers is a real thing). I think the issue is Belfast is the embodiment of a smoke camping meta, which most people dislike. Other ships can’t see out of their smoke at all, but Belfast can, and it can stay in smoke longer than other ships while still dealing damage, even without a spotter ship.
  14. Radar idea revisited

    Ironwolf is right, you would end up with basically Belfast but with Mino. Camp in smoke. pop Radar. Profit.
  15. Here is a question that needs to be answered first. Does a knocked out MB also take out the AA it provides? If so, I don’t know what the modules would do. If they count as two guns in the same place though, completely independent of each other, then the module could protect the AA provided by the DP guns and still have the MB part of the DP guns get knocked out.