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  1. Horama

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    Yeah, I chose RDF for my second 4 point skill on Zao after going back for an additional 2 point skill (don’t remember what though). I felt like I had no other useful skill to get.
  2. I’ll take some of those 500mil. I’m always either bankrupt or close too it. Only have 3 mil now which isn’t enough to by Lyon even though I have her unlocked
  3. I used the launcher, not WG Center, and I did run the check. I took updated files from another PC and copied them and now it works.
  4. Just want to see if this is just me or if others are experiencing this issue. I have updated to 0.7.11 (as indicated in the upper left of my client at the log in screen) but I get the error message “the currently installed version is older than that of the server. Please update the client”
  5. Horama

    reward from WG for nerfing your premium ship

    If Nelson had her citadel any higher, it would be sticking out the deck
  6. Horama

    Killer Whale - Why?

    I had pretty much the same reaction. First time I played it, I got in Zipper and was looking forward to sneak attacking enemies, but it was just so boring to wait for the torp reload or wait to be close enough. I remember the op ended and I actually though “that’s all?”
  7. Horama

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    I believe it is off by default
  8. Horama

    Am I Just Stupid Or?

    Yes, they are permanent. Check and make sure you have the Halloween camos enabled (gears in the bottom right of port)
  9. Horama

    Zao troubles

    My survival rate with her is 63% so far, it’s just usually by later in the game we are down on ships so it makes being effective difficult.
  10. Horama

    Sprint Ranked; Neat Idea, Bad Timing

    Oh yes, just like when WG did the exact same thing to arms race by not letting it count for Hall of Fame or legendary progress at the same time ranked was going on?
  11. Horama

    Zao troubles

    I’ve been having some problems with my Zao lately. I feel like I’m performing well in her, but I can’t seem to influence the match. My WR for her is 48%, far below my average, but my average damage, survival rate, K/D, etc. seem much higher than I would expect. Anyone have pointers for being more influential? here is a link to stats for reference: https://na.warships.today/player/1013751094/Horama
  12. Horama

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    Those both still fall in the 7.9 update, not 7.10. stages 1-4 for update 7.9, you can earn sovereigns. According to the 7.10 developer diary, for stages 1-4 of update 7.10, there will be no RN containers
  13. Horama

    Graf spee, worth it?

    I certainly think so. She is tough as nails for a CA at tier 6 and has guns that hit hard. She is a bit hard to learn since she is a battleship cruiser hybrid, but overall is a fun and strong ship. strengths: Good armor, good torps with excellent firing arcs, powerful guns. cons: slow-ish, long reload (20 sec), mediocre dispersion.
  14. Horama

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    The RN containers will be replaced in the next patch with Halloween containers. Source: 7.10 PT notes
  15. Horama

    Royal Navy Arc. I feel cheated

    I am one of those. I don’t have much time to play Warships, so I like to know how much I need to do to get what I want so I can make time. I wanted the Warspite so I planned out how many containers I needed each directive. By the time this was announced, it was way too late for me to adjust and get Warspite in a month.