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  1. Actually, this is on the stern in game. https://imgur.com/a/6h7dl
  2. I don’t know, Kongo is pretty accurate.
  3. The ensign of the battleship Nagato has recently been handed over from the USS Missouri Memorial Association in Hawaii to a Japanese museum. The museum is dedicated to Isoroku Yamamoto and located in Nagaoka, Japan (Yamamoto’s birthplace). Just figured I would post in case anyone is interested.
  4. RDF: the commander becomes familiar enough with the ship that he discovers the radar room is not, in fact, for listening to monotonic music. CE: the secondary gun crew finally stopped sniffing the paint and put it on the ship. Manual Secondaries: since the brain damage was permanent, the captain requisitioned a new secondary crew of mindless robots. Because of this, they perform better, but only shoot at what the captain tells them to.
  5. I have never used it the same way I never take Priority Target. There may well be many ways in which I can benefit from using those skills, but I don't think it is worth it for the potential crutch it provides. If I become too depended upon the skills to do well, I won't be able to do well in a ship without them.
  6. I've been having the same issue. Fortunately, it doesn't affect gameplay much.
  7. So I have a question to ask the community: where can I find good ship models that do not require assembly? I love the look of model ships and would like to have one or two for my desk, but I completely lack the dexterity to build one. Thanks for the assistance!
  8. IFHE on Emden... I have to try this now.
  9. Hey guys! I've been seeing quite a few posts lately where people get Kraken, High Caliber, Confederate, etc. and still lose. Post your most insane defeat here! (I guess victories too, but those aren't as fun to see) No screenshots? No problem! Just write a story, though try not to embellish too much.
  10. Actually, they give the same bonuses. There was a time when they did not, but WG revised it.
  11. In response to number 2. I think that player bias is important in deciding which ship to buy. Even ships that perform well can feel awful to play. One example for me is La Gal. I hated her. She felt so terrible to play, despite the fact that she holds a win rate above most of my CAs regardless of tier.
  12. Obviously Katori is the best tier 3. With her enourmous gun complement and blisteringly fast speed, it puts all other tier 3 CAs to shame.
  13. That's unfortunate that she didn't treat you well. For me, she is probably one of the best tier 5 ships I have ever played. She holds my highest damage tier 5 game at 176k, beating out even König.
  14. Yes, Absolutely yes. She plays so much more comfortably than the other tier 5 CAs I have played (Furutaka and Konigsburg). I love the fact that she has no armor because almost every BB AP shell that hits her overpens rather than standard pen.
  15. Pretending like your bow doesn't exist is the way I usually play Nagato. Overmatch is a fact of life so just assume your bow armor doesn't exist and angle the plates behind it for protection.