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  1. Kind of like “Missouri is here to stay!” *removes Missouri*
  2. Alsace guns are crap now

    I hated Izumo initially but after I got used to her, I was able to do fairly well. The guns are great and seem to get cits on German BBs fairly easily and have no issues hitting things at range. Very fast shells.
  3. Ranked Battles

    Yes and no. The romans did actually sometimes use more than 3 numerals when they wrote numbers (most prominent example is numbering the coliseum doors) but the general rule for modern use is 3 numerals and the Romans did tend to only use 3
  4. Shell straddling with a BB

    Actually, this is included in game. When a large caliber HE shell hits near a ship, it deals damage to module and the magazine, meaning it can knock out things like engine, rudder, guns, torp tubes, etc. and cause detonations.
  5. dissapearing ships

    If I had to guess, there was a friendly spotting the group of enemies that died. This would cause all of them to go undetected at once.
  6. Shell straddling with a BB

    Battleships do have more variance in their shells than cruisers, your most played class, so it would make sense that the dispersion is throwing you off. As for shells hitting, battleships are much big and take a long time to respond to inputs. I would recommend sailing at an angle between 90 and 65 degrees either to or away from enemies to minimize damage since dodging is difficult in a battleship. I also will send you a PM shortly about something related.
  7. The way you can tell for certain that it isn’t a smoke screen and that it is a rendering issue is with the minimap. You can clearly see the icon for the Richy on the minimap, indicating she is spotted, and since she is within OP’s visual range, should be rendered, however from the icon appearing (Richy fires, raising detection range and is seen. If in smoke, the icon would not appear red on the minimap) to the ship rendering (9 seconds) based on the evidence can be nothing but a rendering lag.
  8. Besides, if it was smoke, the icon would not have been red since he would have been undetected.
  9. I seem to recall the solution they implemented being that the mini map just took longer to update so both are delayed. This has caused me frustration when I am spotted and an enemy ship comes around an island, who I know is there. He will come around, be fully clear of the island, shoot me, and sometimes I won’t see him until the shells hit. My guns are trained on his position, but I don’t get a shot off because the ship never redered. I wish they would go back to the way ships just abruptly appeared or disappeared. The delay isn’t worth the neat fade in fade out.
  10. Akizuki realizations

    So after trying out Akizuki last night, I came to an interesting realization about its playstyle, which also explains why I like Harekaze so much. My friend Svenbane is a destroyer player, and is pretty good, but he hates the Akizuki. He says she is horrible in every way and his performance in her seems to agree. I decided to try her out and I actually found her quite comfortable to play, much like when I first purched Harekaze. I had expected Harekaze’s guns to be just terrible in the 100mm config, but I actually found them fairly comfortable, even without IFHE. Akizuki felt even more comfortable as a ship than Harekaze when I tried her, so I got to wondering why someone who plays DDs 75% of the time would hate the Destroyer so much while someone who plays DDs less than a quarter of the time found her comfortable. I believe the answer is in the Akizuki’s setup. She isn’t a maneuverable DD and has few torps with some rather restrictive angles. I believe I felt comfortable in her because she more closely resembles cruisers, my most played class, in her design and playstyle than she resembles other gunboat DDs. Maybe nothing new to most, but I figured I would share my experiences.
  11. Harekaze 100mm buff

    I wouldn’t say she needs it. I don’t have AFT and she works just fine. Most of the time when you stumble across a DD you are much closer than 9.4 so the guns are quite adequate for self defense as well as aggressive actions.
  12. I believe they meant to say “excessive high damage for a tech tree ship” considering it is actually on par with Marblehead and Murmansk does more average damage.
  13. Well, I do know that my brother logged in for the first time in 4 months the other day and was locked in coop for 13 battles, joined a coop match, then CTD so he quit for good recently. My dad also logged off one night and got on the next day to find a 3 battle pink penalty (we were in a div and all battles were over when he logged off). So yeah, not a fan of the new system. The old one worked just fine if you ask me (not punishing AFK/leaving early) and I have yet to see any decrease in AFK players
  14. I noticed today that the first DD emblem and the third DD emblem have their names reversed. https://imgur.com/a/Mn0cQ19 Edit: actually every emblem is like this with the first and third switched.
  15. I have no issues with radar itself, in fact I agree that it forces other ships to play smarter. My only issue with Radar is a MM issue. Radar isn’t taken into account when creating teams, and this leads to rather lopsided displacements of radar which can unbalance matches, especially in ranked.