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  1. I agree. I think we should keep the -1% for guns under 139mm, but should just go to the original -5% for above 139mm. It was originally 5% across the board, but due to some DDs having really low fire chances already, they moved it to 3%. Now that we don't have to worry about giving DDs 0% fire chance, we should be able just to return to 5% for CAs.
  2. I should have clarified. I would like to keep the -1% for guns under 139mm, but would like to make guns over 139mm only have -5% fire chance rather than -8%
  3. I get reducing the DD chance to -1%, but -8% for CAs seems a bit high. Maybe 5% would be better.
  4. They make plenty of comemerarive flags. I don't see why they would shy away from spending time on flags when it comes to national flags.
  5. I think I may be better off praying for a lucky Free Exp SC.
  6. Harekaze helps a lot. I have been having the same issue as you. Saving free exp since MO was announced and only got about 200k when Harekaze was released. Picked up the ship as my first and only premium and earned 30k pretty fast. edit: I was using flags as well, but the 100% free exp camo certainly doesn't hurt. I did not earn 300k exp on Harekaze.
  7. how does this one look? I kept everything I already have on the captain and just changed my future upgrades. PM, LS, and SE are set in stone. all else can still change. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000001010011100000100019
  8. Currently on Gnevny, but he will be going down the whole line to Grozovoi. I don't plan on reallocating his skills so I am building him for Grozovoi
  9. I have come to the decision point on my VMF DD captain. Currently, I am running PM, LS, SE, DE, IFHE and must now choose between SI or AFT. What would you recommend?
  10. Do I get the "Carry Harder" achievement now? lol
  11. I just checked out the article on the upcoming RN BB (a bit late, I know, but better late than never) and wanted to know if anyone has info on the Survalence Radar consumable. I saw no mention of it in the article and I am assuming it has been scrapped (a good thing in my opinion if they did) but want to confirm here first.
  12. As of right now, I have 1 Engine boost mod.1 that I got from (of all things) a Super Container. As the only premium DD I own capable of using it, I am strongly considering placing the module on my Harekaze. Before I actually go ahead with it, I wanted to check here and see what everyone's opinions are. Here is some useful info: I am running the 4-10 hull my captain as of now has PM, LS, SI, CE The only thing I have ever selected for that slot on DDs before is the -3% fire -5% flood since PM and LS take care of everything the other two would do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  13. I would support this on the condition that smoke and chaff NEVER can be mounted on the same ship. To paraphrase a post I saw a while ago, "it would be akin to the DD using smoke to say 'I don't want you to see me', the CA using radar to say 'no, I really want to see you' and the DD using chaff to say 'no, I really don't want you to see me'".
  14. Torpedo protection is why your torps do not deal max damage. BBs and CAs (though to a much lesser extent) have a torpedo damage reduction stat that can be found in the survivability tab. When torpedoes hit the belt of the ship, this stat is applied to the damage done by the torpedoes. Alabama has a very high damage reduction rate with almost 50% reduction. This means that when your torps hit the Alabama, they only deal half of their max damage. As for the DD, he only had 4.5k hp left when your torp hit him, so you only dealt that much damage before killing him.
  15. 2.) more specifically, the bomb had 27,757,520 joules of potential energy when it was dropped.