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  1. I have no issues with radar itself, in fact I agree that it forces other ships to play smarter. My only issue with Radar is a MM issue. Radar isn’t taken into account when creating teams, and this leads to rather lopsided displacements of radar which can unbalance matches, especially in ranked.
  2. Blatant Waifuism

    My first FE game was Shadow Dragon, and I agree that Awakening gives a dramatic shift to the series’ focus. I found myself so much more interested in the world and history of Shadow Dragon than Awakening. One thing I really wish they did in Shadow Dragon though is the random enemy army pop ups like in Awakening.
  3. Afaik the only class that can commit suicide is CV because of torp bombers. Cruisers are simply unable to commit suicide on their own so my guess is that someone else hit him and killed him before you did.
  4. Plus the punishment if your client/machine crashes and you can’t get back in. That’s just absolutely insane considering how unstable the client has been after some patches.
  5. I tried it once with random players to see how things had changed. We got 5 Stars, we never said a word in chat, I didn’t notice any change in difficulty.
  6. taken directly from the game rules. Technically, it is a violation of the EULA. 3.15. Threats of destroying allied player ships as well as the threats of disclosure of ally positions to enemies, regardless of whether the threat was carried out, or not, are prohibited.
  7. So I logged in to the game today to find my contacts list is completely empty. Needless to say, I'm not exactly happy that this comes after a patch that makes me restart the game every 6 matches. Is this a bug only I am experiencing or are others having the same problems?
  8. Aigle IFHE Fix?

    Nope, it is actually worded to prevent this. “Up to and including 139mm.”
  9. I actually went with the 10cm guns all the way though (before I had IFHE) and it worked out pretty well.
  10. I can’t tell honestly. On one hand, I can’t stand Izumo and I do very poorly with her, but I also hate the La Gal because it is sluggish and easier to kill than Emile Bertin yet do very well in her (been playing La Gal a lot for the campaign).
  11. I would like to clarify two main points. The first point is about Pearl Harbor. Yamamoto and the Japanese government knew from the onset that the attack would not force the US to surrender. Since Tojo had already decided on war with the United States, Yamamoto devised the plan as a method of taking the US out of the fight for a period of about 6 months (and it did) while they tied up loose ends in SE Asia. The second point is about Midway. Midway was Yamamoto's planned Grand Victory, in line with the doctrine you laid out. The plan had to be accelerated though because Tojo wanted a major victory for the anniversary of Tsushima. The plan was rushed and Yamamoto was unable to alter the plan after the US countered key parts of his plan (The US had broken the Japanese code at this point, though Japan didn't know yet). Was Yamamoto akin to Togo? No, I don't think so, however I believe that he was a good admiral and no fool. I believe that Tojo and his belief that the Navy existed to support the army and not as it's own force (Army as the sword and navy as the shield was his idea) had more to do with the IJN plans failing than Yamamoto did.
  12. Actually, we know exactly what they will being forth. It's all published here on the main website. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/its-pronounced-egg-leh/#marathon
  13. IIRC, being bottom tier actually gives you more exp than being top tier, so I think a tier 8 would be best because of its tendency to be bottom tier while tier 7 tends to be more often top tier
  14. Would have had it if we had won. Still a good game though, High Caliber and Confederate to boot.