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  1. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    You are making a very philosophical argument. However, you wish to play the role of judge, but all you really provide is an opinion. Philosophically, the f2p players by actions must consider their time a better than even exchange for the entertainment value or they would not be playing the game. You are making up the conclusions based upon your opinion. The simple fact the f2p players continue to play speaks to the satisfaction they derive from the game. WG did not add dollars to their balance sheet because the f2p player ground out the PR for for free. And no the base cost of the PR is NOT ~$250, instead it is the base cost of the 5,000 Free Exp, 50 Zulu Hotel, 1000 Coal, 24 Hr of Premium Account, Santa Gift Container, 2000 Coal, 10,000 Free Exp, 50 Papa Papa, 50 Equal Speed Charlie, 3,000 Coal, Santa Big Gift, 8 Gift Containers, 4,000 Coal, Santa Mega Gift Container, 3 Days Premium Account, 10 Hydra, 10 Basilisk, 10 Scylla, 10 Leviathan, 2 NY Cameo, 10 Dragon, 10 Wyvern, 10 Red Dragon, 10 Ouoroboros, 5,000 Coal, 5 Spring Sky Cameo, 5 Asian Lantern Cameo, 5 Mosaic Cameo, 5,000 Steel, 10,000 Coal, the PR and a slot. Therefore, stating the cost of the PR is basically spin because you are ignoring a substantial amount of additional content included in the total cost.
  2. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    I agree with the majority of your response, believe it or not. In general, it is capitalism and advertising. Corporate goals are to make money. Advertising goals are to attempt to sell you something. I would suspect advertising also exploits behavioral sciences as well. Successful advertising also exploits people often by convincing them they need something which they do not need at all or maybe cannot even afford. Nevertheless, there are generally two sides to every debate and everyone spins their argument. As an example, you are using $250 as the base cost of the ship which is not a fair representation of the cost. Depending upon which path you take to the Puerto Rico there are items given in addition to the ship. When the ship is completed you also got 2000 steel and 10000 coal as way of an example. Yet you are treating the added bonuses as zero value which is incorrect in my opinion. Secondly, I find it difficult to reconcile f2p players contribute more by their presence than they gain in "free" entertainment. Why would anyone play WOWS if they did not enjoy the hours of entertainment? Using your example, if you went to a 2 hour movie and it cost you $20 for the ticket and popcorn, then when you added your two hours of time at your earning wage $20 per hour the real cost to you of the movie was $60?? I think it is a convoluted way of looking at f2p. It is all about choices. Players It is just as easy for me to spin it this way. If you want to play for free and enjoy playing WOWS for entertainment, then do so. As a f2p player you bring value to the game. However, it is a symbiotic relationship because WG provides free entertainment for you. WG does not owe f2p anything and f2p do not owe WG anything. The reality is, once anyone stops enjoying the game they stop playing. Hopefully, WG learned something from their poor Public Relations and implementation.
  3. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Sorry, I have understood all along. Developers have learned they can make more profit with the f2p model than the subscription model. I get it. If you get it, then you should also realize that there has to be exclusive content for the whales as well. There simply has to be funding or the game fails. Furthermore, f2p players are only here because they enjoy the game. If they did not enjoy playing, then they would move on to another game. Therefore, WG has to strike a balance.
  4. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    So the guy who says my business makes billions per year and then says he does not own it thinks I am gaslighting the forums?????? It has been my life experience that the people who feel the need to tell someone they know a lot about business are the ones who in fact understand very little. Perhaps you are the exception, but you really have not provided any insight which would make me think so. And I have not directed any insults your way. I have only questioned some of your statements of fact.
  5. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Actually, I feel exactly as you do. I am happy for f2p players. It is great that players can play WG for free entertainment. What I object to is casting the f2p players as some kind of crusaders who are toiling away playing a free game for the benefit of those who spend some of their money on the game. I also object to the expectations of "some" in the community feeling they are somehow entitled to all content "easily" while failing to recognize the costs develop content and manage the game. And I also realize WG did not implement the Puerto Rico event properly, even though it was likely unrealistic expectations by the community. However, the reality is there is an enormous amount of free content. F2P members can play Clan Battles with loaned Tier 10 ships. They can earn steel in clan battles and buy the Stalingrad which a GREAT ship. Just by playing a few battles per day, f2p players can earn 800 to 1200 coal. In a reasonable amount of time f2p players can use the coal to purchase a Smolensk or Thunderer. And your statement above is a double edged sword. Without f2p players the game may very well be dead. The opposite is also true. Without "paying" players there would be NO GAME TO BE DEAD. And I suspect there are very few true f2p players anyway. I feel more than confident the vast majority of the player base at one time or another have purchased something from the game. Once you open your wallet, you are no longer a f2p player. Like it or not, if WG does not make profits, there is no game.
  6. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    As long as we agree an opinion is not a fact. When you stated WG MAKES A HUGE profit, it sounded more like you were stating a fact not an opinion. And I agree you can speculate all you want on how much WG makes. In today TV world you can fast forward through the commercials. Do you still watch them? That is kind of like behind the times. I am well aware how the general public thinks and I understand everyone wants everything for free. Free college, free health care and free day care. I will let you in on a very big secret. NOTHING IS FOR FREE, period. And if you think I think YOUR COMPANY makes billions and you are posting here on some obscure website on behalf of the free2play players, then I have some swamp land in Florida you may be interested in.
  7. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Yes. And they have staff, advertising, attorneys, facilities, servers, connection fees, utilities, accountants, taxes and likely investors which all take a toll. In addition there is plenty of competition and the customer base is very fickle. Everyone thinks businesses are making huge profits. Some do, but many more do not. What a novel concept. Sorry, I do not feel sorry for those ENTERTAINING themselves playing free games on the internet. There is simply more than enough content for free in the game and no one really needs the Puerto Rico, so why whine about it?
  8. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    And you know how much WG makes HOW? Are you a stock holder? I would suggest you have no idea how much they make. Furthermore, it is their capital and their ideas and their work which made it all possible. Don't they deserve to make a return on their investment of time and money? And who is to say what is a fair amount? Hell, a good NFL QB makes millions upon millions just for tossing a friggin ball around. Furthermore, it is ludicrous to suggest free2players are "paying with their time". What an absurd suggestion. Do you get paid for watching TV? It is even more ludicrous to suggest the event was designed to drive away free players when by your own admission, they add to the game. Next you will be suggesting WG should send you a check for playing. Good luck with that theory. Remind me not to invest in your gaming copy. Your business model will not succeed.
  9. Soryu007

    My take on the PR scandal.

    Frankly, the communities expectations are a bit lofty. I agree, WG could have done a better job with Public Relations. The grind necessary over a relatively short period is a bit much. They probably could have achieved their goal spreading the build time over 10-12 months with a longer grind. Most would have been impatient and paid for the boosters anyway. Nevertheless, there was a great deal of cost and risk to WG to design the ship, test and program the ship, develop the directives and create the ship yard and then implement it into the game. I seriously doubt the game development staff work for free. After all, no one has to have the Puerto Rico to enjoy the game. Anyone can join the game and play for FREE and own a Shima, Kremlin, Moskva, Des Moines, Gearing or Daring and be very competitive. Players can join clans for free and play ranked and earn a Stalingrad for steel. Without those "customers" paying for premium time, doubloons or premium ships there would be no FREE game. Basically, players who purchase are the customers and subsidizing the free players. After all, WG risked a fair amount of capital with the Puerto Rico efforts and simply cannot make it so easy to obtain that no one would pay for it. It is called capitalism. I strongly suspect those working for a living expect payment for their efforts and WG does have to pay its employees. Their employees likely want a Christmas bonus as well. Instead of complaining, everyone should be happy WG makes a profit and can continue to run an online game and allow the community to play for free. It is a choice. And if WG does not make a profit, no one will be playing period. Soryu
  10. Soryu007

    So why have teams gotten so bad ?

    I think the issue also goes beyond just CV. There have been numerous ships added to the overall database. Who knows how the match maker actually works, but not every T10 ship is created equal. Ships like the Smolensk, Kremi, Stalingrad, Somers or Klebber can significantly alter team balances. One side or the other may lack effective counter ships for unique enemy ship abilities. Then combined with the relative skill of the players, matches can go sideways pretty quickly. I also think CV can add an incredible amount of just plain old luck to one team or the other. A DD in the wrong place at the wrong time can be trumped by a CV. I have spent well over half a match doing nothing in a DD except trying to avoid CV planes. It really is not a fun way to play. Maybe in the big scheme of things, a DD consuming the CV carrier captain's time helps the team overall. Finally, with the overall complexity and roles of all the new ship classes, it may also simply be having the poorer captains in the more important ships. It does seem like randoms are far more streaky than they used to be. Seems like you can more often lose more multiple games in a row than earlier. While I might think it just me, I have seen numerous clan posts by better captains annoyed with multiple losses. The other thing I have noticed is matches often seem to end skewed win margins. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in battles and find my team obliterated while the other team has significantly few losses. One would seem think the MM would ultimately even out the balances and maybe it does over the long haul. Even at the craps table, you can roll 7s more often than the odds dictate, but it usually catches up with you over the long haul. The reality is, other than the CV player, one reasonably skilled captain has a difficult time affecting the final outcome of a match. I am sure there are the exceptional players who may be able to be more effective.
  11. Soryu007

    Possible fix for CV balance?

    Here is a thought which dawned on me the other day. Radar and CV have certainly lowered the aggression in the game. DD no long charge to the cap for two primarily reason. First, as soon as the the opposition sees the cap being captured by the enemy, if radar is in position then it is popped. Or if there are planes near they rally to hunt. What if the enemy did not receive the Intel that the enemy was capping? Wouldn't radar and CV work more as intended? Certainly, the score indicator would provide clues, but it would not always be crystal clear and it requires an awake captain to be monitoring and performing the math. At the very least it would provide the capping team with some time to plan disengaging from the cap. Shouldn't teams have to earn their Intel? Maybe the fog of war should be more utilized to encourage more aggression by DD. I know I am often more reluctant to immediately stick my foot in a cap because it is similar to ringing the dinner bell. I am happier when the planes are elsewhere. Soryu
  12. I remember pong when it first came out. We used to play it in the bar for about a quarter per 3 games "I think". That is in a very old memory file. VGA Planets was the best of the best strategy games. It was turn based. As a player you received a game file. You made your game decisions and submitted a TURN file to the host. The game typically ran 3 times a week. Every players turn executed based upon a specific order of events. It was explore, build and attack type of game. However, alliances played a big part of the game. It was good enough to play for over 10 years. There are still a couple of hosts out there keeping it alive but it is on life support given the computer advances. It really was a pure strategy game. The first turns in every game would take 5 minutes to decide and execute. Just prior to the end game you could spend 4 hours to 5 hours mulling over a single turn. When you received your game file there would be a replay of your ships in combat. Ships were given a specific set up as to which ship fought first given the number of ships in a fleet. The battle order was critical and success was dependent upon the fleet you were engaging plus their set battle order. I would still play if there was a meaningful updated version of the game.
  13. Hahaha...you guys are younguns! Back in “MY” day I played games on a BBS like Trade Wars and VGA Planets. Graphics? Ha, what graphics! My first connection to a local BBS I thought SYSOP was a user name 🤓. I was try to figure out who the hell would pick that for their user name 😎
  14. Soryu007

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I probe caps in every game at the edges. I disagree you can turn back and have "plenty" of time to cap with NO WORRY. There are enemy DD to trying to cap as well. I think you are stating a total over simplification of the issues. This was never the case. Certainly, there was a time where smoke was far more effective. There has never been a time when CA were ineffective against DD, smoke or no smoke. Certainly, infinite scenarios present themselves through out the course of many games. There are still times even with radar where a DD can cap in smoke or deal damage in smoke with relative impunity. However, they are very situational. Soryu
  15. Soryu007

    All Hail IFHE Secondaries

    The hit rate with secondaries for my games has been around 25%. I get a 33% to 35% hit rate at times, but this is not a controlled analysis. I am sure the higher hit rates are when I am in closer range and battling BB or CA. DD definitely avoid getting close and they also get chewed up decently when in the 8KM or less range. Soryu