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  1. Kraayt

    Monthly Super Container time

    50x Valentine Camo
  2. Agreed, this should be a mode option, not a map for match maker. I am convinced there is a cultural disparity between WG and their NA market. It never fails that they find or make some small or subtle way to alienate their NA clientele. I have been here since beta and many things they test and we enjoy never makes it as a game feature, while crap that many raise hell about and resist gets crammed down our throats. I enjoy the game as is, and I understand them trying to update it to attract more players, but not at the expense of driving off the core support. I was happy to see Epicenter go, I did not realize it was being replaced with something that was radically different and I would have the same lack of option for participation. Now I wish I had my Epicenter back.
  3. Kraayt

    Kobayashi camos after rework?

    My guess is not. Missouri bonuses have stood up for a long time...and the Kobayashi cameos apparently will provide a greater benefit post changes. That said...the Missouri benefits from T9 matchups and the Kii and Ashitaki are substantially lower tier. Of course, they cost less too so I'm unsure of the relative value of buying them for the economic value. I do like the artwork, more so than most of the skins out there.
  4. Kraayt

    Kobayashi camos after rework?

    Main thing to remember about them, the economic bonuses will no longer be available on the camo purchase after the update. Graphics will be what you buy.
  5. Kraayt

    Best cruiser for farming ribbons in coop.

    As a side note, I recommend using HE to make your target last longer (in general) and a ship that has smoke to hide in while your allies light them up. Smolensk is ideal, Flint close second.
  6. Kraayt


    Thank you....been waiting for this thread. Saving my doubloons.
  7. Kraayt

    Why I love super ships

    This is true, but I found that generally speaking most T9's were less than impressive compared to the T10 or the T8 of their tier. Gross generalization, but my opinion.
  8. Kraayt

    Bought Maya

    Don't remember, how many T7 Operations are there and how would the Maya be suited if so? Found a link...looks like just Operation: Narai as far as I can tell....others removed.
  9. I may have missed it if anything was mentioned, but how will the super ships be handled for snowflake type events?
  10. This. I enjoy the Mainz, I think its a nicely balanced ship and fun to play. Your purchase and enjoyment comment is pretty near spot on with me also...
  11. Kraayt

    Almost forgot these were a thing : )

    Received one from resources container yesterday, first one in some months.
  12. Doubloon buy is best value and most versatile. The first ship that comes to my mind for value was the Massachusetts. Good all around, good secondary build, good for farming CoOp for all components of the frequent features. Tirpitz was my favorite for a long time and still has attraction. My current favorite for working missions is the Schlieffen. But it is a tree ship.
  13. IMHO: The ones that change my gameplay Des Moines if in team that knows how to focus fire (which is most CB teams). Venezia specifically if detected and flanked (even if mediocre gunner, some rounds are going to hit). Smaland specifically or any gunboat DD with a competent player. The Smaland can win most duels even coming out heavily damaged and if it escapes can significantly repair itself. Thunderer/Yamato at range when detected and they are unseen. You get plinked by an unexpected salvo and lose half your health. Schlieffen, god forbide you inadvertently sail head long into one's secondary range. By the time you turn and try to run out of it, you have been deleted. Best to make the best of a suicide run, which is also unlikely to succeed. These ships generally result in either dying early or damaged so much to significantly impact your play.
  14. Kraayt

    Monthly Super container

    100 Victor Lima flags.....fire starters..
  15. 7 days of premium time...