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  1. I'm curious with the controversy regarding gambling boxes in games, whether they will offer the cargo containers with rare ships in them this Christmas.
  2. USS Kidd and CV game?

    Some thoughtful responses here. Appreciate it. I pretty much solo play, never division...don't even know a CV player. My Atlanta and Fletcher had an AA setup at one time, extremely rare to use it. I reset my Sims to a AA strength for Stuff & Giggles....had my best game ever in it and not a carrier in sight. I like the idea of the Kidd, challenge of play and survivability, but not sure I can make it work with my style of play...I'm not real good on sitting back and waiting for the fight to come to me.
  3. USS Kidd and CV game?

    Many of you actually able to get an air defense game with the USS Kidd? Every ship I have setup for air defense rarely sees a CV.
  4. How to rent a ship?

    How do you get the opportunity to rent a ship? Is it a random offer?
  5. ​I don't disagree with this in general...but when I'm in any of my DD's at appropriate rank, I hate to see a Bismarck. If spec'd for secondary's, the captain is just a driver and the ship does all the work. 10k out and it sees me and starts firing a hailstorm. What's worse is when you have a division of them working together.

    Off topic....why do you make an exception for the Emerald? I am grinding through it at the moment and find little to recommend it in particular.
  7. If you haven't picked up the mantra yet, I'll repeat it: "If you can't live with the Pensacola, quit now...the New Orleans is worse with the up tier ships" I was working towards the Des Moines and burned out half way through the New Orleans when friend got his Baltimore and quit it. My understanding is that the Des Moines is mediocre at its tier... . Will say this...I enjoyed the Pensacola once I adjusted play to accommodate its weaknesses and strengths. i.e., stay back with the big boys.
  8. I stopped. All I wanted was a Nikolai. Got an Emden, Ishizuchi, Warspite and an Indianapolis. The flags and doubloons are nice too...but all I wanted for Christmas was a new Nikolai.
  9. Troll...or what I call a stage 2 expert.....knows a little bit and think they know everything.
  10. Got first one since they were introduced yesterday. 5m silver.
  11. I prefer a sniper BB over a BB playing like its a cruiser or destroyer. Nothing is stupider than a BB chasing a DD through an island map, with predictable results.
  12. Saw the carrier missions for the weekend. 100 torpedo hits or 100 bomb hits or 100 fighters shot down....for five flags or such. Not nitpicking the details, just seemed a pretty lame batch of rewards for the effort that was going to be needed to complete any one of them. Hell, most CV drivers are lucky to score one or two of any of these in a game. Just didn't seem like a well thought out mission compared to most that they offer.
  13. I voted...must have been wrong choice...no flag yet.
  14. My first Transylvania scenario game, I played a Blade....I was accidentally torped by a team mate while trying to take out a BB. I think the background, congested quarters and low light all contribute to accidental strikes. I sank, didn't cry and was not at all upset over it....in fact it happened again last night in game with cruiser. Was trying to close on Rasputin since I was low health and dying in my cruiser and attempting a ram. Caught a torp again. Had forgot about it. We won that game. by the way, I was told later that ramming doesn't work on Rasputin.
  15. First: Select random roll, got a Super Container that yielded 20,000,000 silver. Second: Select random, got 5 x Juliet Hotel 50% command exp bonus flags.