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  1. This. My highest Karma was about 40. I never played Co-Op or Scenarios(until last 3-4 months), just Random. Without a doubt, most karma responses were garnered while playing Co-Op and Scenarios, while negative Karma frequently came from Randoms. Play poorly, in someone's opinion, downvote. Play differently from what some armchair Admiral wanted, downvote. Suggest someone change something in their gameplay, downvote. Carry the team, kraken, Hero of the Universe...nada. Break your [edited]helping those with you achieve a victory....and you just might garner an upvote from someone that really gives a damn about effort. You want to farm Karma.....be a Co-Op Commander. If you want to play against the trolls and asses, forget about karma and really forget about trying to elevate it. Fwiw, I use the hell out of the report and compliment options....and infrequently the block.
  2. I have and know that the Missouri (+100% xp, -20% repair), Prinz Eugen (+50% commander xp) and Anshan (+100% free xp) have additional bonuses to the premium camo. Are there any other ships that have a bonus beyond the default -3 detection, +4 dispersion, -10% repair cost and +50 ship xp? Thanks in advance.
  3. WG offers all kinds of mix and match offers...enough to make someone throw up their hands trying to decide which is the best value. All compounded offers aside, which are the best individually seen for: Doubloons Premium Time I know the 35:1 xp conversion was as good as I've seen. Any others out there that I've just not seen yet?
  4. SC :P

    No, I expect nothing...that's what I usually get. I would like something I can use.
  5. SC :P

    Finally got a super container good for 7 premium days. That's nice, but I really would have rather something I haven't or unable to purchase...such as a radar module or some sierra mike signals. Hard to decide whether its worth the frustration to keep trying the super containers.
  6. No, we all don't. You can state your complaint without using vulgar, racist or other such expressions. If it is someone with abusive communication skills, I down vote them for whichever complaint is appropriate and then chat block them if warranted.
  7. Is there anything besides the cosmetic differences in the Myoko and the Dragon series to justify the cost?
  8. Flag option?

    13th level. Checked on mine, nothing shows about flags. Signals come earlier presumed it was the same.
  9. Flag option?

    Checked with him, has three flags....Pearl Harbor Anniversary, Year of Dog and something else. Any other thoughts on why they cannot be flown? BTW, his is not a premium account.
  10. Flag option?

    When does the option to mount a flag show up on a non-premium account? Have friend keeps asking about it. All that shows is Camouflage and Signals options.
  11. I mostly play DD and CA. The above quote, while doubtlessly being partially correct, is wrong in my opinion. I think at high levels nearly all cruisers snuggle up to islands for survival. Cruisers get erased pretty damn quick at high levels and radar sniping is just a partial compensation for having to hide behind an island. I'm sure both the quote and my response are a generalization, but it is definitely my opinion on high end radar camping. Now lower level...if I'm in a radar cruiser, I just need to be moving, constant course changes and pitbull any DD I can. Difference in overall skills and ship capabilities (in general). Other than that, lots of thoughtful and useful advise in the thread. Good luck.
  12. Getting about one every 3 weeks or more at my play rate. Last one was 1k Doubloons. Not complaining, but would rather a speed or hydro mod.
  13. AFK'ers doing it to be carried generally do it frequently. WG could implement flag those accounts and apply the penalties accordingly.
  14. Has there been any discussion as to introducing a Pan-American line of vessels representing the other navies of North, Central and South America besides the current United States and Canada vessels?
  15. I'm not much of a CV player, but this thread has been an interesting read. A lot of useful information put out there for noob carrier drivers.