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  1. I mostly play DD and CA. The above quote, while doubtlessly being partially correct, is wrong in my opinion. I think at high levels nearly all cruisers snuggle up to islands for survival. Cruisers get erased pretty damn quick at high levels and radar sniping is just a partial compensation for having to hide behind an island. I'm sure both the quote and my response are a generalization, but it is definitely my opinion on high end radar camping. Now lower level...if I'm in a radar cruiser, I just need to be moving, constant course changes and pitbull any DD I can. Difference in overall skills and ship capabilities (in general). Other than that, lots of thoughtful and useful advise in the thread. Good luck.
  2. Getting about one every 3 weeks or more at my play rate. Last one was 1k Doubloons. Not complaining, but would rather a speed or hydro mod.
  3. AFK'ers doing it to be carried generally do it frequently. WG could implement flag those accounts and apply the penalties accordingly.
  4. Has there been any discussion as to introducing a Pan-American line of vessels representing the other navies of North, Central and South America besides the current United States and Canada vessels?
  5. I'm not much of a CV player, but this thread has been an interesting read. A lot of useful information put out there for noob carrier drivers.
  6. Blacklist ?

    I wish you were right, but I know from several occasions that the "team" player deliberately threw the game. This was declared by the player. Other times, just don't know if it was a soloing stat padder that ignored an obvious cap win or just a runner who didn't want to scratch his digital paint on his digital ship. Hell, yesterday, we had a chance to win a game and the BB ran to a corner stating that he/she/it didn't want to die because of a campaign opportunity...probably a dreadnaught, but that doesn't cut anything with me.
  7. I didn't know they still had the Ocean map. Haven't seen one ...hell, I have no idea how long its been.
  8. Blacklist ?

    Does Blacklisting a player keep the player out of your games? I know Karma ranking has become irrelevant to many players since it is basically no penalty for poor play, manners or negative behavior. I just had a player throw a game either because he didn't understand the objectives, language barrier or just didn't care. Any reason of which, I would rather not team with him again.
  9. Had it happen repeatedly with previous patching. Specifically when I was working to get the Vampire....last few games where you either won an item or the campaign on that game, I noticed every time I was kicked to login. Lost the game stats, but the rewards came through.
  10. Did the dummy mission today to finish. 100 November Foxtrot - 5% reload reduction to consumables. 100 Zulu Hotel - 50% XP to Commander. Both useful.
  11. Same here. At first I thought I must have missed one somehow over the holidays...went back over the list and couldn't figure out what the hell I missed. While still possible, I don't think I missed anything...was looking to getting all 20 done. Hoping doing todays will trigger it.
  12. 32 19pt captains.

    Most Excellent! Congratulations.
  13. Thank you very much for the replies. My intent was to grind out the line if the ships held up. But I figure it will be spent in the 6/7/8 most of the time to get to the Minotaur / Neptune. Appreciate the comments and insights. Good hunting to all of you!
  14. Which of the topic ships are recommended for just plain fun play? I'm in a Leander now, haven't played the Fiji yet and have played the Edinburgh on PT. So far I've enjoyed the line limitations and bonuses as they are. Before I grind out a lot on this line, I'm mostly concerned that while I really enjoyed the Edinburgh on PT, that probably wouldn't be the same on live with the being mostly up tiered against T9's and T10's looking for the weak links. Any thoughts from you that have worked the lines?
  15. AFTVent Day 6 Mission

    Is it worth moving up to the Bogue for this purpose?