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  1. Kraayt

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    Great thread to read from end to end. Ty to all contributors.
  2. Well, three of the UU's I had were nuked. The reason I put in the time and grief was because they were useful, now two of them have been reduced to crap...the Zao and Moskva UU's, the Zao lost the primary benefit and the Moskva lost part of its main benefit and gained a major negative. My Des Moines didn't suffer, the Gearing didn't matter and the Minotaur was of little value. Considering how much effort had to go into grinding some of these ships, I think the right thing to do would have been to left them the hell alone and just created new ones for replacement.
  3. Kraayt

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    ^ Same. With the Pommern supposedly going for coal, Slava for research points, I can start looking forward to whatever is going for FXP. FDR?
  4. Kraayt

    Wg server or ISP?

    In CB last night, we had 13 members in discord. Everyone was having issues in battle. Typical ping was 35-45 or so, it was spiking regularly over 500 and occasionally to 1500. Lots of stuttering. Of course it might have just been my isp, but when the folks in discord are all over the country, including Canada having the same issue at the same time, I suspect its coming from the source or a choke point.
  5. Kraayt

    Steel question

    I've nearly enough steel for the Bourgogne. I have the Stalingrad, not particularly interested in the other two steel ships. Is there any indication as to what and when the next steel ship will become available? Thanks in advance.
  6. Kraayt

    For One Brief Shining Weekend Asashio...

    I have been playing Ranked only with my Oland. I have been very pleased with its performance. That said, when I run into an Asashio , I have started to get a bit cautious with them. They pick me up sooner and the gunnery is typically better than average, as they have had to get better with the torp limitation. It is reasonably tough in a DD gunfight. If I wasn't so pleased with my Oland, I would probably be giving the Asashio a run instead of it being a port queen for me. Good fortunes to you.
  7. Kraayt

    WOW! Splendid Super Container with Sims!

    One of the first premiums, got it when I bought into beta. Was my favorite DD for very long time until feature creeped to anonymity. Hell of a knife fighter, gun boat, anti-destroyer destroyer at the time. Tweaked for the Dunkirk operation for AA, was an absolute obliterator of enemy aircraft. Ship was good enough to repeatedly draw me into over committing and getting my [edited]handed to me by a heavy cruiser. Congrats and good luck!
  8. Kraayt

    Premium Ship Review: California

    More and more it appears that WG(Warships) has losing it's creative initiatives that made the game so enjoyable as being new and entertaining. This copy and paste release schedule sure shows deterioration in direction and management. If this is how they continue, I am afraid the game is on its way to becoming a mediocre has-been like so many other games out there. Still bringing in cash flow, but glory days fading quickly. All I can figure is they moved the talent over to new platforms and told the new people (who didn't have the original fire) to hold down the fort...even if they don't know what they are doing.
  9. Still have my Moskva and Kirov, both gold ships. Do not have the replacement ships. Did I misunderstand I was getting tech tree replacements for them?
  10. There is a reason people chose not to play the competitive games, the toxic crap you are exposed to in chat. It's ok to be able to mute/block one or two players, but it gets really bad when you have half the team piling it on each other. I enjoy competitive play, but someone is going to lose and when it starts to go downhill, too often it just turns into a finger pointing exercise for many. Usually, the weakest players on the team. I know this horse has been flogged skinless, I just really wish they could come up with a better system for dealing with it.
  11. Kraayt


    Thanks all. Useful info and shows I'm not alone in my impression.
  12. Kraayt


    I know I don't have a super computer, but it doesn't suck either. I only have a 100mb bandwidth connection, not some instantaneous pipeline to WG's servers. But it seems like it is getting worse and worse for updates. Relative to any other game I have or currently play, Warships takes a tremendous amount of time to download, and then for the installation process. My first impression is that it's not so much an update as a full install. Does anyone have an understanding as to why WG's system seems so much slower than others (that I've experienced)? I am not trolling, just curious as to why it is so damn inconvenient. And don't make the mistake of giving it 100% of resources...it will suck the life out of your computer and your internet connection.
  13. Kraayt

    Subscription Popup is a PITA

    Yep. And today, I went to see the Mainz release and I cannot get past this damn drop down...
  14. Kraayt

    Subscription Popup is a PITA

    Browser….the images HenryChenhenry attached show it. I am using Microsoft Edge for my browser. When the subscription notification drops, it covers the previous screen with a opaque screen which prevents you from completing your original actions. It continually reloads on closure.
  15. Kraayt

    Subscription Popup is a PITA

    My apologies. I thought your comment was directed at me. Again, my apologies for the reaction.