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  1. Cossack. I enjoy the ship, was surprised at it being the choice.
  2. Purchased Iron Duke, Queen Elizabeth bundles in Arsenal. Bundle shows a 10pt captain for each....Iron Duke had a 3 pt. captain, Queen Elizabeth bundle had a 4 pt. captain. Haven done the KGV bundle yet.
  3. Thank you for the informative video. I knew there were flaws, but had not idea it was this bad.
  4. Kraayt

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    When they did the global nerf to USN guns and the Sims' went from OP to sub par against its then rivals, I went ballistic. I paid cash for the ship and felt cheated. The Yubari was relative garbage and the Gremy was left alone. I understand the reasoning for it, but really don't care. I do not want a game where every ship is equal and everything is hyper balanced. The game needs asymmetrical forces to counter each other and being OP in one area or the other is going to be the price for entertainment and different play styles. Don't get me wrong...the current and past CV scaling has been crap since they overpower everything except another stronger or better skilled CV. Everyone seems to worry about this becoming a pay to win game....well, it and the others always has been that. The company would not exist if people were not paying to win...no one wants to pay for an inferior product they can get just by spending time pushing a button.
  5. Kraayt

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    Think maybe long ago, saw an analogy using the VW, but think it was referring to the weight of the rounds.
  6. Kraayt

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    Well, +1 to OP. Personally, I'm not having fun testing this crap. As primarily a DD and CL driver, while driving my surface ships I do not have the situational awareness to focus and respond simultaneously to multiple near range (DD)(Planes), medium range (CL,CA) and long range (BB) AND be able to create a meaningful plan of attack. I'm too busy reacting to my exposure and immediate threats to me. I play the game to have fun, even if I'm losing to better players. I do not play games in which I do not have fun. I generally vote with my feet. I have a lot of time and money invested in the game, and I really hope they can come to a solution with which most are satisfied. But, if its not fun...
  7. Kraayt

    Azuma Nerfed

    This looks positive to me. I had gotten to the point where I was buying the Alaska only if it performed reasonably well and figured the Azuma (that was supposed to be the Jap answer to the Alaska(s)) was starting to look like a steel weak sister at T10. Now, I may not need 28k of steel that I don't have and may be able to get it with free xp or coal. Based on nothing but presumptions. :)
  8. Thank you very much for the guide. I have very much enjoyed my Minotaur and I find your guide very informative and I suspect I will reread it several times. The DevStrikes I've suffered from over the horizon BB's have been frustrating and I just took them as a price to pay. Now, I have a better understanding of how I may have been providing them with adequate targeting. Good fortunes!
  9. Kraayt

    QoL Suggestion: Camouflage sorting

    I have wished for the same functionality many times. As OP said, depending on my focus atm, my camo of choice may be very different and I have too many accrued camo's to pick through to find the one that best serves me.
  10. What I love is to sit in my Minotaur, in smoke, at long range and be instantly deleted by a BB shooting blind into smoke. The BB then brags about how stupid you are and how great he is. It makes for fun and engaging mechanics. This isn't a real life simulation by a long shot...its an arcade game and folks need to remember that when they debate what is realistic and what is not.
  11. A couple of my favorites are the Edinburg Arctic and the DeGrasse perma-camo. Warheart's picture of the Meritorious Service camo is also a favorite.
  12. Kraayt

    TX Permanent Camo?

    There you go….got one. :)
  13. Does it ever go on sale?