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  1. Kraayt

    BEARS Recruiting!!!!

    Another Bump! Slots filling. Looking for more CB additions.
  2. Kraayt

    BEARS Recruiting!!!!

    Bump!! Have a couple spots open. Clan Battles a must.
  3. Totally agree. I detest the carnival camo's enough to not have the Black Friday camo. Appreciate the effort to give us the benefit of the camo's stats, hope you can come up with a workaround.
  4. Kraayt

    BEARS Recruiting!!!!

    Report post #1 [BEARS] needs you!* *O.K. -- maybe we don't actually need you, but we would like to consider joining our team! We are a reasonably mature (read: old) group of random folks from pretty much all over the east, south, and midwest. Started as a very laid-back, social group... but we're looking for a bit more when it comes to organized play -- and especially clan battles. Tired of all the lone wolves just taking advantage of our sweet base swag (which we have a lot of) and not participating in clan battles or divisions. We're not going to be one of those groups that has the "must have over 70% WR and 2000 PR" -- because that's certainly not what we are. Several of us have multiple T10s, and lots of experience. We are always willing to learn from a superior player, but that player needs to be willing to teach (and suffer the growing pains while we get better together). We are not a hyper-competitive group, but we like to play (a lot) and winning/advancing is always a nice thing. Our biggest frustration is bringing in new players that either: a) ignore us in the lobby and decline invitations to division up; or b) don't play at all. We are purging out the folks who are only in the clan for the clan benefits, and hopefully bringing in some experienced players who like to clan battle/division up, and have a great time meeting new people. Successful candidates can bank on lots of clan battles, and there are usually 3-4 of us on at any one time (and usually late into the early morning hours) to division up and grind new ships. The only "criteria" are that you have your own T10 ship(s) -- so we can get away from rentals -- have some reasonable experience (1000+ matches?), and Discord is a must. We've had growing pains over the last year with truly new players grinding to get to T8 for rental ships. Since I feel like we've done more than our fair share of supporting the new player(s), we can move on and ask for more seasoned vets. Feel free to drop by our Discord and division up. We don't really have any kind of "trial period" -- if you are asked to join, you're a full member of the clan. If you act like a complete imbecile, or don't participate in clan battles, we will politely ask you to free up your spot for someone else. Give us a shot -- if you enjoy interaction and/or are trying to grind a few new ships, we're your clan. Drop by our Discord https://discord.gg/gGM63H9 Or message me (Kraayt), wolfracer_1, itphux, or undertaker013 in-game.
  5. I would quote a number of the above responses, but there is no point. Co-Op DD play provides little that carries to Random. Learn your ship. But Co-Op doesn't last long enough to give you the play style to stay alive. HazeGrey's response is the most complete in my opinion....play up the tech tree in random and learn the ships. Every and all other suggestions and comments are valid, but a lot to just read and then to implement without the experience of playing. If you want to just do Co-Op in a DD, its simple. Drive out to nearly detection range...you will generally see the enemy dd first. Be aware of your detection range...stop, smoke up, wait for the enemy to steam past you and torp at point blank range. Of course, you won't learn crap from this except how to farm bots.
  6. Does anyone know of any mods available to assist in managing clan members game rotation in Clan Battles? Our clan tries to insure everyone gets in and plays, but when you have "nearly" enough players for two teams, but just can't make the second there can be a bunch sitting and waiting for a slot. Would be nice to have some way for manage who is on the bench and how long they have been waiting or show, for the benefit of the members that cannot volunteer to sit, how many games have been played that night. Any suggestions short of methods to exclude players would be appreciated.
  7. Attempting to do so. 25GB download...not fast on any connection.
  8. Thank you. Drawing what I can out of this leads me to think the Kleiber will be the more interesting dd for me. I have the Mogador and have worked it about halfway up. I also have the Friesland and enjoy it.
  9. Deciding which tree to work, I know the two are decidedly different play styles. Was curious to hear from someone who has played one or both.
  10. Generally speaking, how do you think these three stack up for Clan Battles? I'm sure we are going to see more Stalingrads this round after the steel earnings that have landed. The Moskva will still be a default tank cruiser due to availability. The Puerto Rico will make its entrance. Thoughts on how they will stack up?
  11. 76 in a Kii. Got the ship in a Xmas crate, played one game in it. 130k damage, 2 ships sunk...helluva a enjoyable game. Think there were 2 CV's....one Kaga, don't remember the other. I didn't pay any attention to the planes...was after the game ended and saw the personal stats that I realized how many planes it had shot down. I had never had a particular desire for the Kii, but I can assure you now after playing one co-op to wipe the snowflake and the one random, that I have a total respect for that ship.
  12. Kraayt

    Bourgogne or Stalingrad

    Tyvm. Appreciate the detail to backup what is typically just a feeling for an opinion.
  13. Kraayt

    Anyone playing Clan Brawl 12v12?

    We tried last night and found as we suspected, that it doesn't allow it. Based on the way this game is and keeps moving, the developers have a "vision" players be damned.
  14. Kraayt

    Anyone playing Clan Brawl 12v12?

    This. Maybe Saturday is prime time for other servers, but I suspect the NA server would be more responsive on another night...like Sunday or Wednesday. Someone with WG should review the CB seasons in the past for consistent participation. If...they haven't already done this and came up with...Saturday night. sigh.
  15. Kraayt

    47 Million Potential Damage they say

    Easiest way to potential damage is to get an Amalfi, put steering mods on it and try to play. Easy to get potential damage, everyone knows you are a toothless piñata. Just have to use the WASD hack.