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  1. Will we get a toggle to turn off the Eagle and Shark perma-camo graphics such as on the Halloween, Anime, etc? Hell, nm....its already an option...:P Well, its an option...but it totally is removed from selection and mounting if on ship. So you either look ugly and breaks immersion or you don't use or benefit from it.
  2. Summer Sale Day 9: ALABAMA

    I love my T8's, but living in a T10 rich environment is frustrating.
  3. I find it happens when the game completes a mission or event where you get a significant reward, or status change that is not handled by the typical daily type rewards.
  4. To OP, I did this earlier in the year. I was at 49.36 or so and wanted to get at least to 50%. I really focused on playing to win...I found myself playing fewer ships that I did well in, and avoiding those that I struggled. It took about four months and I broke 50%. I really payed attention to what I lost in and why I lost. I found myself not enjoying the game as much....I wasn't playing ships that were more of a challenge, I wasn't taking as many chances in my DD's (and radar was less of a discussion point) and was playing lower levels....I avoided T8 - 10. I too am primarily a solo player. Since then, my win rate has dropped as I started playing "risker" hulls than before, but I'm enjoying the game a lot more. Recently my win rate has really taken a hit work on Legendary upgrades for the Des Moines, Zao and Gearing. Not to mention pushing Edinburgh towards Neptune. Zao has been eating my lunch. Short of hiding all game and hugging border I really have sucked at it. Even hiding behind BB's you still get one shotted too often by those sharpshooter over the horizon BBs out there that see your super massive citadel and cannot pass on an easy kill. That's my story on win rate.
  5. Confusing Loss...

    Well, at the time of the end of the game, we were winning an otherwise mediocre game. Why in the world would anyone anticipate that something is going to happen subsequent to the end of the game or even have an expectation that it needed to be reviewed. I just find it a bit unreasonable to predicate your reply on the basis that I should have done something that would have required an amount of foresight that is unrealistic. I'm done. Tyvm to those that provided some insight to it...specifically that one of the ships was sunk, but did not update the Team Play screen.
  6. Confusing Loss...

    Well, the first thing I looked at after the defeat notice, was team play. The two ships were shown as survivors. Defeat notice did say time expired and lost on points...which was not the case as I was watching the screen and timer countdown. Only thing that was different was a bit longer hesitation on the end game screen coming up. However, they did enter our last cap perhaps five seconds before the game ended and the indicator showed a small amount of red. I'm not crying about losing the game, I just want to know what I overlooked if anything.
  7. Confusing Loss...

    Who the hell takes screenshots of the last second of a otherwise less than memorable game? And I was annoyed enough to log off so even the final screen is gone.
  8. Confusing Loss...

    Time expired, we had more points than our opponent...perhaps 60...something like 970 to 910 or so. Two ships survived that were our last up. We held one cap, they had 3. Had just entered our last cap. Time ran out...game paused maybe five seconds longer than normal...and we were defeated. I'm confused as to what happened.
  9. I don't remember, but does WG ever discount the permanent camos for non-premium ships?
  10. About ten days ago, received two SC's back to back doing xp daily, selected consumables both times. First was 1000 Doubloons, second was 25 of the yellow flags...don't remember the name.
  11. Looking for Clan for Clan Wars

    Bump with changes.
  12. Any Clans out there consistently able to field teams? That would imply enough players to actually have teams on a regular basis. CST, mature players Preferably. My game times are about 7PM to 10PM CST. TS3, Vent or Discord (some discords have port issues). Not [edited] and whining about every loss. Not worried about mature language....just the crying every time they don't understand a game mechanic and its a "hack". May actually be two of us....not superstars, but solid regular players. CBT through now. 4K random games, 4x or more T10, 3x or more L19. 50% WR, 1100+.
  13. I opted for none, thanks to the lame assed performance of our team and coaches.
  14. This. My highest Karma was about 40. I never played Co-Op or Scenarios(until last 3-4 months), just Random. Without a doubt, most karma responses were garnered while playing Co-Op and Scenarios, while negative Karma frequently came from Randoms. Play poorly, in someone's opinion, downvote. Play differently from what some armchair Admiral wanted, downvote. Suggest someone change something in their gameplay, downvote. Carry the team, kraken, Hero of the Universe...nada. Break your [edited]helping those with you achieve a victory....and you just might garner an upvote from someone that really gives a damn about effort. You want to farm Karma.....be a Co-Op Commander. If you want to play against the trolls and asses, forget about karma and really forget about trying to elevate it. Fwiw, I use the hell out of the report and compliment options....and infrequently the block.
  15. I have and know that the Missouri (+100% xp, -20% repair), Prinz Eugen (+50% commander xp) and Anshan (+100% free xp) have additional bonuses to the premium camo. Are there any other ships that have a bonus beyond the default -3 detection, +4 dispersion, -10% repair cost and +50 ship xp? Thanks in advance.