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  1. I cannot argue with your opinion, nor would I. But I get a lot of satisfaction when I do survive and/or do well in a T8 in a T10 heavy game.
  2. Pretty much what I thought. I enjoy ships that are a challenge and have specific strengths. I'll work the Cossack for now and if a deal comes up on the Le Terrible later, probably give it a go. tyvm for the reply.
  3. Well, truth is, doesn't matter. $1 is too much if the ship absolutely sucks, $50 isn't too much if its a great and fun ship to play. As it is, I appreciate all the replies... much as I was considering the challenge and nuances of the Le Terrible, went ahead and used the coupon on the Cossack 20 guineas and bought it out. Might have had time to pick up the few more I needed, but just as soon use the Cossack to do it. Thanks again for all the comments and replies.
  4. 24 Guineas on hand...not likely to get many more...don't have the time nor the DD's required for the RN missions.
  5. Title. Don't have all the Guineas for the Cossack and dubious of the Le Terrible based on commentaries. They have both been out a bit of time now and with the -30% coupon I am attracted to trying them. Anyone with experience with them open for suggestion? Thank you in advance.
  6. Kraayt

    Is Jean Bart Vapor ware?

    Saw one in game this morning. Didn't see how it performed, was too busy trying to turn around a bad situation. Failed.
  7. Kraayt

    What is it with the Edinburgh?

    Biggest difference between Fiji and Edinburgh is simply the TX BB's. Montana, Yamato, etc....if they can target, even in smoke, with the dispersion one hit is enough to erase you. Prior damage and one hit is a guaranteed erasure. My feeling is the Fiji was mostly a one hit wonder to the Musashi. I know I went to efforts to avoid it.
  8. Kraayt

    Lightning is OK I guess...

    I got the Acasta drop, had a Gallant. The Acasta has nothing going for it beyond the spam smoke and torp launch feature. You must adapt or will not have any success playing it like the other nationalities. As little as I regard it, I prefer it over Gallant and the German DD's. At least I can maneuver the damn thing.
  9. Kraayt

    What is it with the Edinburgh?

    I've really enjoyed the RNCL line of ships. Played to their strengths, they can be a teams game changer. Unfortunately, the smallest mistake or just bad luck is devastating for them. Just having your nose out and targetable is enough to get you erased on an alpha strike. The greatest difficulty in these ships, imho, is that they are slow to stop, accelerate and reverse typically which leads to their demise. The smoke, if popped just a little bit too soon, fails to cover the ships inertia. But I sure enjoy the challenge.
  10. Strange philosophy for a war game.
  11. Kraayt

    A Best ship for Co Op?

    Thank you all for your replies, lot of useful information in the thread.
  12. Haven't really done a lot of Co-Op except to grind out disciplinary warnings for errant torpedoes and the occasional campaign or what not. Was curious if there was a particular tier, type of ship that is recommended to run Co Op to accomplish anything such as Captain grinding or Campaign stage that's a pita? Thanks for any thoughts.
  13. Kraayt

    Wow, thanks wg

    5x SC 7 days of Premium 1k Doubloons 50 Anniversary Camo 25 Dragon 50 Fire resistance flag All good, could have been better or worse.
  14. Kraayt

    Selling the Bismarck

    I think your Bismarck is victim to power creep just like so many other older ships. Once decried as OP, now they are no longer the chosen ones to easily win. For this game to continue to grow, or even survive, you will see changes in the future to accommodate demand and to elicit more purchases to keep the bills paid.
  15. Kraayt

    Samuel L. Gravely Jr. for USN commander.

    FWIW, Ernest Evans of the U.S.S. Johnston was Cherokee. Not to take away from yours, but just a note.