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  1. Mantewarless

    GPU Usage

    If they are, then they should at least reduce prices for premium services by 50%....or give us WoW trinkets (shrits, coffee cups, etc) regularly...I like game tchotchkes.
  2. Mantewarless

    GPU Usage

    I'm finding this issue as well, running around 91% on GPU: AMD Radeon VII Gold Edition Threadripper 2950x 64gb 2933 mhz DDR4 cl 14 (4 x 16gb) Asus Prime X399A Motherboard EVO 970 500GB drive (OS drive) Windows 10 Home 1903 EVO 960 1TB drive (location of WoWs installation) Running other games (Division 2, League of Legends) on Maximum settings barely peaks the GPU at 25-30% WoWs with vertical sync off: 70~80 FPS@4k Wows with vertical sync on: 60 (limits FPS to this) Monitor is Freesync 2 capable, and results do not change whether I have FS turned on or off. Still peaks my GPU to about 91%, yet GPU memory usage is between 6~6.5 GB total. This definitely isn't a hardware issue. There is something causing this within the rendering mechanics of the game.
  3. Mantewarless

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    I can recall a time when DD players were the rarity, and CV's were point and click aimers with multi-squads in the air. Anyone see the shift in how now DD's are everywhere, and CV players are the really rare breed?
  4. Mantewarless

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Did you also notice at the beginning of most of these scenes, how ships are spotted by planes outside of AA range for the most part.
  5. They did exactly the same thing to me, basically saying read the EULA, completely removed your WA software and download a fresh install.
  6. I received the same message as well, and am not running any mods. This is the first warning I had received. I opened a ticket and submitted the client report as well with it just so they have all the information out of my PC. I've been running my MSI R9 390x OC with the MSI Gaming App that adjusts the environment for standard or VR, but it's been installed for as long as I've played the game. Maybe support will give me an answer that makes sense.
  7. Mantewarless

    Announcing: Anchors Away Tour + FAQ

    I was thinking the same thing. I was in Wilmington, NC just a few weeks ago, and discovered she's there as I was waiting for my return flight home. I'll be back there in a few weeks, and I'm gonna go touring to add it to my BB tours (already have the Missouri, Iowa and Bama visited).
  8. Mantewarless

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    My two cents worth: the primary reason for the CV play is simple....World of Warplanes didn't take off like it should and they didn't want to waste all that time and effort used to develop the aircraft models, so they decided to merge it with CV's and call it a shiny new toy.
  9. Actually that was the case in one of the posts in this thread.
  10. Your flooding theory has sound merits, yet speed affecting flooding depends on point of entry and angle as well. If someone gives you a proctal exam as you sail away at full bells, the reality is without engine damage, you have a negative draft, and dependent on the size of said hole, it might actually have an eductor (you former Navy bilge rats will know what this means) affect, actually drawing water out till it reaches a certain level, leaving flood levels at the height of said hole and no more. Same with side shots to some extent. If someone pokes your nose at full bells, and smart sailors on your ships actually had the bulkheads tightened down on said space, then flooding would equalize when the trapped air pressurizes equivalent to the water pressure inbound, if the bulkheads can actually maintain integrity from the added pressure, thus dropping the nose of the ship a bit, causing a speed penalty, yet not continually flooding. This is a case of where slowing would actually decrease the flooding since eventually the trapped air above the hole would counter the inbound water pressure. As for DCM, if you really wanted to apply it properly to flooding, the ship would still have a speed penalty since hull integrity would be restored via bulkhead closures and a wood barrier (swells when water saturated) braced and wedged in place. The hole is still there, causing drag, it's just blocked on the interior side. When you start talking realistic, you have to include compartmentalization of larger ships, bulkhead integrity, direction, speed, DC ability, etc. It isn't just about a big gaping hole. As for me personally, I see the flooding change as a positive aspect, since it means DD's and Cruisers can't "one and done" BB's with a single torp. You will still have more of the multi hits than single torp for the non-observant, so they will still be pacified with kills, while driving captains will actually stand a chance.
  11. Mantewarless

    Network unstable at this time.

    I've never turned "pink" due to a disconnect due to ISP instability. I can say this does happen to me 4 or 5 times a week, which I have addressed with my ISP numerous times (I also lose TV service when this happens). If you are turning pink due to "disconnects", I suspect maybe you need to address this with both your ISP, as well as reach out to support with WoW and explain you are trying to fix the issue.
  12. The potential damage is the only feasible one in the list, to be honest.
  13. Mantewarless

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Mission 3 on Prinz: once completed, wouldn't allow collection of reward on final task, yet would let you select missions from Mission 4. Even selling the ship that is already in your inventory won't let you collect. All prior missions worked fine even though ships were already in inventory. monitor_20181130_231602136.log WoWS_report.wgc Update: I had logged out to run the check, then logged back in. It let me collect the reward.
  14. Do you like the thought of playing the game your way, yet also have others you can ask for advice? Are you tired of having to watch from the sidelines in events that require divisions? Do you dislike division play, and just want to be the rogue? Simply put, we have but one goal: to have fun. We have some who like to be competitive, and some that are leisurely players (sometimes only logging in once a week). We don't judge, and unless you are doing something that is wrong by game rules, we won't condemn. We are just here to have fun..."The truth is out there...right, Scully?"