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  1. Finished off the cruiser torps using a Albemarle in co-op. Admittedly, face-tanking a Yamato in one game and a Jean Bart in another, was a little bit too much excitement for my tastes, but she was able to get the job done. Trying to do the DD fires with a Z-39. I might switch back to a Ducky or Harekaze.
  2. Ann_Darrow

    Ever had a Westworld moment?

    Heh. A bot actually turned pink after they dropped a salvo of lead into me. Don't know who they were aiming at. The red in the area was long since dead. It might have been lag or something.
  3. Ann_Darrow

    So are the RNCAs DOA?

    Albemarle is decent. I'm also grinding through Baltimore at the moment. We'll see which one I end up liking better.
  4. So, we go from bland RN CA's to damn near Soviet CGN's.
  5. Ann_Darrow

    Why lock Yashima to steel of all things?

    It's like they want to make a better Yamato (to appeal to IJN fans), but without actually making it better and potentially power-creeping the Yamato herself. Or maybe Yamato herself represents the top of the firepower curve and they can't go any further without introducing Tier XI. or something.
  6. Ann_Darrow

    Goodbye, Smolensk!

    Smolensk? Arrivederci and Sayonara And this is coming from someone who likes flame-throwing cruisers and drives Worcesters and Atlantas and other flame-throwing beasts. Smol is way too OP for even my tastes. Auf Wiedersehen.
  7. Ann_Darrow

    Roma Needs Buff.

    Roma makes me pull my hair out. I could citadel someone through the nose and then completely miss a flat broadside in the next shot. And then an opposing Roma comes around the corner and then blasts me into tomorrow. arrrgh.
  8. Ann_Darrow

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    I'm trying to imagine someone driving HMS Erebus in-game with her 15-inchers and 12 knot speed. Does she even have a citadel?
  9. Ann_Darrow

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    Tbh, I haven't played my Albermarle in a week or so. I instinctly reach for something else at Tier VIII -- Atago, PE, or Baltimore (and I don't even have a Baltimore at the moment(!) ) . It's so unremarkable I have to remind myself that it's even there. It's neither bad nor good. It just mumbles "present". Edit. Just took it out for a quick co-op game. Rudder feels sluggish. AP doesn't have much bite. And the torpedoes feel weak and slow against cruisers. The HE spam seems to work well, but if I wanted a HE spammer I'd just use one of my Cleveland-class CL's. The old saying says that "Every lady has her charm." I just don't know where her's is, though.
  10. Well, the only RN CA I uncovered was the Albermarle from my second doubloon package. I completed all the directives and with my last 100 tokens uncovered no ships. So the free side was a total bust. For the rest of the week I'll be playing with my new Ashigara and Kirishima (had to buy one. I wasn't sure I'd be able to play enough to reach the campaign end, and she's funny when she gets hit with fire!).
  11. Ann_Darrow

    New ship class: Monitor. Yay! or Nay!

    For this game, no. Monitors had big guns -- like the ones intended for Furious and her sisters -- but had next to zero armor if any. Unless we're doing shore bombardment or army support missions, they don't really have a place here.
  12. Ann_Darrow

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    Transliteration of the Japanese characters into English. One of the kana can be rendered as a 'u'. Myoko can be written as Myoukou and Kongo can be written as Kongou.
  13. Ann_Darrow

    ARk Royal VS indomitable

    Ark Royal, hands down. At Tier VI you face less AA and have access to torp bombers. I find that not having torps really limits what you can do with Indomitable, nevermind the increased AA at Tier VIII. You're pretty much stuck with overhead bombing runs on BBs ad nauseum.
  14. Ann_Darrow

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    Apparently, in their haste to get in a cheap shot against Kongou, they forgot that Tier V is filled with slow-[edited]dreadnoughts.
  15. Ann_Darrow

    Lol, $230 for all the ARP ships

    Since I'm only in it for Hiei and Ashigara, my path is straightforward: grind for Hiei and plunk down a few bucks for Ashigara. (Neither Ashigara, Nachi, or Haguro are part of the grind campaign.) I did consider (very briefly) buying the mega pack, though.