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  1. Ann_Darrow

    Carnot is in the Armory

    Azuma could've actually been decent, if her citadel wasn't so tragic. It seems as if I'd been citadeled through the bow and the stern (probably unlucky bounces that come in through the sides also) in an Azuma. I've citadeled other Azumas in much same way also, while in an Azuma. The main battery is actually not bad (you could bring pain to some battleships also), assuming you could get in range before you're erased.
  2. Ann_Darrow

    Carnot is in the Armory

    33 co-op games in Carnot so far with only a 10 pt. captain. That turtleback armour allowed me to get away with a lot of stupid potato moves. The speed boost did the rest. Yeah, no comparison to Azuma. A good Carnot driver is going to be an absolute bear to take down.
  3. Ann_Darrow

    Does anyone have any clue about Carnot?

    Feels a little more durable than Azuma. The speed boost is nice, but sometimes I miss the radar on Alaska. Currently toying with the secondaries to see if they're useable. The AP feels okay,-- got a couple of citadels on a few BB's. I think one was a Conqueror.
  4. Ann_Darrow

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    My luck is the reverse of last time. NJ came really early. So far, 44 rolls in and no Shima so far.
  5. Ann_Darrow

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    No need. Other than my brother, no one talks KC anymore in my neck of the woods. It's either AL or GI.
  6. This? pssh. What I've spent here is nothing compared to what I've spent on camera gear, Lionel trains (oh Lord have mercy), LEGO's, Walt Disney World, movie cinemas, etc in the last few years alone. Come to think about it, I've only slowed down my spending on prems because I've run out of stuff that I'm interested in. The recent scandals didn't help things, to be sure. But my spending/engagement was starting to go down out of natural boredom anyway. Make of it as you will.
  7. Ann_Darrow

    Has Agincourt been sold outside the containers?

    I thought it was some anomalous reading they couldn't figure out, and then they just pulled Enty. Tbh, I still think the reasoning and timing still smells a little [edited].
  8. I dunno. In co-op at least, battleships aren't necessarily the first target of the bots. Supercruisers work better for drawing potential damage in that environment. DD's draw fire easily, but they don't last long under the gaze of 4,5, or even 6 reds.
  9. Ann_Darrow

    Pacific War - 4th stage

    It's the Battle of Midway. Of course I'm going to run USN CV's. 70 spotting ribbons. Easy. And for style, I did it using Buffalos.
  10. Ann_Darrow

    Smooth Supply - What did you get in your SC?

    50 x Stars & Stripes camo
  11. I lived in the state, along with other reasons -- both historical and personal.
  12. Here's some more data: I decided to whale it and see how far I'd go. Box 15 -- Missouri On the bright side, I at least didn't have to go the full distance. That would've really sucked. 15*1500= 22,500 dubs. And I committed to spending up to $100 for MO, which would have been 25,000 dubs. I got a lot of other stuff along the way, too. For me, at least, it was worth it.
  13. Tbh, I'm only interested in Missouri only as a port queen: 1) I lived in the state for a bit. 2) historical reasons. As a gamepiece, she's seems 'meh'. I have a Musashi, and she already handles all of my T9 BB duties over JB, Georgia, Pommern, and Iowa. To be fair, I've been seriously reconsidering whether I even want a MO in-port at all. I know, based on my own play patterns, that she'll never see service because Iowa would handle all the tech tree progression duties and Musashi handles everything else. I guess I'd be better off getting a Tamiya (or other model manufacturer) static desk model instead. /shrug
  14. Did 3 pulls: ) 500 pacific tokens + SnS camo x8 2) 500 pacific tokens + SnS camo x8 3) 500 pacific tokens + 5 dragon + 5 hydra upcoming on the 4th: 500 pacific tokens + ouro x5 + levi x5 I lost interest after buying the first 3. I'll just do the campaign and then decide if I still want to buy MO after it's all said and done. -- against my better judgement, I did 2 more pulls: tokens and flags. Upcoming is still tokens and signals. No MO in sight. ugh. I would be better off just using the dubs on getting another BB.