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  1. lol Nagumo. Lose all of your IJN CVs on your team if he's on your side. Or start the game with your deck on fire.
  2. Ann_Darrow

    Mouse's Previews of Yukikaze and Montpelier

    Well, I reactivated my Cleveland and took it for spin just to compare against Montpelier. I could be hard pressed to see the difference, except when I'm trying to lay down a stream of fire on a target. The Cleveland just feels like you put out a little more shells if you hold down the fire button. Other than that, I don't see a difference gameplay-wise.
  3. I haven't played an actual Cleveland proper in a while, which is weird since the Admiral I have on the Montpelier now started on a Cleveland before getting assigned to a Worcester. I'd have to get another one to make a fair comparison.
  4. Just bought an AL Montpelier. Having a grand time with it. The game as a whole is still decent. Aircraft vs ship combat still needs work, though.
  5. Ann_Darrow

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    I know I said in a survey that I'd buy more anime-related stuff, but these prices are just brutal. I was looking forward to getting Kaga, Atago, and maybe Mont, but oof.
  6. Yeah. I need to reset everything, but I'm too lazy to start over. lol
  7. My dorm in AL proper doesn't look this good. There's no space to walk because of the beds and the badly spaced chairs! lol
  8. Ann_Darrow

    Is There Anything More British?

  9. Ann_Darrow

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    lol. I just took out a bot Yamato in co-op by blind-firing at point blank range right at the reduced torpedo belt area. Total fluke shot. Probably doesn't mean anything. But, I found it funny nonetheless.
  10. Ann_Darrow

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    I see it now in my game client. The torpedo bulge under the citadel belt goes forward all the way to turret 1 on Musashi. It barely touches the rear of turret #2 on Yamato.
  11. Ann_Darrow

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm having a hard time seeing the large difference too.
  12. Ann_Darrow

    Yamato Stealth Nerf is Not Cool

    The leading edge of the armor belt doesn't quite line up with the citadel armor belt below it, unlike the Musashi.
  13. Massachusetts or Tirpitz. I prefer close-range (10km or less) engagements, so good armour with lots of secondaries are a must-have. It's really hard to lose credits with those two once you start brawling.
  14. Ann_Darrow

    So I don't get Queen Elizabeth...

    I got QE after Warspite, and it feels really strange. They're very close and far apart at the same time. It's like the uncanny valley, except for ships.
  15. Enterprise Saratoga -- CV would be okay and all, but her original pre-treaty battlecruiser form would be a whole lot better. Beyond those two, I'm quite content with my current fleet and I have enough prem time to last me months.