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  1. Ann_Darrow

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    Tbh, I was holding out for Sendai, Nagara, or even Oyodo, but this might be as good as we'll get for an IJN CL. Yahagi def needs some help. My main pet peeve has been and still is actually scoring citadels, but not actually doing meaningful damage. (*muttering* Hittng an Emerald and then the Emerald turns around to citadel you instead... bloody hell)
  2. Ann_Darrow

    New US Premium Cruiser needs a name

    Ginger, of course.
  3. Ann_Darrow

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    So, basically, if they left it at Tier IV, this ship would be practically immune to damage from new players since newbies typically don't have IFHE and they usually drive cruisers.
  4. People seem to be enamored with the guns, from what I've heard so far. "I took out a Scharn!" and so forth. It's a glass cannon.
  5. Ann_Darrow

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    I can honestly make the Yahagi work. It's not optimal, but doable. I wouldn't even try with VU. NY/TX's are enough of a challenge, but Fuso's, Scharn's and Gneisenau's also? The tiering is a complete mistake. You can't even chase down a standard type BB. How in the world are you supposed to deal with the Scharn sisters?
  6. Ann_Darrow

    Yahagi is a Perfectly Balanced Ship

    Yeah. DE is probably more useful since I hardly used my consumables at all.
  7. Ann_Darrow

    Yahagi is a Perfectly Balanced Ship

    Here's a setup I've been trying in co-op: PT, PM, EM, AR,LS, SI (instead of DE), IFHE, and CE. With MAM1, SGM1, ASM1.
  8. Ann_Darrow

    Yahagi is a Perfectly Balanced Ship

    Yahagi made me want to recommission an Emerald back into my dock instead. Bloody hell.
  9. Ann_Darrow

    Best premium ships for new players

    Scharnhorst -- Good guns, good torps, durable, quick, quite forgiving of mistakes, and makes good credits. Looks pretty darn stylish while doing so, too. Edit. Also, it has quite the history. Tier considerations be damned. Pick a ship you've heard of and like. You'll do a whole lot better in it, as opposed to just slogging through a grind just because it's "good for you".
  10. Ann_Darrow

    Viribus Unitus

    Got one. Or should I say, had one. I'll admit I thought I would enjoy it more than I did. But its immediate successor, Bellerophon, was already in-game and better in every way. Oh well. With my luck it'll show up in the first Christmas crate I get.
  11. Ann_Darrow

    Viribus Unitus

    Pity. I've been in the mood for driving older BBs as of late. I don't why I thought it would be similar to or at least competitive with the NY or TX.
  12. Ann_Darrow

    Question about Wichita

    Solid and dependable. If you need a USN CA trainer, by all means go for it. Tbh, though, she seems a bit 'vanilla' compared to the other Tier VIII CAs. I run mostly PE and Atago nowadays, since I like having the torps as an option.
  13. Ann_Darrow

    Yahagi = Half Baked Effort

    Yeah. I found myself using the rudder a lot just to aim. 30 secs (or 26.9 with EM) for a 180 traverse seems really excessive. The Emile Bertin has a base traverse of 15 secs, along with shorter range, but weaker torps, and higher speed. The EB has some issues to be fair, but I've found it to be a much more enjoyable CL ( at least in terms of gunplay) than the Yahagi if you could manage switching to another country. I can work with Yahagi. But I really hate those moments when I start envying the Omahas and Emeralds I come across in my games. I even managed to score citadel hits on a bot Omaha once. The HP bar hardly moved at all! The one time I actually get the stupid AP rounds to work, and they're complete duds.
  14. Ann_Darrow

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    31 games in co-op. I think I'd had enough of this boat. And I even like CL's (Cleveland, Montpelier, Wor, ATL, Leander, Omaha and Emile Bertin on occasion,etc). Close-in torp runs (4km or less) are the only damage source I found consistent. The guns HE or AP just don't do it for me. Final ship config: MAM1, SGM1, ASM1 Final 19-pt admiral spec: PT,PM, EM, AR, LS, SI, IFHE, CE Yuudachi was mentioned before in this thread. Trick is, I can work with Poi since I like Shiratsuyu also. Yahagi is like pulling teeth. If you want a torp boat, get a proper DD instead. Cheers.
  15. Ann_Darrow

    Any good cruisers in the premium shop for under $50

    Another endorsement for Exeter (British 'Taka) , A. Graf Spee (try brawling in this one) , Atlanta (my Worcester driver's summer home) , and Prinz Eugen (I just like how the name looks and sounds, plus the atomic bomb thing).