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  1. It's a slightly improved Gnevy, how is it even remotely Tier 8?
  2. Jemention

    Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships

    This is disappointing. While it's about time for a Dido class cruiser showing up, its disheartening to see it added in this way and not in a more historical fashion. Hopefully the line doesn't actually start at Tier 5 and we'll still see some of the actually built Chinese cruisers in Tiers 2-4. Also get the feeling that this was rushed, suspect they were planning on dropping submarines but they aren't where they want them yet so this got pushed up in development.
  3. Idle speculation but with Dutch Cruisers fully released, Soviet CVs in Early release and German BCs next on deck, the next line to be announced is most likely going to be a Destroyer line. The two most likely candidates I can think of being either the Italian DDs or a Pan-American DD line. Of course they could release subs to general release I guess...
  4. Jemention

    PSA: Opt In Mission

    I went with Chile, they at least had a navy with ships that would fit in with WOWS.
  5. Jemention

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    All of the other questions are about current existing modes, why would that one question be different? If it had specified a new mode, I would have voted yes.
  6. Jemention

    Neutral poll on subs in 0.10.8

    Except the question isn't asking about sub specific operations, its asking about current operations.
  7. Jemention

    German Battlecruisers Designs Major Ball Drop

    There were a few new build ships after 1930 with casemates, the two I can think of being Graf Zeppelin and the Swedish Gotland class cruiser. Considering these are supposedly based on Imperial German designs, and tiers 3-7 were either actually in service or under construction, I'm fine with how they are. I do think that they should have gone a bit farther with theoretical modernizations for the tier 8-10 designs though and done away with at least some of the casemates.
  8. No, there was an ARP male captain, forget the name off the top of my head but I think he was the main protagonist?
  9. Jemention

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    Just posting to add my support for LWM, I always appreciated the effort and thought she put into her reviews, as well as the graphic contributions of Chobittsu.
  10. Jemention

    ST 0.10.8, new ships

    Not sure what the time stamps would be needed for, I read this thread from the top down and understood his first comment immediately after reading before getting to the other comments. However to be fair to you, I think you'd have to have had more interest and knowledge in RN Heavy cruiser development to understand his comment right off the bat I suppose. Or at least have been following some of the previous conversations in other threads discussing HMS Gibraltar yesterday in the forum.
  11. Jemention

    ST 0.10.8, new ships

    I mean it was pretty clear to me what he was talking about... maybe its just you?
  12. The Tier 8 is supposedly one of the modified follow on pair of near sister carriers planned to follow the two Graf Zeppelin class ships.
  13. Going by your own definition, most of the German CVs would be paper, not fantasy.
  14. Jemention

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    While Ontario is similar to Mysore, she would have Torpedoes. That combined with some massaging of her rate of fire would be sufficient to distinguish her and she could probably be dropped at Tier 7 easily enough. The real strike against her is that she is a different class that isn't in the game and wouldn't just be a copy paste job or minor tweak of an already existing model.