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  1. Darkness Draws Near

    I was just reading this news: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/rasputinlives/ And I realized that I've seen that gate in game before... Now I wonder what they have planned for this UFO:
  2. Belfast or Kutuzov

    I don't have the Belfast, and only recently got the MK from a Christmas crate. Last night I use the MK exclusively for the Lunar New Year mission, and I managed to upset some players on the enemy team so bad that I got 2 karma taken away... and that was without IFHE... If you like the play style of the Zao, you will enjoy MK.
  3. Thanks for the advise, NoZoup. Purchased 5 $3 boxes and got 3 ships out them (Kutuzov, Warspite and Anshan). Pretty happy now.
  4. I have an aspect ratio issue in full screen mode. The resolution of my monitor is 2560x1080, I had no issue using "Auto" aspect ratio prior to 0.5.14. After patch, I changed the graphic setting to try the new AA function, then noticed that the aspect ratio will always default to 16:9 when select "Auto". Everything is now stretched in the game, I had to modify the preference file by manually putting in 2.3700 to get the aspect ratio right.
  5. Atago/ARP Takao Question

    This is why my Atago captain is a 17-point captain, so I can have EM and LS Another good point by you, IJN turret traverse is definitely on the slow side, wouldn't a faster rudder shift make the ship outmaneuver the guns?
  6. Soul crushing defeat

    I had a similar one in my Zao over the weekend... Over 250K damage done, but lose the game due to time and points while chasing 2 low health cruisers...
  7. Recommended "End Game" ships?

    If the OP enjoys Atago, you should go for Zao. She has the armour, range and rate of fire that Atago dreams of. I'm still figuring this ship out, and just set my personal record of over 250K damage from a single game.
  8. Atago/ARP Takao Question

    Great example! And you bring up another good point. The steering gear on Atago is incredibly weak. Her rudder got damaged so often, that I decided to use Last Stand with my dedicated Atago captain. Imaging that, when your rudder gets stuck that forces you to turn broadside, faster rudder shift will not help but concealment is the only hope to survive.
  9. Atago/ARP Takao Question

    In terms of avoiding damage, dodging easily is far less effective than giving enemy nothing to shoot at. Since Atago doesn't have the range to kite enemy ships, she has to fight in a closer distance where she can be comfortably citadeled. Being able to disengage and disappear saved me far more than using WASD hack. You can improve torp dodging capability by using hydroacoustic, but how can you improve concealment effectively with only CE? There may be occasions you have to expose your broadside to enemy BBs when dodging torps, do you prefer to be visibel when you do so?
  10. I was waiting for someone to bring up Blyskawica in this discussion... It was the US DD line that made me fall in love with the gunboat playing style, but after a taste in Blyskawica, I'm leaving my Fletcher rusting in port, and I have no desire to grind further for the Gearing or through the Russian DD line... I mean, there's a reason why WG stopped selling Blyskawica. I started averaging 70K damage and 70% win rate after her Captain got AFT.
  11. I got 3479 WTR today :3

    My record was 28088 WTR! IIRC, it's when the German cruisers just came out, and the system did not know how to deal with the new ships... My real record was 4946 in a US DD (don't remember which one)...
  12. 3,744 games and it is MINE!!!

    Congrats. I'm still working on mine after 3776 matches.... Almost got it over the weekend, but the enemy team stopped our counter at 999
  13. Same as OP, after a pretty awful night (30% win rate, 20% survival rate & 1.5 KD rate out of 10 games), I got a super container with 100 dragon flags. Guess that's WG's way to keep us coming back for more...lol BTW, I only roll the dice for every container, as I enjoy the surprise more than a guaranteed return, especially if the item is not obtainable through normal gameplay.
  14. ^^^^^this. I've been holding off on the German BB line just for this reason.
  15. I am a good/bad Isokaze captain

    Pretty impressive game, OP. Isokaze is my all time favourite DD, even compared to Minekaze & Kamikaze R due to more favourable MM. My damage record from a single game was also held by Isokaze (185K) for a very long time, until only being replaced by Atago (189K) and then Zao (197K) very recently. She's also my go to ship for the tier 4 to 5 ARP missions, because she can deal a large amount of damage so quickly.