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  1. CommodoreKang

    are DDs OP?

    The team with good DDs in the late game has a huge advantage. Unless there are a couple of good radar cruisers on the other team. Ofc, they could be out of radars at that point. So it's tricky
  2. CommodoreKang

    This is not fun anymore

    Sometimes getting the right kill == a win. Advanced play comes with a whole hierarchy of target selection priorities. Off the top of my head (as a CA covering a cap/friendly DD): 1) Shoot the red DD 2) Shoot the red CA/CL (this is interchangeable with 1) 3) Shoot the red BB that's going to get on my flank and push me off the island I'm humping All of that is trumped by a low health anything that I can finish off. And also, since I'm humping an island, sometimes I don't have a choice and have to shoot what I can hit. So it's not as straightforward as it might appear...
  3. I had an Ocean match over the holidays. I got the early cap in a DM (had some friendly DD love ofc). ;) Other team had a couple of decent british cruisers though which allowed them to lay waste to the rest of my team. In hindsight, it was a fairly comical experience.
  4. All ships should take advantage of any kind of cover they can find. That's why they have islands in the game. And why Ocean is such a reviled map. (i don't mind it so much)
  5. I'm a one ship kinda guy. It was the Cleveland (hallowed by thy name). Now it's the Des Moines. So I'm basically a part of the radar problem. That said, caps are a problem. My experience is completely anecdotal. But it does seem like more often than not, if you push the early cap hard, at best, you get the cap and lose a ship or two. Negating the benefit of the early cap. OFC, there's an obvious counter strat to that situation but then why have the caps at all. The counter strat assumes a forward thinking and skilled player. It also assumes your team isn't going to freak out when you try something a little different. That's asking a lot.
  6. CommodoreKang

    This is not fun anymore

    One the positive side, my damage numbers are sky rocketing. On the negative, I'm almost certainly heading for a sub 50 win loss ratio overall. Quite regularly get 100k+ games but those are almost always losses and the wins...most of the time, feels like I could almost AFK. You get the occasional super carry but the above average type carry almost never happens anymore. Not sure what's going on. Caps seem unimportant to outcome (early caps usually mean early ship losses =>localized advantage=>lost cap). Lemming trains seem to be more successful. Cats and dogs living together. Chaos......
  7. CommodoreKang


    Great info. Thanks for sharing!
  8. CommodoreKang

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    The difference is the BB has to get lucky firing at max range, or most likely, is in a position where he can be shot back at. You can't shoot the CV when they are in the corner and you're in the cap. You can't even shoot their planes down. At best, you can push a button and hope.
  9. CommodoreKang

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    The inherent problem is that CVs made the pew pew ships mostly obsolete. It would be impossible to include them in a historical sense without breaking the game (as they have). It would be very hard to nerf them to fit within the game. All I can say to WG is, "Good luck! We're all counting on you!"
  10. CommodoreKang

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    It's useful for CAs when tracking down DDs that are spotting on the flanks. Awful lot of points for that somewhat rare situation.
  11. CommodoreKang

    Now i know why people hate CVs

    Yeah. Fun guy to watch but not someone to learn from beyond getting started.
  12. CommodoreKang

    A Thank You to WG

    Yeah. As much as it would pain me from a philosophical perspective, I probably would pay for an old school Cleveland. Definitely miss the T6 gameplay. Some good cruisers there but nothing that I'd play consistently beyond leveling a line.
  13. CommodoreKang

    A Thank You to WG

    Yeah, it's funny. I still remember the youtube video of closed beta Cleveland gameplay that got me interested in this game. It was love at first sight..lol. I loved her all through the post launch nerfpocalypse when you could burn down a New Mexico like it champion and then fire hundreds of rounds at T8 anything and watch them all shatter where an angry glance from them and you're heading back to the lobby. But, it was always a beast in the AA dept, though that's a whole nother story...
  14. You make a lot of good points but stagnant game play has been an issue for as long as I can remember. I think it was better in the early days but it's hard to say. Certainly, the many DD nerfs have slowed things down as well as power creep in general. Stats and what not aside, DDs have always been one of the most powerful classes in the game for a highly skilled player (note that I'm not one of those). So, most of the changes have been needed but you can always argue that they weren't implemented properly. I know radar kinda sucks. But stealth is the most powerful ability in a PvP setting and DDs get the most of that. In most matches that I get in, about a third of the people on my team are good, occasionally really good, a third are replacement level and the last are mostly potatoes. The team with the skilled players in the right ships in the right positions is the one that facerolls the other. You could stratify the player base based on skill but that would make everyone have to wait longer and would bring some of the unpleasantness that surrounds ranked type play. And, unfortunately, as the game gets older the skill gap gets worse. So i don't really think there's an easy solution and many of the solutions have drawbacks of their own which we'd all then complain about.
  15. CommodoreKang


    True. The thing about dispersion, as well, is that it's streaky. I got pretty lucky early on with the Scharn but then ran into issues in ranked where you lose the game because you get the perfect shot....the shot you were trying to get for a few very tense minutes and then missing every. single. shell. Ouch... It's the same sort of thing with cruisers though. I don't know the exact stats and I'm sure they are better but I see all sorts of crazy volleys. American cruisers especially, with their rainbow arcs. But, with their rate of fire, the dispersion rolls tend to even out in a match or even an encounter rather than over several matches in a BB.