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  1. I feel ya. I wouldn't read too much into the potato situation. I think most people just don't know what to do and are waiting for someone who does.
  2. Getting Frustrated

    Yeah I don't know. I'm not a big fan of emblems/flair. I put mine on recently just to get the "something new" nag thing to go away.
  3. Getting Frustrated

    The advantage to having so many facerolls is it gives a slightly above average player the opportunity to obviously carry more. Most of the time, the things you do to win a match aren't obvious to other players and sometimes even to yourself. But, when you hard carry a bad team, even if it's by accident or includes a number of "oh i shouldn't have done that"'s, you know it and it should be fairly obvious to the rest of the players. (i said "should" be)
  4. What's the logical conclusion of radar? The standard meta of DDs capping in smoke in early game becomes more varied. When all the caps are covered, flanks will need to pushed to uncover those caps. Possibly more DDs out on the flanks spotting and annoying the piss out of anyone trying to move that way and either denying that flank or forcing a coordinated push through the DD. They should get rewarded for that and I don't they do currently. The problem is that the new meta would require more aggressive play by cruisers and BBs. That's a big leap given the current meta (let everyone die then the bbs duke it out at the end).
  5. I staged a mini protest and ground out the German CA line. Finally got the Hindy. Played the first three games, and in every one of them, the DDs were playing the spotting game to great effect. On the other team of course. So, I hopped in the DM and fixed that problem because that's how counters work. I have all the sympathy in the world for DDs on caps in the beginning of the game but not so much the ones out on the flank making my life miserable. I still enjoy a good old fashioned non gimicky DD hunt but the bigger the maps get the harder that becomes without a lil help.
  6. I just hard carried epicenter, tears of the cruiser. Got nothing. I was in the Roon for the third time, wound up on the enemy's side for most of the game, by myself, flushing out lots of campers and torping a BB or two and then got called a coward and lost 2 rep points because we lost. Nature of the beast i suppose.
  7. Best Ship to Inflate WTR?

    I gotcha. Yeah, I check myself out on occasion but not much beyond that. Seems like an awful lot of work...
  8. Best Ship to Inflate WTR?

    Where do your stats show up besides looking them up on one of the stat sites?
  9. Roon help

    So... 12 hours, lots of flags and xp camos and 100k free xp later and I have the Hindy. The Roon is awkward when you need to cruiser stuff but it definitely is a beast when kiting and the spotter plane is much more useful than I gave credit. Now that I can savor it as opposed to grind with it, I'm sure I'll grow to appreciate it more.
  10. Why people that dont play get rewarded

    Moving Cleve from T6 to T8 is a slap in the face. Someone getting a freebie that I didn't is that person getting a nice gift. (fwiw, cleve was always going to move I just can't get over it)
  11. Why people that dont play get rewarded

    It's a fun game that you don't have to spend money on but you can. Also, the world is not fair and you're not special.
  12. Why people that dont play get rewarded

    More players is more better all round.
  13. Roon help

    That's very interesting. I'll have to check the armor layout. It's nice to have different options. The guns in back thing is very different and requires different strategy and tactics. The problem is that if you wan to get to the Hindy then it's not optional. If they had a whole line of guns in back ships that'd be an entirely different thing. I'm starting to get the hang of it. You just have to put up with one gun in front and possibly having the back guns on the wrong side when you need to push or go bow in. Super awkward but there's not much else you can do.
  14. Roon help

    Well, it's official. I am not a fan. Now I remember why I quit this line the last time. Would love to have the Hindy. I can see that one becoming my new fav. But the thought of grinding 200K worth of facerolls at T9 in a ship that works against my play style (and the game TBH) sounds too much like work. *shakes fist at the gaming gods*
  15. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    It's the still the Cleveland so, yeah. It's the tier that's the problem.