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  1. CommodoreKang

    CV protest play....or not to play

    When CVs countered each other, it inevitably lead to a 1v1 between the CVs. And the winner's team got a huge advantage over the surface ships left on the loser's team. Beyond the quite obvious team level issues with that situation, it was incredibly demoralizing for the losing CV player because the loss would very much squarely reside on their shoulders given the huge advantage CV's had/have over surface ships. That's why they were rarely played even given how completely over powered they were. It's no fun having a better troll, out-troll you, when you're trying to troll the game. So WG fixed that by removing the ability for a CV to effectively counter another CV. Now, it's just a free for all. Sit in a corner. Spam planes against bot level AA and pretend like it's pvp.
  2. CommodoreKang

    CV protest play....or not to play

    That and the fact that the other CV directly countered you. So you had to get through the other CV before you could wtfpwn all the newbs in their surface ships. And most of the current CV population probably could lose the CV v CV battle. So they stayed away from them. Now. You can just jump in your CV and wtfpwn all the surface ships all game and never have to worry about a direct counter impacting your fun.
  3. CommodoreKang

    Zeroed by CV

    Hey if the shoe fits man! If not, then feel free to ignore.
  4. CommodoreKang

    Zeroed by CV

    I often wonder how CV defenders can live with the shame of playing risk free "'PvP'" but then I come to one of these threads and realize they have no shame.
  5. CommodoreKang

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    A CV directly countering the other CV means that very often games end up with one CV dominating. This is simple math. And one of the reasons why CVs were always going to fail. But, this also had a knock-on effect, in that, it discouraged most average CV players from playing them given how hard they tended to get pwned. So, WG changed CVs from being the most intense PvP in the game (CV v CV wise) and made them the no PvP class. Where you just wtfpwn all the newbs all game until your team wins or loses. Big market for that style of "pvp" apparently. lol
  6. People were saying that CVs were broken back in alpha. People explained in reasonable terms how they likely will never be balanced and why. It's a square peg and round hole type deal. But WG likes those because they are very, very frustrating.
  7. Maximizing your monetization strategy often involves pushing as much frustration at the player as they are willing to stand. People who are "happy" don't have any reason to spend more money than they would otherwise. It's always about the more money thing. If we're trying to not be naive, F2P games often devolve into something resembling a slot machine and the game is just there to get you to pull the lever. If you're having fun, you might not pull the lever as much. It's just another fun aspect of late stage capitalism.
  8. LOL. WG will do what it wants and I don't think they are too worried about their self esteem. Otherwise they wouldn't be in this business. And reasonable discussion has been ignored from the very beginning when it infringes on their business plan. No need to white knight for them. They are doing just fine.
  9. CommodoreKang

    Please please WG implement a freakin CV filter

    lmbo. That's the whole point of the class. You funny!
  10. CommodoreKang

    Please please WG implement a freakin CV filter

    At the game level, you need BBs CAs and DDs. They each fill a necessary role in the capture flag dynamic at the core of the game. CVs aren't really necessary and detract severely from the core game play. Probably not gonna be a filter per se. Call it a premium game mode...
  11. CommodoreKang

    Please please WG implement a freakin CV filter

    The bad news is that your experience is exactly what WG wants you to do. Some percentage of new players buy a premium during all that fun and engagement. Before they quit. And then you got the lifers and the collectors who will put up with pretty much anything. The good news is that WG has stated they will never do a filter or a no cv option just like they said they'd never ever introduce subs.
  12. CommodoreKang

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    One of the other primary issues with CVs is that they have 100% of the initiative in every single encounter up until the very end. That disparity in initiative is always going to prove exceptionally frustrating for the player trying to use "skill" with their bot level AA.
  13. CommodoreKang

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    At least you can run away from a sub. Subs are terribly problematic but at least there is one solid defensive counter to them. lol
  14. CommodoreKang

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    I think at this point we can conclude that whales really like a god mode. That seems to be a key to unlocking their wallets. Not just for the god mode, mind you. But it must be an important part of the "engagement" process.
  15. CommodoreKang

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    Oh sure. I think part of the problem is that WG has to make AA gimped enough to be fun for the CV. That puts the CV's target in a tough spot, fun-wise.