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  1. Edge Gamers Organization(EGO) is currently recruiting for clan battles. We are a small but dedicated clan that is currently looking to grow. We are looking for players that have at least 1000 battles, at least t8 (although t10 is better), and is able to be online for clan battles consistently. If you are interested in joining, or just coming to hang out on our TS, feel free to pm Mulligey (myself), 2sl0w_, Leafyy, or tnt009. Happy hunting captains!
  2. I get the impression u don’t actually have a Khab. If u did u would know that it’s actually quite easy to get hits at range, even at 13km. U would also know that if anything gives u broadside, it is easy to get 4-5k ap salvoes. And if ur sitting behind an island trying to send shells over it, ur playing the Khab wrong. One of its greatest attributes is its speed. U stop moving, u give that up. Also, Khab fits all ur given definitions of gunboats.
  3. Which destroyer line for me?

    Um, define aggressive. Up front contesting caps? No. Sailing with ur cruisers and shelling ships? Yes. Khab shouldn’t even be classed as a DD. She’s a CL.
  4. Buf Khavabarovsk

    I can’t tell if this is a troll topic or just a noob. But just to set the record straight, Khab does not need a buff. It was glorious to play back before she was nerfed, but khab was legitimately OP. After these nerfs, it’s still a good boat but not OP.
  5. BB's as far as the eye can see

    that's looks like a field day for a khab. i'm jealous of ur luck

    actually it's pretty dark inside us since no sunlight gets in there...
  7. Yamamoto isoroku 2 missions

    Works for me. Ty for the tip, u are awesome.
  8. I'm confused as to what buying doubloons does...
  9. Wow. That's a lot. First, about the flooding and engine damage, that would destroy any game balance. The game works on the basis of Rock Paper Scissors. BB kills CA, CA kills DD, DD kills BB. Ur idea would make BBs much better at killing DDs, breaking the balance. Have u ever considered that ships can shoot over islands? If u don't have line of sight on a ship when it fires, u won't detect it.
  10. Graf Zeppelin confirmed

    Well with the help of the extended tech tree, Graf Zeppelin has been added to the game as a t8 premium KM CV. Of special note is the fact she doesn't come with dive bombers, only torpedo bombers (Ju-87) and fighters (BF-109). Here are some screenies. She really is one majestic looking CV. here are the detailed stats for the planes
  11. Honest Question

    What's funny is it has been nerfed quite a bit in a the past. It used to have a 4s reload instead of 4.5s, it's gun range went from like 15km with aft to 13.5 with aft and the turret rotation increased by a few seconds. Then they removed stealth fire, of which khab had a small window of, and then the most recent nerf to concealment.
  12. Kiev - I kind of like it

    I haven't played Tashkent as t9, but I hated it at t8. But after seeing its gun range with aft(15k or so) it could be fun to rain HE at range. If I remembered it has like a 930m turning radius, so it doesn't turn worth a damn reinforcing staying at range. Funnily enough, it was hated at t8, but it's getting mixed reviews at t9. Give it a try. But don't right it off till u try it fully upgraded.
  13. Kiev - I kind of like it

    U gotta go secondary build kappa. For real tho, any captain skill that lets u speed tank better or shoot better is a must. So priority target, AFT, BFT are a must. If u plan on taking ur captain higher, defensive mutely keep superintendent. The extra heals will be needed on Tashkent and khab. Makes it very easy to get dreadnaughts. I personally wouldn't recommend IFHE, but if u can memorize armor layouts, u could probs get better damage per game. Also, use AP. If anyone shows broadside, u can punish them quite well.
  14. What should I do with Engine boost mod?

    I have 2 of them. One on my khab and the other for the French cruisers. The French advantage is their speed boost, so I'm maximizing that advantage.
  15. Question about AA

    that's not how AA works. if u look at the AA guns, they give u a number of damage per second (dps). and if u look at the aircraft squadrons, it gives u a health pool. as aircraft stay in AA bubbles they lose health equivalent to the DPS of the guns. lose enough health, and a plane gets shot down.