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  1. it's a mod that is supposed to indicate how good u were in a match. damage, capping, spotting, it all adds to that. i don't remember all details of the calculation as i believe it's a Russian mod so the info for it is spotty. it's def from aslains, and like what was said earlier, read the description of the mods when u go thru. it will tell u which each one is.
  2. Mulligey

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    well it's a good thing its posted on reddit as well
  3. Mulligey

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Let's hope this is enough of a wake up call to WG to start listening to the community more.
  4. Mulligey

    Khabs new legendary

    I'm confused. WG wants a more aggressive khab. and yet they nerf the heal and buff the range? that's gonna make me less likely to take risks and make me want to stay at even further range. How can that possible help make the khab more aggressive?
  5. Mulligey

    Armory Tab not opening

    i have the same issue. tried normal (with mods) and safe mode. does it for both
  6. Mulligey

    What are your professions?

    In-flight refueler