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  1. AG124

    Why is it Canada don't have a tree and polish do

    According to the linked publication below, apparently, there were committee studies in Canada regarding the possible purchase of an Essex class CV, although none of the studies or proposals seems to have progressed very far. One committee even informally proposed a name, HMCS Vancouver, and apparently the US made an offer to sell us an Essex in August, 1965 (for $4.4 million USD, I think, which offer was declined by Canada). Although there seems to have been no real chance that Canada would actually have purchased an Essex, there may at least be some basis in paper for a Canadian Essex in a combined Commonwealth CV tree. https://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2010/forces/D12-13-3-4-eng.pdf
  2. AG124

    Anybody get a couple random supercontainers?

    They did confirm at the beginning of the stream that donors need to donate before each milestone to receive the applicable reward. It was at 9:43 in the Verizon Warrior Series, Training Day 1 stream, which can still be viewed on Twitch.
  3. AG124

    Anybody get a couple random supercontainers?

    I also received the two supercontainers, plus the 5 mosaic camos and the 2,500 doubloons, and I had previously donated to the Wounded Warrior project before the first milestone was met. I believe you would only receive donation rewards if you donated before the corresponding milestone was met; this might explain why some players are receiving the supercontainers, but not the earlier doubloon or mosaic camo rewards.
  4. AG124

    Discord code

    It is a regular WoWs bonus code, and you can enter it in the usual section of the premium shop.
  5. AG124

    American Tracer confuison

    I don't have any mods installed, but Halsey's tracers are still blue. I also noticed they were blue on the public test server before the last patch went live. Interestingly, Yamamoto's tracers are still light red, (the same colour as Halsey's old tracers), which colour appears not to have been changed with Halsey's colour. Of all the legendary commanders, and the Ovechkin special commanders, only Halsey appears to have had his tracer colour recently changed.
  6. AG124

    American Tracer confuison

    AJTP89 is correct; Halsey's tracers were changed from red to blue in the last patch (I don't think it was in the update notes though). Personally, I think the blue looks better than the red, but I don't recall seeing any announcement as to why they were changed.
  7. No announcement on new line yet, but Hapa_Fodder says it is a line split (from live stream on Twitch). Also, definitely not a sub line anyway - he says they are making changes to them following the Sub Battles test.
  8. AG124

    PSA codes

    I had to type in some of them manually, but all of them worked for me eventually. FIGHTINGIESTSHIP took three tries, (copied it, then typed it, then copied it again) so don't give up if they appear invalid on the first try.
  9. AG124

    PSA codes

    DOOLITTLERAID seems to be another that still works.
  10. AG124

    New Ships stream

    Some possibly bad news regarding West Virginia 1944. Someone asked about her, and they mentioned it was an "interesting idea" but "not planned right now."
  11. She was renamed, and became the Marblehead Lima. Diana Lima was first named Pallada, and Tachibana Lima was first named Sakura, as well.
  12. AG124

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Bought three lots of mega crates this year, a lot of 20, and then two lots of five. First, the lot of 20. I already had all of the ships from the list, except T-61, Z-39, and Le Terrible. 1 - Ship - T-61 (Regular gift crate) 2 - 2,000 Doubloons 3 - 2,000 Doubloons 4 - 30 Ourabouros Signals 5 - Ship - Z-39 (Supercontainer) 6 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 7 - 12,500 coal 8 - 30 Scylla Signals 9 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 10 - 30 Red Dragon Signals 11 - 30 Wyvern Signals 12 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 13 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 14 - 30 Leviathan Signals 15 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 16 - 30 Leviathan Signals 17 - 12,500 Coal 18 - 5 Asian Lantern Camos 19 - 30 Leviathan Signals 20 - 2,000 Doubloons The two lots of 5 mega gifts, I bought and opened together. At that point, Le Terrible was the only ship from the list that I didn't have; 1 - 5 Asian Lantern Camos 2 - Ship - Le Terrible (Supercontainer) 3 - 30 Wyvern Signals 4 - Ship - Kii (Duplicate, doubloons) (Regular gift crate) 5 - 2,000 Doubloons 6 - 12,500 Coal 7 - 30 Ourabouros Signals 8 - 30 Wyvern Signals 9 - 20 New Years Streamer Camos 10 - 30 Scylla Signals Overall, I was happy with this haul, although I would have preferred less Wyverns if I had to draw signals. EDIT - Also, I received New Years Streamer Camos from both of my free gift crates.
  13. To address any potential confusion over name-changing permanent camos, WG could add an option to hide them, as they do with space camos and such. If a player checks "Hide Alt Camo Names", they would see only a Fletcher with the special camo, while someone without the hide option checked would see a Fletcher class DD named "Johnston" with the Special Camo. They could even make it opt-in instead of opt-out, with an appropriate instruction under the camo description. I agree that this option would not be really appropriate for ships like Yamashiro in her 1944 construction, which differ significantly from their sister(s), but I would hope for such ships as premiums anyway. I would think this option would work best for ships which are relatively similar in appearance, but which would not otherwise make it into the game as premiums.