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  1. Battleship_Vanguard

    What ships do you hate fighting against?

    Oh my God - this is it. You've stumbled onto some kind of secret truth with this. I cannot unsee the majesty of these prose.
  2. Battleship_Vanguard

    IJN Battleship split

    At least you weren't trying to dunk on me like half the forum. No forgiveness needed.
  3. Battleship_Vanguard

    Why was team damage eliminated?

    I really want to shoot friendly submarines and carriers. Anything to do my part.
  4. Battleship_Vanguard

    IJN Battleship split

    It's not really the Maya I'm talking about. Maya IRL had a turret removed and replaced with substantially upgraded AA mid-war, effectively turning her into a radically different ship:
  5. Battleship_Vanguard

    Since subs, is the MM taking longer?

    Not that I've noticed. That isn't, of course, to say that the game was healthy to begin with. Tiers 2-5 are effectively dead - all the ships I own in these brackets are utterly pointless. And, of course, everything above that is more of a wasteland than ever. My interest in plummeting. There's nothing like getting a match that's 2 carriers, 2 subs, 5 bbs and 5 destroyers per team - which is a lineup I am seeing more and more. Overall, subs appear to have effectively set fire to what remained of the corpse of the cruiser playerbase, pushing remaining supporters of surface ships into BBs or DDs. Everyone else joined the plague-bearers in one form or another. Honestly, I cannot remember the game being in a more sorry state than it is today. And we have nobody to blame but the development team.
  6. Battleship_Vanguard

    IJN Battleship split

    Maybe they could make Maya the tech tree ship. I've always felt like she needed to be in this game. You could give her a heal and really nice AA to counterbalance the loss of the turret. I'd make that trade for Mogami any day of the week.
  7. Battleship_Vanguard

    IJN Battleship split

    One thing that seems kind of off the table, unfortunately, would be doing a battlecruiser style tree similar to the Germans. Too many of the designs have been gobbled up as large cruisers already in the game, premiums, etc.
  8. Battleship_Vanguard

    IJN Battleship split

    I don't think we need a full fantasy tree. Just apply a face lift to the current ships if you're going to do anything.
  9. Battleship_Vanguard

    POLL: Dockyard Ships You Missed

    Odin, I guess. But, honestly, I'm kind of in the 'who cares?' camp.
  10. Battleship_Vanguard

    U-69 Having Fun the Reich Way

    'Kay. It sure is. There's Locke and Celes - they're waving at me. They're frowning at you, though. Because they know that submarines suck.
  11. Battleship_Vanguard

    SUBS: I get it now!

    Oh, dear, I don't roleplay that. It's a lifestyle.
  12. Battleship_Vanguard

    SUBS: I get it now!

    I'm pretty sure that's the whole point.
  13. Battleship_Vanguard

    U-69 Having Fun the Reich Way

    I downvote anything I disagree with. Don't worry - you'll recover from this devastating revelation.
  14. Battleship_Vanguard

    SUBS: I get it now!

    I'm sorry - the word 'bore' is now D&D? Also, are you really on a video game forum attempting to pull one of these? ... because... that's just pathetic.
  15. Battleship_Vanguard

    SUBS: I get it now!

    You bore me. Are these the extent of your powers - stat shaming people who call out your stat padding with this broken nonsense? It's pathetic, really. Submarine players acting like the type takes skill. Wow, amazing. That's new and totally refreshing.