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  1. farewell recruiter! But I hope WoWs stays as long as WoT, if not longer so that players like you can come back after a long hiatus. o7
  2. Wolffe_Commander

    Unique Camouflage Patterns for Tier IX Ships!

    is the epoch campaign permanent? So I can come back after the semester at uni and I can still get the camo after completing the missions?
  3. Wolffe_Commander

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    this is pretty much the WoWs version of what WoT does with their tank marathons. Completing phases to get a discount on a new prem vehicle along with some goodies.
  4. Wolffe_Commander

    WoWS Mac OS Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Isnt there a disclaimer somewhere on the WoWs website stating that the wrapper does not support Catalina?
  5. Wolffe_Commander

    Correct way to play the Thunderer?

    dont forget to fire AP to superstructures on bowtanking BBs when HE doesnt work
  6. Wolffe_Commander

    Thoughts on Ludendorf/Pommern

    honestly, I would have preferred a better sigma, gonna wait for LWM review before dropping coal or money. If gudbote, most likely since I have Thunderer and Georgia, but if mehbote, maybe
  7. oh boi, if slava continues to play badly in the hands of players, WG might buff it because you know, THEY ALWAYS GO BY THE SPREADSHEET
  8. Wolffe_Commander

    Cartoonish game

    Honest question to those who enjoy historical accuracy of this game. What do you guys think of Gaijin's take on naval warfare? Its pretty realistic compared to Wows, so I would assume those done with the fictional events here in WoWs would at least look into it.
  9. Wolffe_Commander

    Thoughts on Ludendorf/Pommern

    *1.5 sigma enters the chat*
  10. Wolffe_Commander

    Cartoonish game

    if you go to the port carousel settings, there is an option to hide all those non-historical camos. I think there is one in the main settings too. Please update me once you find it.
  11. Wolffe_Commander

    Cartoonish game

    oh boi, another one of those players. If you want to have a 100% realistic naval game, got play Gaijin's version. BTW, the transformers era is from one of the older shows, which makes sense considering the age group that most players are at. Its also a win for WG if they are trying to get some younger players in.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Been looking for reviews all over the place!
  13. this event is a bunch of what ifs, but I enjoy more AL content being available, just that some aspects of it are much desired. BTW, how is the sov rossiya? any reviews that I can see of her?
  14. Wolffe_Commander

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Did you just tease another Azur Lane collab coming up? My inner weeb is freaking out, along with my wallet