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  1. The old way at least you rarely ever saw a 2 CV game. Now DD's have absolutely no where to hide and are immediately spotted and concentrated because they are the easiest to kill (low health pool). In some cases a single group (3 squads) of rocket planes can wipe out a destroyer before the match is barely underway. With 2 CV's barring down on you, you can't do anything but smoke and wait for the radar to pop you and then youre dead. World of War Rigging just keeps coming up with ship imbalances to generate cash flow for new ships to counter the last changes they made. In my eyes this is an immoral company with a good game mechanics. 2 CV games in a DD and I will simply move into a corner and do something else in the meantime... Not even worth playing...
  2. nospider2442

    Tier 8 Matchmaking is Painful

    Just because you asked
  3. nospider2442

    Hate the Good Players No Matter What They Say.

    I can't play DD's at any level past Tier 5 now. The CVs focus you down. It was actually way better before this update, where if you survived an alpha CV attack (about a 2 out of 3 times) it took some time for the CV to return and reload his planes, giving the DD a decent chance to avoid the CV again. Now a repeated strike almost guarantees a deletion over time. A DD just doesn't stand a chance if the DD is focused. Some cruisers suffer the same fate. Also, CV's can spot the entire map easily with two or more CVs in the game.
  4. nospider2442

    Post CV first impressions here.

    I thought this rework would be a bad idea. but decided to play a few games in the Japan line to tier 10, and yep, just hate it. It's World of Warplanes, which I haven't played forever and when I did it was for like 2 days. US line CVs have been sold, and just hanging on to the Japan line in case they change back sometime in the near future. This just isn't a fun experience. As much of the other commenters have said, with 2-3 CVs in the game per side, the map is completely spotted. I don't mind that terribly, but it is annoying to try and run for cover before being citidelled. DD's aren't having fun at all. The cruisers aren't so bad, as long as they can find cover quickly. The BBs, not sure. But playing CV is absolutely no fun.
  5. nospider2442

    Haida Shows a Unhealthy Trend in Game Design

    Is anyone surprised that World of Warships does this sort of thing? They constantly change things to get people to buy new ships. 61% of my premium account matches are overtiered mismatches. They change characteristics of ships all the time in an effort to sell things. I bought a premium account thinking that might be different, but its really not. In fact, I'm not even sure how they can justify a constant mismatch % of this magnitude without introducing bots.
  6. nospider2442

    Tiers and matchmaking for carriers

    Never seen that happen before myself. Being overtiered seems to be a 61% thing for me though. 30+ game, sample recently, on a Premium Account. Not even sure how this is possible, if there are supposed to be no bots in the game.
  7. So I was just playing in a Tier 9 match-up and I sent out a swathe of torps perfectly at a 90 to a Minitour and it only did about 50% damage with 6 torp hits. Is it me, or have they completely buffed the surface ships or nerfed torp damage on the Taiho's torp planes? I also directed a beautiful 9 torp strike on a battleship (tier 9), it took only 40% damage. Also, I spotted the entire time, and broke up 3 enemy CV offensive strikes and we still lost the match. Have the CV's been completely nerfed at this level? Or am I just not used to this. I feel my involvement in the game is almost pointless now, other than to do spotting duty.
  8. nospider2442

    how to drop torps better

    Probably won't matter since they are planning on making this a non-RTS fly plane and drop scenario. But for what it's worth pick your targets carefully. Avoid AA cruisers, and possibly fast moving attentive BBs. However, for tier 5 cruisers and BBs its pretty much a paradise for the Ryujou (spelling?). Ryujou is now the best JPN Cv in the game since you have a fair chance to see a lot of tier 5 cushy surface ships to sink. In dual CV matches, you can wreck with impunity at times. Slow moving BBs and non-AA cruisers should be your first targets, and yes lead them enough and watch them all the way to the manual drop. If at last instance they shift try to pull out and adjust. The easiest targets are those that are firing their cannons. They generally are focusing on where their shells are going and not what's in the sky (for the most part). They are the ones that are generally too focused on the shell battle and can be more predictive. Happy torping
  9. nospider2442

    Please remove strafe from all CVs

    No I know the post was old...but I tried to fit it to the most relevant in the last year. I like to keep on the topic as closely as possible. I don't know that the rework will be what I want. I rather like the RTS style play. That's what I prefer. But perhaps we'll see. I think it will the downfall of CVs, which will lead me to not play this game much as I don't like World of Warplanes.
  10. nospider2442

    CV Rework Feedback

    But it has gotten so obscene that they now turning newer players off. I know they want to dumb down the game a little, but some of things they have done doesn't give me any trust in them not screw with you at some other point in time...when the money stream isn't flowing fast enough for them. Damn it is a shame too. I like this games mechanics more then almost all others like this out there. But no way I'm reaching into my pocket book now, knowing they have planning yet another change to the RNG/Mechanics. No way!
  11. nospider2442

    CV Rework Feedback

    Another right on assessment! They got too extended with their unbalancing of ships and now that they have offered overpowered ships, are now trying rebalance by overcompensating.
  12. nospider2442

    CV Rework Feedback

    Finance reports! Exactly! They continue to swing the pendulum back and forth to pry more money out of players! Because they know this has worked in the past...they imbalance the scales back and forth like a teeter tauter. They offer the occasional new shiny improved ship that mitigates an opposing surface ship buff..then after the premiums are sold they either offer another premium ship to counter or nerf. Rinse and repeat. They have a good game mechanic, mostly (...something strafing isn't right...among other features), but they are now screwing too much with their player base and this is starting to turn off this base. I like this games playing mechanic (except for maybe the strafing (CVs) and some other very annoying other features), but haven't self-admittedly spent a single dime on this site/game for the very reason that they keep messing with the imbalance. I DONT TRUST THEM!
  13. nospider2442

    Please remove strafe from all CVs

    There are times I swear I see mystery strafes by some opponents, that come out of no where. This is either server lag or some sort hack because there literally is no sign of the strafe at all. In these instances I think to myself get rid of the strafe, because it essentially makes me want to quit this game entirely. Then I get into other situations where I have a 5 to 4 fighter advantage and over a friendly ship with half decent AA...and I lose the dogfight! How is this even possible? Once again in those instances I kind of want to quit this game or expose the games illogical or purposely built in flaws.
  14. nospider2442

    Notser on CV rework

    Lol! Good luck with the Doubloons refund. I think this is the first step in eliminating CVs completely. Its now a World of Warplanes invades World of Warships...first person flying shooter. I do hope they make the non-RTS version as challenging as the RTS version, but I don't see how that will be given the massive change and feel of the game. They've changed this class (can you really call this a ship class when the new changes roll out?) from a strategic RTS, to a completely tactical first person shooter. And actually, I think this will be even more of a Pew Pew experience than the any of the other surface ships. But we'll see.
  15. nospider2442

    CV Rework Condensed Version

    I'm not sure it will. It seems like they are just introducing World of Warplanes to the World of Warships. I've played World of Warplanes. It's not that fun. I'm not sure you can say that you can't blame them. There's a lot of time and effort put into playing this RTS. Now they're going to dumb it down, so they can crew more money? The people that are fond of the RTS style can't be very happy with this. Maybe a minority, but so is every class of ship out there. Look at it from their perspective. Change the gameplay of the Battleship to RTS, are you going to like that? Its one thing to nerf, its another to change the game completely to something you didn't invest time (and admittedly I I'm not in this group) and money. Hopefully the change is a good one, but for the RTS people there's no alternative.