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  1. Why are you bringing up a buried thread from 9 months ago?
  2. Arizona has history on its side and a spiffy camo, its drawbacks are a top speed that makes you wish your teammates could tow you into battle and only moderately effective AA.
  3. TheTrickpony

    Ranked: What level would you choose?

    T4 with no CV's.
  4. TheTrickpony

    Head back to High School - 11th - 18th

    Try all the different ship types a few times, even if they aren’t your cup of tea. Learning firsthand what ships can and cannot do really helps when facing them in a match down the line. I would like Moeka C.
  5. TheTrickpony

    Do Russian BB have a weakness?

    You have all forgotten the biggest weakness of all., Potato drivers that think being in a Russian BB means easy mode and get baited into mistakes easily.
  6. TheTrickpony

    HSF has returned to the Premium Shop

    I hope it doesn't have a NA licensing issue. There have been a few things that are region specific lately.
  7. TheTrickpony

    4 DD and 2 CV game... !@#$%

    4dd and 2cv a side is pretty standard during peak hours especially when there are missions catering to both currently.
  8. TheTrickpony

    Full Pumpkin Event Statistics

    I busted my tail and got 56 games In while working 9.5 hour days on Saturday/Sunday.. Most all of them were between 8pm-12am Pacific.I was dedicated to the late nighters.
  9. TheTrickpony

    Alt Accounts - why?

    I run two accounts so I can play on either EU and NA server depending on time of day or the quality of play.
  10. TheTrickpony

    Genova from free token bundles...how many?

    12th bundle on my NA acct, 22nd bundle on EU.
  11. Top 5 ships in the game 1. Yamato 2. Bismarck 3. Ark Royal 4. Graf Spee 5. Ryujo with honorable mentions to Atago, Lexington and Prinz Eugen Top 5 ships that aren't in the game 1. Prince of Wales 2. Rodney 3. Repulse 4. Shinyo 5. Marcílio Dias with honorable mention to Java, De Ruyter and Tromp
  12. As much as i hate to say it, Smolensk. When properly played it is a nightmare and also translates well into co-op. Georgia is just meh in the current meta, I wish I hadn't bought her. She is nice but doesn't really do anything other ships don't do easier/better. As someone who is prone to play any ship in their port at any given time to take a break from a couple of favorites, having easy transitions is very helpful and Georgia requires dedicated play to make the most of it.
  13. TheTrickpony

    Which class?

    I'd recommend IJN or French BB's. Brit BB's spam HE more than AP so have flashy damage numbers but don't hit hard, American BB's hit hard but are slow as molasses, Russian BB's bow tank well but are especially vulnerable to broadsides at lower tiers and limited range and German BB's are mostly about closing and brawling.
  14. Friesland. If not for a certain boat not to be named, it would be talked about in grumpy tones complaining about it's OP nature as it trolls anything but a good player in a HE spamming radar cruiser. The Bayard is pretty to look at but nothing out of the ordinary as far as Cruisers go.