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  1. TheTrickpony

    Round 2 Directives & CV > Indomitable

    Ryujo got it done for me 7 games and 3 of them were uptiered rout losses where games were over before 10 minutes and got almost nothing accomplished.
  2. TheTrickpony

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 2

    That's the easy part, just finding time to get the grinding done. It would have been better with a whole month.
  3. TheTrickpony

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 2

    @KilljoyCutter they look to unlock in order.
  4. TheTrickpony

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 2

    Two weeks is a really tough timeline, kinda disappointing.
  5. TheTrickpony

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Thank you, such awesome work, with excellent use of charts (teeming with information) that are not only relevant to this review but all T8 CV's in general. As a player that has 6 of the 8 T8 CV's I have no doubt I will come back to this review for number crunching data quite often.
  6. @henrychenhenry it was a pleasure to meet you too.
  7. TheTrickpony

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just hit 150.
  8. TheTrickpony

    Myths in wows you know are not true

    #62 CV's hide in the back and don't ever put themselves in harm's way.
  9. you can do this in a solo div, just need to make a div at the start of the match.
  10. TheTrickpony

    I seem to have a sudden coal shortage...

    I was just fine and dandy on coal and set to buy the Smolensk on the 26th but now I really want the German commander so having a total dilemma.
  11. I was compensated at the stock price not the discounted clan price in credits and got the free 3pt capt and port slot.
  12. TheTrickpony

    Sansonetti's Tracers ...

    I imagine there will be an option in the modstation to restore it for those interested. It already gives you alternative shell options.
  13. TheTrickpony

    Russian Baltic fleet attempts a breakout Event

    This looks really cool, sadly it takes place when I am at work.
  14. TheTrickpony

    The Gentle Touch of the CV

    4hp. I am guessing you sunk her by shattering the last intact bit of the wardroom tea set.