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  1. TheTrickpony

    Bearn is back... much wow

    True if there is a quality CV driver on the Bearn side, most of them in ranked are not.
  2. TheTrickpony

    Bearn is back... much wow

    I look forward to Bearn, it is easily countered with the Serov since you don't linger around for a second drop and the fighters unless properly positioned won't stop your single flight. Sure there are cases when you get a quality CV player driving it but it is extremely rare.
  3. TheTrickpony

    Battle Pass 12.0 It's a HARD PASS due to their Greed.

    The 2500 pass is worth it to me for the extra consumables. You will never find me buying the 6250.
  4. HMS Rodney followed by returning all the pre-rework CV then HMS Ajax, HMS Unicorn, HMS Sheffield, USS Salt Lake City and HMS Prince of Wales.
  5. TheTrickpony

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    I find HE spam Cruisers at tier X/XI far more toxic than 80-85% of CV/SUB players.
  6. TheTrickpony

    Just for giggles.... That new mission...

    I didn't get a SC but I did get 900 coal. I count that a win.
  7. I did that and Everquest too.
  8. I am an introvert and focus one game at a time almost like a second job.
  9. TheTrickpony

    So, Dido or Canarias?

    I did the same. Looking forward to some free credits now when I complete the missions.
  10. TheTrickpony

    FB code for Santa House

    Has anyone figured out what faction the Pirate Santa is?
  11. TheTrickpony

    Facebook page

    I don't know what to tell you, I have no problem commenting on their FB posts.
  12. TheTrickpony

    Codes: IC6JNNYYT23 and 5J6KONYYT23

    Thank you. The more coal upgraded to a SC and received 15k.
  13. That game got me through one of my semesters Highschool.
  14. TheTrickpony

    Wiki Santa crate contents fubar - fixed

    More than one CC has mentioned on stream that WG is aware of the dislike of the camo situation and there are plans to address it. It could be nothing more than a return of mission chains that reward you for using multiple disposable camo. However as long as there is an endgame for disposable camo, I don't have a problem receiving them.
  15. TheTrickpony

    Why Admiral Schroder is Doomed to Fail as a Secondary Brawler

    I agree with CQE often having a lower win rate. I have gotten more than my fair share in lopsided losses where I have survived long enough to eventually charge in and get one as a kill trade. Secondary builds are mostly subpotimal since they require teamwork to be most effective.