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  1. ElvenRed

    Savage Battles: a question and a remark.

    The point of that line is that they turn and accelerate faster than the others, it's a bit closer to the space battle DDs experience but not quite. Carnal and Lancet are more or less than same thing and just random garbage you need to power through in order to reach the real prize at the end which is the Rumble. As a side note, I just found out yesterday about those battles, at least on the 3-star ships (I haven't played the others since unlocking these and I won't), they have full TX service cost. Have fun if you're not running premium account 👍
  2. ElvenRed

    Lag / Desconexão

    Galera, nessa última atualização está me acontecendo com certa frequência picos de ping (alguns intermitentes chegando a 300ms, outros em que o jogo todo para e depois volta com >4000ms todo bugado por uns segundos enquanto os navios tem suas posições atualizadas), e também desconexões (ping -35ms -> volta pro login), inclusive acontecendo duas vezes na mesma partida ontem. O máximo que eu tenho tempo de verificar quando o jogo morre é se o Discord tá rodando, clicar nuns canais que eu não tinha clicado antes para ver se carrega as mensagens (se a internet caiu, ele não vai carregar), mas as mensagens carregam instantaneamente. Busco saber relatos especificamente de outros jogadores da América Latina para entender se é problema de rota cagada, se o server da WG tá sofrendo com a carga do evento novo ou se eu preciso ligar e meter o pau no meu provedor de novo.
  3. Don't need to intentionally tank my cv stats, game already does it for me anytime I hit play with either of the t6 cvs and am invariably expected by the game to carry 11 tier 8 🅱️a🅱️erweights
  4. I can kind of see what you're getting at with this post, and it mostly comes from two problems related to consumables: DFAA is virtually useless in a non-CV match, and while CV matches are more common nowadays, they don't happen all the time and you have no control over when and if they are going to happen (well, you have limited control in that you can div with a CV in randoms to guarantee a CV on the other team and that's about it); On the couple IJN ships that get a choice between smoke screen and TRB, you are mostly screwed if you take TRB and spawn in a CV match, once again for the same reason as before - you have no control over it, and it happens after you have taken the consumable decision. I can live with an unfavourable consumable decision for the current match, but apparently other people can't - you might spawn with DFAA in a non-CV match and have people demand you use your hydro, but if you were in a CV match with hydro that same [edited] would demand you used your DFAA, only solution to this is to not please anyone but yourself. I wouldn't be opposed to the consumable decision being allowed at the start of the match, before you take control of your ship. The other aspects of this - Modules: while they are an investment in credits that you can do towards countering a CV that might not be there, those cost credits to mount/dismount (or doubloons because lul) and I just don't see it working with the current design of the game. Maybe it would be better to just change the upgrades themselves so they are useful in more than a single matchup that might not happen at all. Signals: there is a single signal that gets affected by matchup and that is the AA signal, and it's impact is so negligible that it's not worth it to deal with how they are wasted.
  5. ElvenRed

    Confessions of a stat padder

    I'm intrigued about this thread alluded to in your signature, got any of them links lying around?
  6. ElvenRed

    Continuous AA DPS Explained

    Interesting... the delayed damage is a bug... when I noticed it I assumed it was made like that so the CV had some time to turn around and run in case it happened upon the AA bubble of a ship that had the same range as it's air conceal
  7. ElvenRed

    Last game in F Der Goober

    I agree with this, co-op service fee & ammo costs both should be reduced at the same rate the credit earnings are
  8. You kinda need to read the situation, if your allies are ignoring your spotting of key targets then you'd be more productive doing damage, you can usually test that by doing 1 drop and gauging how interested your team is in following up, if people ask for something to be spotted you can opt to drop a fighter in range of the enemy to keep it spotted while you get something else done. You did mention you are new, you gotta get used to dropping enemies so it might be better as a personal goal to practice as much as you can now at tier 6 where it doesn't really matter much
  9. ElvenRed

    Next Free XP Ship?

    Which I find a bit disappointing, as it means we will probably see those two as one-off premiums instead of possibly a new line with 4 or 5 ships worth of additional content to play through
  10. ElvenRed

    Next Free XP Ship?

    Personally I'd like to see that and the other 4 turret one that was announced, along with a few more tiers show up as a line split to the current USN DD line, more content is always welcome
  11. ElvenRed

    Bug? Module screen overlaid

    Haven't had time to check 0.8.3 yet, but on 0.8.2 for CVs the consumables screen was covering up almost all of the modules space at 1080p, only leaving about a third of a module icon height visible at a single time. Only way to get a decent view into the CV's modules was to go to the upgrades tab which is a single line tall and thus gives space back to the modules
  12. ElvenRed

    Thinking you want to try carriers? Go RN!

    Currently grinding through tier 6 on all lines, so far I find USN the most straightforward, all the attacks are simple and punchy and the dive bombs follow a nice pattern that is intuitive, smooth and seems to accurately follow the ghost indicator you have while flying around (the one telling you where the attack will settle down), and even if you miss you can speed boost through and get a lot of forward momentum to make up for it. The RN bombs seem simpler on paper, but they also seem to really hate ships that maneuver, which I assume is what I'll mostly find in randoms once I done grinding random modules and captains in botbash mode. IJN is by far the worst offender in the dive bombs in that they seem to take pride in not doing what you expected it to do, most often than not I see the aim jumping in front or behind the spot that was marked by the ghost indicator for seemingly no reason at all - for example the stationary bots in the killer whale operation, I get them inside the white indicator and click, next thing I know the planes are diving down with only half the aft or stern of the ship still inside the aiming circle. At this point I just accept they do that and adjust my initial aiming accordingly
  13. ElvenRed

    Getting good at CV - like riding a bike?

    Yesterday I tried taking the T6 CVs into the defense scenario, made a huge difference in that it actually felt like I was getting something done, there's just no time in coop to get more than a few strikes off unless the collective of your team is just that bad. I'll be finishing up retraining and module grinding there now
  14. ElvenRed

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    One suggestion to fix this: keep the immunity for the rest of the squad, but have the planes circle around and you regai control pretty much at the same spot you dropped or just a little ahead. This is only an issue because your planes jump over half of the longest AA ranges in the game ahead. This would probably require AA rebalancing to make up for the running away safety the CV player had after his drop, maybe lower AA efficiency against planes moving away from the AA source? @Radar_X are you taking ideas for this thing? I'm sure the devs can come up with something to make it work. There's still something you could take from the enlightened drop, someone can confirm or deny this for me as I can't test it right now, but it seems to me that when you speedboost during your drop you reach the bottom of the drop faster and thus can point-blank drop much faster, and seems to give you more distance when you want to drag the crosshair over the enemy at the end of the drop I experimented with it for a bit, it seems you only really need to memorize a few key distances of 6 to 7km for each squad and slightly adjust accordingly to how the enemy is moving, if I could pull it off then it's most likely fairly easy You were not going to use that one attack anyway, not in the current AA design. At most you would turn around and maybe get your second attack on the enemy as the other 2 attacks you had in reserve die during the approach, or you are left with 2 planes on red state that will die while you try to escape the AA bubble. If you can make use of all those attacks you didn't need the trick against that enemy to begin with. You definitely can, just remember those torpedoes spread wildly if you drop them immediately and make sure no greens are around
  15. ElvenRed

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    Ignore double post, this forum interface is buggy