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  1. ElvenRed

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Get 5 ramming kills with destroyers in a single match you win and survive, tier 8 and up 4 tasks of that for specific nations of DDs
  2. Maybe it would have been better if they got all those ridiculous directives, made their requirements x100 or x1000 and made that into a permanent campaign, those that we haven't had a new one of for a long time... Whatever, this makes my decision very easy to drop the game and focus on others
  3. My goal is to decide if I want to keep playing the game. There are others I want to dedicate myself to, wows has turned into a once every two weeks thing for me lately Since this is what I do, I'll disagree with this one and offer a different view point: by spreading out your grinds, you are enjoying the daily first win xp bonus on your ships a lot more, which means you will be done with the grind in a lot fewer games, thus earning a lot fewer credits through the grind than if you spammed the ship - say you'll have 20 games worth of credits instead of 40 when it's time to upgrade. You may feel you are accumulating more credits this way because the time to upgrade is far away, but when it comes it will come for a bunch of ships at the same time and you won't be able to buy them all. This doesn't apply if your matches result in a credit loss, in this case finishing the grind in less games is better That's the exact same grind that I went through and that killed all my enthusiasm for this game, coupled with monkey isp interfering with my game and giving me high ping, constant disconnects and packet loss specifically in wows...
  4. ElvenRed

    Limited fpm?

    Depends how far away you are going to sit from it I'm currently running on a 34" ultrawide display, about a meter away from it, while it took some getting used to the extra size, it looks gorgeous
  5. ElvenRed

    Weekend Spree.

    Not so sure about this happening to the Iowa, since the USN T8 BB line already has multiple premiums at both Tier 8 and 9, so it might be too saturated as is (though that has never stopped wargaming from just doing it anyway). Past the NC you get a fairly agile and accurate (provided you use the american 3mil upgrade) BB in the Iowa and then the Montana which is a little less speedy but has a heavier accurate broadside, it's one of my favorite T10 BBs. But for that you need to first suffer through the stock Iowa and that's 105k for the hulls and 19k for the engine (the range upgrade is irrelevant, you have more than enough range stock). I'm mostly done with that part due to stacking exp bonuses and having some good games even on the losses. After that is the pepega 260k+ exp grind to tier 10
  6. ElvenRed

    Weekend Spree.

    After taking a long break from the game, had a very fun and engaging time grinding this stock ship for the NTC crap, special thanks to whoever decided to put the rudder time upgrade behind a 105k xp grind After that I dropped down to low tiers to start grinding through the italian line and to grief the sky piggies lurking at tier 4. 3 of them and they can't sink a single cruiser before the match is basically over, tsk tsk tsk
  7. ElvenRed

    last ship in game...always

    I used to play in a laptop with just a regular HDD, and I pretty much always loaded before the countdown was over, the late loading is most likely related to connection issues, or sometimes to mods (whenever there is a new update, after I copy my mods to the new version every now and then I'm unable to load into the match and then am forced to redownload and reinstall the mods)
  8. ElvenRed

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    Armor thickness does not matter for the bounce chance calculation at angles 30-45, only the angle itself and the chance increases from 0 to 100% as the angle closes into 30º. Armor thickness only comes into play for the overmatch aka skip bounce check mechanic, which 203mm can't do to either 19 or 50. Armor thickness matters for the effective armor calculation that might give you the shatter, but as I noted before the T10 heavy cruisers at around 10km have more than enough penetration to punch through the 50mm plate at any of the relevant angles they could dodge the bounce mechanics at. At 13.5km which is the max range of the usual khabarovsk build, they still have enough penetration to punch through the 50mm plate at relevant angles. You can just input the T10 heavies into this site https://wowsft.com/arty?lang=en to check their penetration values like I did, and you'll see they all have well over 180mm of pen at khaba max range, and the worst impact angle is predictably the DM at 21 degrees. Funny enough the worst penetration values came from the Hindenburg, which is also the one cruiser that gets to completely ignore the khaba's 50mm plates with HE
  9. ElvenRed

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    Shatter - maybe that might be the case at steeper angles but t10 heavies seem to be ok in penetration values at relevant ranges against the khaba, I think bounces are more likely to stop their AP shells. Lights will have to get a bit closer. Bounce - then no, the rules for bounce and overmatch are the same whether the plating is 50 or 19 mm and in both cases 203mm AP will autobounce both of them when angled at the magic 30 degrees (slightly different values for certain ships' shells before someone comes into this thread, sees this post and replies 'hurr ackshullly des mioens autobounces only at 22.5 degrees hurr"). Only ones that will get through the 19mm but not the 50mm are the supercruisers and those don't exist in the tech tree
  10. ElvenRed

    Rescinding Nerfs?

    Don't all T10 DDs have 19mm hull plating? Cruiser AP will bounce on all of them, and while the sections of 50mm armor will protect against their HE at the same time it may invite pens from those cruisers' AP shells when not properly angled, so it does have some drawbacks. While it is true that the 50mm armor will bounce BB shells, more often than not those BB shells will score 33% pens against the khaba when they hit I wonder now, were those threads back from before owsf removal? Makes sense the Khab could abuse that. Either way, I'd bet the people who complained about Khab back then are the same complaining about Smolensk, Harugumo, Kitakaze and Worcester today Definitely maneuverability, don't care about the torps, they are mostly used for ambushes - but it wouldn't be too out there to increase to 8km to be consistent with the other ships in the line, maybe. Maybe instead of gun range, the reload could be brought down to 4.5 seconds or something, and then you decide if you want to enhance range or reload with the upgrades (I believe even the f'in range upgrade was removed with the nerfs, right? So there's another thing that needs to change). Personally I'd like to see the BB AP pen thing go. Right now I don't see the Khabarovsk as a relevant T10 ship, all you can do is follow an actual DD (assuming there is one) into the cap, help them out by shooting the enemy DD when they spot it, but then your DD dies 10 seconds into the engagement because he is retarded and then you slowly farm damage from enemies for the remainder of the battle Tbh you could give the bis and the rest of the german line map-wide hydro and I still won't play them, not with that accuracy. Daily self reminder to never reset the GK when a new RB NTC season hits While I do agree the Pensacola could be made a bit more comfortable to play, at the same tier it is competing with the Aoba, and while the Aoba does have advantages over the pepsi, the pepsi just has a lot of guns and does a lot of damage with them, I don't know how the Aoba would then stack up to a buffed pepsi I'll agree with RC on this one, they are fast ships with fast firing torps and there is a lot of slow crapthat doesn't stand much of a chance at low tiers, though I'll admit I don't know how the nerfed Minekaze is looking like, I'm commenting while assuming it works as a slightly less effective Kamikaze. Flooding changes helped with the issue and CVs help keep them in check, but to be noted that those ships will occasionally face tier 7s Weren't they testing Shima with Asashio dw torps some time ago? What came out of that? Didn't it receive a buff back to the torpedoes recently? How's it looking nowadays? Haven't seen many of them lately (neither have I played recently but that's beside the point)
  11. ElvenRed

    Destroyers vs Battleships/ nothing New

    One DD decided to come a bit too close to my NC this weekend and got obliterated within two salvos. At risk of sounding cheesy with this catchphrase, "sounds like a you problem".
  12. ElvenRed

    This is Ridiculous

    When you DC, both movement, AA and secondaries stop so it doesn't really matter which ship you are using. It makes sense that xp collection also stops, which results in those extremely low xp numbers. If they didn't DC, just by sailing around and collecting some potential damage from the enemy bots would most likely push their bxp above the required 10 in this case
  13. ElvenRed

    This is Ridiculous

    I believe the word you are looking for is "masochist" Sounds like someone that disconnected pretty much at the start of the battle, I don't think it's possible to get single digit base XP scores in this game, even in co-op, if you are minimally trying to play it There is an equivalent mod for this game to the one you allude to
  14. Why do people always include the newbie argument into their CV threads? The newbie in this game will get his teeth kicked in by everything, especially by oh I don't know... the player with more games played in his single ship than the newbie's entire match history? I'm sure he won't yet have the distinction between getting kicked by endless planes, invisible torpedoes / bumrushed by DD, HE spammed by "unhittable" cruisers or "killed out of nowhere" by battleship (though that last one doesn't happen that often in those tiers, wait a couple more for that)
  15. ElvenRed

    CV players have unfair advantage

    I'd go one step further and say ships should also pay for their fuel costs Every second spent at 4/4 speed should cost a certain amount of credits relative to the efficiency and size of the ship's engine