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  1. ElvenRed

    Your very first Premium was?

    I do have other premium ships, by directly bought I mean I spent money specifically to buy the ship; By loosing the terms a bit and saying indirectly bought, I can add that I also bought the Lo Yang and Atlanta with a mix of doubloons from 2017 christmas boxes and from ranked, while all other premiums I have were earned through gameplay missions, dropped from boxes (all from those 2017 christmas boxes, I don't have such luck with normal SCs) or earned from forum contests back in the day when we had them nearly monthly
  2. ElvenRed

    Your very first Premium was?

    That would be the HSF Harekaze because I'm a weeb. I only ever directly bought two premium ships, the other being the Cossack because it was incredibly cheap from the guinea farming
  3. Here's another example shooting at the little flower badge yamato has at it's bow. It's an incredible coin flip to get your shells to hit this tiny little spot on the armor but when they do you get craplike this:
  4. I too would like to see something like that, would make the mechanics a lot more transparent and less speculative
  5. Lately I find myself firing a couple HE salvos at the beginning and then switching to AP for the remainder of the match in these ships, it seems there is never a shortage of broadsides to shoot into in this server
  6. ElvenRed

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Since the introduction of Twilight battle mode, it has been using the NC variant to hit that accuracy consumable button and one-shot enemy cruisers with one big salvo. You could say that consumable is kind of unfair but I'll say it was their fault for making it that easy for me All the consumables in that game mode are broken af but when you put it all together it works out and becomes a refreshing new experience of warships BB AP is so last week, man....
  7. I'm sure it's ok because the BB camping at the literal corner of the map is not getting anywhere near second to last place in the scoreboard, unless there was an afk on the team in which case he will be competing fiercely with said afk Etc etc etc You see the tiny counter at the top right of the screen go up, you are the sole reason the monkeys behind you even did that damage in the first place, it should at least be worth the same exp amount as the damage caused itself. I can only assume you all are talking about the Spotted ribbon, then in this case I agree it should be worth less than the actual doing damage, though it should be a non-zero amount as discovering the position of enemies is still important strategic information
  8. ElvenRed

    PSA! IMPORTANT! LAST WEEK of the RN Event!

    That should be for January's update, right? ..................... right?
  9. ElvenRed

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    From my experience the spotting counter only seems to go up when you are the only one keeping the enemy ship spotted, once that enemy fires or another ally gets in spotting range it stops going up
  10. ElvenRed

    Solution To The Steel Issue?

    I like the idea of giving some steel in very small amounts on random battles if it incentivizes people to learn the game and play better, if it is correctly scaled against the competitive game modes - say, being at least 10x slower to accumulate steel from random battles compared to just getting it from ranking out
  11. ElvenRed

    Dark lair question

    Fairly sure it is 5km or a hair over it; I can never tell who tf spotted it but it seemed like the objective was completed when I approached about that distance away from the thing
  12. Nah there is something to learn from that - not to shove yourself into the torpedo path of allies. Hopefully that lesson starts porting over to random battles players
  13. ElvenRed

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    A few notes I took while playing the subs mode: 1. You obviously cannot see submerged allies, so it's hard to set your course to avoid colliding with them when they are close. This could be easily fixed by having submerged allies outlined over the water surface and a vertical bar graphic that extends from the position of the sub as you see it to their position on the water surface so you can know what they are doing in terms of changing depth etc 2. Floaty controls due to relatively slow rudder shift compared to their very quick turning speed + very limited torp angles makes you feel like you are fighting the controls most of the time to actually send torps which is not pleasant. An UI suggestion to handle this could be a 'torp angle shadow' graphic that would follow your turns ahead of the actual torp angles, the purpose of that graphic would be to indicate where your torp tubes would be aimed at if you let go of the rudder this exact instant - kind of like showing where you are turning your ship to with your rudder movement. I can even see how something like this could be applied to the base game for ship movement and can also see how it would generate a lot of qq from the usual suspects if implemented 3. Surface damage can be completely negated by pressing C when an enemy ship fires, easier with some subs than others... huh.. The worst offender here is the zipper, it's oxygen starts recovering before it's concealment blooms to the surface level so you can be submerged indefinitely and never really take much in terms of damage, though it seems to slow down almost to a stop when changing between depths 4. If ported to pvp I can see subs being very frustrating with the single launching torps, it feels ok right now because we are shooting up bots with little awareness or desire to even try to dodge, this is a problem inherent to torpedoes rather than subs though 5. I like the individually reloading torp tubes, can we have this for the RN tech tree ships too? No? ... ok ...
  14. Don't have time to read the entire topic if this was mentioned, but they did experiment with guided missiles for the soviet DD split, but found out it didn't really work well for the game
  15. If you get enough reports for bad play a drunk russian man will stumble upon your house and coach you into becoming a better player